Cultivating the Brilliance in Children

Contrary to the way in which many people treat them, children are not born empty vessels, dependent on adults to fill them up with information.  Yet they unwittingly have the expectations of others projected onto them and often the clues to their innate brilliance are overlooked or disregarded.  Children are born with an inbuilt navigation system for pure potentiality. Their unique brilliance already exists within them and with awareness and kindness, as adults, we can help to cultivate that potentiality and help kids shine the way they were born to.

When I attended Jean Sheehan’s Awakened Children workshop, I received so many breakthroughs and awareness’s about my own children’s unique brilliance, as well as my own.  For the very first time I saw them for the unique little individuals they are and it was an overwhelming experience to realise that pure potentiality and brilliance actually does exist in every single one of us.

Understanding the personality types of all three of my own children allowed me to interact and encourage them in ways that were unique to each of them.  I was able to stop and actually see them and know who they are.  And their unique brilliance began to reveal itself, as if by magic.

The most common “issue” that people present with in a counselling session is their perceived lack of clarity or vision for their life’s purpose.  Everyone seems to want clarity on what it is they are actually here for.



What if you’ve always known what your “purpose” is and what if all you need to do is remember?

As I ponder this, I’m taken back to my Year 9 English Class, when my teacher put a big red E inside a big red circle on a poem I’d submitted for an assessment.  The poem was titled “Make it Stop” and it was about divorce through the eyes of a child, which ironically I didn’t actually experience as a child although many of my close friends did.

The teacher justified the poor grade by claiming that she ‘d read the poem elsewhere, and that not being a child of divorce myself, I couldn’t possibly have written something with that degree of insight.  I was so proud of that poem and had been eagerly awaiting the mark, hedging my bets on either an A or an A+.  There was absolute confusion and heart break when that dirty, ugly E was presented to me.

Without conscious thought, I began to doubt my capacity for insight into other people’s experiences and disregarded the value of my empathy and caring.  I also questioned my ability to express that insight through the written word and from then on, most of what I wrote remained tucked away in a journal for my eyes only.

On reflection in recent years I became aware that there have always been two things that bought me joy from a very young age.  One is contributing to the lives of others, and the second is expression through the written word.   Fast forward to now and after being side tracked for 25 years doing what I thought I was supposed to do, I’m finally being a contribution as an Inspirational Writer and Holistic Counsellor.


Thankfully these days, we seem to be surrounded by children who are more aware and more likely to challenge the status quo. Understanding today’s psychic and awakened gives us a new level with which to communicate with them, to cultivate their potential for brilliance so that they may shine brightly.

Today’s children are demanding that we listen and we owe it not only to them, but to ourselves and our own inner child to hear them, see them and acknowledge them.

Dr Wayne Dyer was once quoted as saying “Don’t die with the music still in you.”  As we grow and acknowledge our own music and begin to dance to our own tune, we are able to appreciate, acknowledge, honour and cultivate the music within all children.

Stop listening to them – you can do anything!

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