Dimensions & Ascensions

Dimensions & Ascensions

To know how to play the game of life, we learnt how to feel/sense the world or for some, numb & turn off the field, so we did not have to FEEL the world around us. The combined lower three (3) chakras operate in sympathy and empathy. These are reactions based on past experiences and conditions to know where we are and in relationship too. In other words, it is our relationship to our safety and relationship to our Emotional ‘fitting in’, and our well being and acceptance by others. That is what the task of empathy and sympathy is in the body.

Compassion is a 4th dimensional expression. Compassion works in present time operations, right NOW, with no conditions, as to observe the situation. It is non-judgemental, it is allowing, it is unconditional.  It is acceptance of what is right NOW.

When we are in the third dimensions, these words do not get involved with the experience. The rational mind becomes engaged. The rational mind looks into it’s realms of experiences and then links our past experiences in to similar situations, to the situation in the moment, before us. Then the rational mind links to our past Emotions which many times did not feel very good, or felt very fearful. In that situation we have a different time in understanding, allowing, becoming non judgemental and it becomes impossible to experience ourselves outside the 3rd dimension, especially when the rational mind and the feelings of sympathy and empathy engage in your situation. The rational mind is the servant of the inspirational mind and therefore follows the orders and ideas of its captain.

Let’s look at an example ……

Miranda has just found out from her best friend that her husband has been seeing another woman. Her first reaction (lungs) is fear (kidneys – fear and relationships). She rings her Mother for sympathy and empathy (lower 3 chakras). Being unconscious or ‘asleep’ the Mother listens to the situation (story – limbic brain) with a supposed open heart (open heart on the 3rd dimension is related to fear based E-Motions).

Miranda’s Mother can relate (kidney – paranoia for the daughter from her own past experiences) to Miranda as her husband had a one time intimate relationship with someone else. Therefore Miranda’s Mother can work from compassion and empathy as she has been where her daughter is emotionally. Her reactions are based on past experiences and conditions to know where she is in relationship too. In other words, it is her relation-ship to her safety and relation-ship to her E-Motional ‘fitting in’, and her well being and accepted by others. A story is now continued from Mother to daughter and may even get bigger. The whole time there is judgement, control, outside blame and the words used were “What was he thinking?!”

In the more awakened state of being in the 4th and 5th dimensions, it would be understood that it was actually what was the Mother thinking as she recycled hi-story from her past and not wanting to deal with the pain.

The relation-ship between Miranda and her Mum continue to be recycled until there is an opportunity and willingness (knee) to do the experience again from an awakened state where the outcome will be different if they choose (gall bladder).

As we progress through this shift in consciousness, being able to hold our attention in choice, without becoming engaged in reaction and sympathetic response, it will allow each of us to observe without becoming entangled in the E-Motional reactions of others. But at the same moment being of service to others. You then can assist others to release those E-Motional patterns, beliefs and habits.

It is a very important time to be ABSOLUTE or WHOLE, fluid and in ease in order to be of service or aligned in the ONENESS. In order to be effective today it is crucial to know yourself and heal yourself and be you first. Healing others at this moment is not as important as being able to integrate the higher aspects of yourself.  Example, when flying the Flight attendant requests that you place the oxygen mask on yourself first, before placing it on the child/children or disabled. When you align with the HIGHER realm and with your own abilities, your own truths and remembering yourself is what is really important. These waves of energy are in motion at all times. As the waves continue to increase, more light, wisdom and knowledge becomes available to each of us.

The more the light/love is anchored and remembered, the quicker the awakening. The more fluid and flexible we become in assisting others. So, as these waves of light step up, the old patterns and limiting beliefs of the 3rd dimension are being dissolved. For many this will become very confusing and emotional. For those that rely on the emotional structured pattern of sympathy & empathy in order to understand or experience others, there will be a charged emotional electro magnetic pattern which pulls into the feelings, beliefs and thoughts of the others.

E.G. The experience of 9-11 brought two waves of energy that moved around the world. One wave steeped in FEAR “Poor things. If there was only something I could do?” and the other wave said “What can I do? How can I help?” Initially people had the first reaction and the moved to the 4thdimensional wave of energy of ‘helping’ with NO thinking, NO conditions, – only compassion. All that mattered was there be a well being for all.

These two waves are moving simultaneously. The choice is yours in which way you function. If you choose to observe (detach), and realise there is a bigger purpose the action you take will be in the higher chakras without FEAR or drama.

Many at this time are dissolving and releasing these patterns. You are releasing memories,
E-Motions, thoughts, beliefs, and habits, which have no importance to you as you evolve. They are still present by the electromagnetic Law of Attraction so as a test to see if you play the drama or remain detached. For some you will be reliving experiences over with a different outcome. Have you noticed old thought patterns are coming up through your reality? Have you noticed the old emotions are also returning and yet you thought you had let them go? Many will state they can’t stop them from coming. These patterns (DNA) are being vibrated out of your space – you are doing it to you. If you attempt to stop the pattern, questioning it or tell it ‘go away EGO’, the 3rd dimensional rational mind or separate mind coupled with the vibrations of sympathetic and empathetic resonance, will hold these patterns in your space. If you perceive this old ‘stuff’ as being released without reasoning, logic, questioning, it will dissolve with ease and grace.

The key is to allow yourself to LET GO and shift your attention to something uplifting. (This is taught in Awakened Children). As you do that, these patterns that are dissolving will simply go away. As you evolve in this life time you will not remember or recall these memories and they will be taken out of your 3rd dimension. As you continue this process, time will be non specific, memories are complete and not important and names will be in the present state like from a child’s perspective. As you allow, it will not be taken in to the future. Knowing that there is only NOW time, not separate time, means at all times the opportunity to change whatever it is that you want to change is available to you.

If you choose to blame, ask why, look for answers, you will call in the old emotional patterns, thus you recreated your old and are requesting it to come to fruition again.

Ultimately it is your choice (knee) and decision (gall bladder) to know what you want (heart) and be led by that (liver).

Specifics of each dimension

3rd Dimension

1. Located in the solar plexus area

The solar plexus area relates to power struggles from all aspects of life. It is where humans work from head rather than heart. Many ‘suffer’ from mental anguish, disease and ailments in this dimension. Arguments and fights are regular when we are ‘stuck’ in 3rd dimension as humans work from power and an irrational mind. This is where those that suffer depression/bipolar have continual struggles within themselves due to being separate from the Universal mind where the truth absolute love. The illusion of separation from God/Creator/Absolute occur here.

2. Organs affected by the 3rd dimension

From a Medical Intuitive perspective, there are specific organs that relate to the solar plexus and 3rd dimension. These include the spleen, pancreas and stomach.

a) Stomach

The body consciousness of the stomach is about the digestion of life. We feel rejection here and if it is affecting us the stomach will vomit the rejection. This is where the conscious mind is ‘located’. If our conscious mind is filled with toxic food, we become toxic ourselves. If we digest life in fear, such as eating emotionally or eating from fear we ‘digest life’ in fear and therefore will consciously see life in fear. The 3rd dimension of reality will only be fear based if we feeling separated from the universal mind of love. (This is further discussed in the Awakened Children Course – relationship to food).

b) Spleen

The spleen is part of immune system, where we make white cells to help in our defence mechanisms. The body consciousness is about worry, thinking, and immunity to life in general. Relating this to the solar plexus area, when we are worrying from fear (and this occurs as we are in head space rather than heart), the immune system can crash and then we become ‘sick’. If we over ‘think’ again this is a duality of the solar plexus, the immune system crashes and opens us to being ‘sick’. When we are unwell, we subconsciously have time to stop thinking and worrying as all you want to do is rest and sleep … build up the immune system. Those with temperatures will discuss their delusion state and vivid dreams where they have an opportunity to connect with the absolute and heart to know that there is only love.

c) Pancreas

One of the most popular disease in the 21st century is diabetes – the dysfunction of the pancreas. The pancreas is concerned with secreting specific hormones for the digestion of food. It is related to moodiness and change. From a medical intuitive perspective the pancreas relates to the subconscious and separate mind. What this means is that the person has forgotten they are part of a bigger picture and not separate from everyone else, even though they thought they were.

3. Illusions of Life

The 3rd dimension is where we experience the ILLUSIONS of life. The vibration of harmonic resonance is slower than the 4th and 5th dimensions, and therefore creates the illusions we are separate from each other, God, the Universe and everything. When in actual fact we are all made of the same atoms, molecules and structure as each other from a quantum physics level. The illusion is that there is FEAR when there is really no such a thing – only ABSOLUTE LOVE. How can we different from anything?

4. Challenge to awaken to truth – the absolute or God within

The biggest challenge on the 3rd dimension is understanding we are a piece of God and Universe, and therefore we can create anything we want. The awakening and the self realisation is to listen to ourselves for the support and knowledge – and yet on the 3rd dimension we listen outside. We do not realise we have always been cared for and looked after – never been abandoned.

5. Blocked by the 5 senses

The 3rd dimension is locked in to the awareness that only what we perceive through the five senses is reality. As a result of this it creates limitation, scarcity and locks the human into the same old patterns, sometimes of self destruction. And yet there are actually 16 senses – these include psychic, metaphysical – quantum and the 3rd dimension 5 senses.

6. Abundance of lessons learnt

As humans, we do not realise how prosperous we are as we have the a huge opportunity to learn lessons. We have the opportunity to continue these, repeat them until learnt or move onto the next lesson. (Taught in MOD 5a Opening Doors) These lessons may be in relationships, money, self worth and many more. To be prosperous is to grow and that is what we are lucky enough to do in the 3rd dimension. This prospect for growth accelerates the soul in the evolutionary process. What an absolute abundance! What a change of perception of life this is when you understand that I have everything I need to grow rich in my learnings!

7. Density humans emerged (Relating to Atlantis)

The 3rd dimension is where humans come into sight of themselves and realise we are all ONE! There is no separation. This dimension gives the human race the opportunity to ‘come out’ and be different – let go of fear and recall we are love. This 3rd dimension was also created in Atlantis times, 13,000 years ago, where we genetically modified the human to create a genesis or new form of being. The Atlantean skulls were the thirteen perceptions of life linked to God or the Absolute. The thirteen skulls were the keys, portals and code to God self. (Taught in Awakened Children Course)

8. Emotional Body

The emotional body incorporates the physical aspects including organs, endocrines and the body as we know it, using our five senses. However, it also includes the chakras and auras. The 3rd dimension relates to emotions – especially the separation of love to fear. The 3rd dimension is where we feel emotions more rapidly so we can grow and prosper. As we move to the 4th dimension the emotions and drama of the emotions becomes less and less.

4th Dimension

1. Located in the heart chakra area

The heart chakra is concerned with learning and anchors life force from the higher self. It is the place of working from unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. The 4th dimension is located in the heart chakra. We have huge opportunities to be emotionally stable here.

2. Organs affected by the 4th dimension

From a Medical Intuitive perspective, there are specific organs that relate to the heart chakra and 4th dimension. These include the heart and thymus.

a) The heart

The body consciousness of the organ of the heart relates to self love, love of others, respect, peace/harmony, compassion, balance and depression. Many people whom enter the 4th dimension will discuss about feeling depressed and learning lessons related to love of self.

b) The thymus gland

The thymus gland is concerned with creating specialised white blood cells that are crucial for the body’s immune response. It produces hormones that stimulate general growth. It has a purifying role helping with anything that attacks it. This gland relates to slow maturity, fear of rejection, self acceptance and ‘to be different is a beautiful thing’.

The body consciousness of the thymus gland is reproduction, energy, defensive patterns and emotional maturity. At this stage of our evolution as a human race, people are immature in the emotions and keep reproducing the same patterns of defensive mechanisms when relating to each other. It is not working from compassion, love of others and love of self.

3. Increased desire for community, unity, peace, unconditional love and acceptance

The 4th dimension reality currently overlaps the 3rd dimension. There is a strong desire for community and unity. The seasons, weather, earth, sky and elements are helping this 4th dimension reality by creating tsunamis, earthquakes and more to create a community and unity. It is through trauma that humans learn to be one and get together and bring the desired affect of peace, acceptance, unconditional love and community.

4. Life’s lesson increase

The 4th dimension we feel like the world is getting faster and we have less time …. Not so! What is actually happening is that we are growing in consciousness and awareness and being able to take responsibility for what we have created. The vibration of the 4th dimension is stepped up and more personal learning lessons rise quicker and are stronger. This gives us the opportunity to clear these old beliefs and patterns quicker using healing modalities, essences and mind power. The lessons are more rapid and intense – so are the emotions!

5. Responsibility and respect

The 4th dimension lessons are about respect and responsibility for what you have created. There is no more outside blame for when things, people or situations do not go the way you intended. This also includes your reactions and beliefs and learning that you have a choice NOT to react in fear and see with the eyes of GOD or with unconditional love. When you feel attacked, unloved or disappointed, these emotions will melt quicker once you understand you have a choice not to play the drama of these 3rd dimension reality emotions as they were created in fear, not truth of absolute love.

The respect is understanding that everyone, everything on this planet earth and beyond, is so valuable and worthwhile. This also includes criminals, terrorists and the like. As when you see with unconditional love from the 4th dimension you understand and know that there is only love! No one has ever really hurt you – only yourself. Health conditions such as breast cancer (breasts are about respect) will disappear as woman realise they are valuable and worthwhile.

This 4th dimension reality is knowing that there is no blame on anyone or anything. We are the creators of our world! No one has done anything – we have manifested it so we can learn as we are souls having a human experience at all times.

4th Dimensional Love

 “Experientially love is knowledge of connectedness, and
unity consciousness. It is an experience of higher state of consciousness.
True love is not expecting anything in return.
Love is true evolutionary consciousness.”

                                                                                                                 Deepak Chopra

6.  Negativity is more difficult to maintain

In the 4th dimension, negativity is much more difficult to maintain as you are working from unconditional love, and learn lessons of this. Life appears and is energy flowing in and out with less reactions or drama. The 3rd dimension reality of drama no longer interests you and your world becomes peace and harmony.

7.  Understanding self love and connection with the absolute/God

From the separation of the 3rd dimension we know we have the lessons and learning that I am not separate from anything or anyone. When we self love, it is not just on the human plane but also knowing that we are an aspect of God. We are part of a huge cosmic force called the absolute love. The connection with God is not about someone judging us but of ourselves knowing we are lovable, loving, loved and pure love. We are the absolute love. To experience this concept in the 4th dimension doorways reopen for us to learn we are not the beliefs and thoughts we once thought we were/are. We have an opportunity to change these and create a new reality. We create a world where we ‘see’ ourselves and know ourselves to be nothing but pure potentiality.

5th Dimension

1. Located in the throat chakra area

The throat chakra, located in the throat is about communication and expression of self – being heard in the world. It deals with the power of the spoken word.

2. Organs affected by the 5th dimension

The thyroid manufactures a hormone (thyroxin) which controls the metabolic rate. This is how effective does the body convert food in to energy. The parathyroid gland controls calcium and phosphorous in the blood stream. These glands affect one’s mental development. The two glands linked with the throat chakra corresponds to the balance between the rational and cerebral approach and the emotional expression of the heart.

According Medical Intuition, the body consciousness of these endocrines are ‘devotion to self’ and ‘suffocating in life’. If the ‘activity; of the person is putting attention on everyone but themselves, they in turn suffocate themselves and eventually have weight gain.

3. Dreams Become a Reality

The 5th dimension is known for making dreams become a reality, as you now understand love of self from the 4th dimension, and in this 5thdimension you break free of suffocating your self and create activities which are based around you. Knowing from the other dimensions you create your own reality. Of course all your dreams become true as you are the creator of your own world. Anything you desire can and will be yours in this dimension, knowing there are no expectations and therefore the way things eventuate is none of your business except that they will be formed. In this dimension you will know you will obtain and say ‘when’ rather than limiting yourself and saying ‘how’. Souls become unlimited here as they have a inner knowing that always comes to fruition. All things come to manifestation and that includes the understanding we have lessons to learn, and if you are unawakened to the lesson, it will brought to your face for you to change and let go.

Desire is pure potentiality seeking manifestation.

4. Experiences are perpetual freedom

Many souls are wanting that freedom at present and trying to have it the 3rd dimensional way such as suicide, marital affairs and buying of materialistic things to fulfil the emptiness. The freedom is divine grace – knowing that you understand what and why something has occurred you can move on and leave that lesson. When we are able to perceive in grace/love we can only have a life of beauty, joy (heart), wisdom, prosperity and abundance. The creativity knows we create our own world and therefore what do you want to create more of – love or fear. As we have the learning lesson from fear to love we obtain insight and wisdom – sometimes we will share it with others sometimes it is just for us to break free.

5. Re write and edit the life story for yourself

The 5th dimension you get to re write your life and edit it to be what you want and desire. You have the opportunity to clean the slate and making meaning of your life. It is like a genesis of your world – a re-birthing so that you can change things you do not like or want. This includes having no regrets and dissipating emotions like resentment as you create a new life for your self the way you want. There is no EGO involvement as you will be working from the higher self. Life is a clean slate – what are you going to write for your self, about yourself – you are the author of your world and being in 5th dimension you will create it with ease and grace.

6. Detachment and love emotions as you connect with the higher mind

The 5th dimension relates to the world with no ego attachment and no fear emotions. The only way to connect is with the Higher Mind or Universal mind of consciousness – absolute love. As the 3rd world drama and emotions occur, there is an innate wisdom of detachment from this drama. The levels of focus are mainly on love not fear.

7.  Self realisation

To be able to be self realised actually means you learn your lesson and are able to move them on. You have your epiphanies and are aware consciously of your thoughts and actions at all times. Welcome to the 5th dimension. Many humans will reach this state and be able to create a world different from what they have had in the past. The realisation that maybe they are not as fat as they thought they were, dumb or even maybe they are realise they are lovable, loving, loved and absolute love. Until we notice a ‘problem’ and are aware of it – how can we change it. It is only when we self realise that we can change the story and rewrite our slate, to create a new world.

8.  Mastery of your world

Every thought and action in the 5th dimension is mastered to create a world of self mastery. To master something is to live the life you want. You are consciously aware of your thoughts as you know you only have to think it and it will come about to fruition. The same applies to your actions in the 5th dimension. You know you are your own creator and therefore you know you will receive everything you want.

9.  Simultaneous time

The 5th dimensional Being understands true time – that there is no time but NOW! This also involves past lives, where they become reality now so you can clear patterns and rewrite your slate. Time travel to reconnect with your lessons is instant and possible in the 5th dimension. Also teleporting and telepathic communication are possible. You will experience situations which were once known as déjà vu, to be real and know you have done something before or had a vision of it so you can change the patterns. Time is an illusion of the 3rd dimension and a restriction. In the 5th dimension you know there is always plenty of time and all works accordingly to the harmonic convergence – or to the heart felt lessons of everyone and everything in this universe.

10.  Golden Age Reality

Through the evolutionary process, we have heard about the bronze age, industrial age and more. The Golden Age is the 5th dimension where dreams become reality. Written about in ancient writings such Akashic records, the Book of Enoch and even children’s books “Narnia”, these prophecies have not yet been experienced on earth. We are blessed that these times are here now.

In the past, such as Egyptians days, gold represented manifestation and God in manifestation. Certain emissaries of light or Healers known as Golden Ones nowadays as they bring the God consciousness here to those on the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Gold can be created in to many forms and other metals and so too can our consciousness.

In the Atlantean Mystery schools we used the power of gold to transform souls from dimensions instantly. With this came the opening of dimensions and self realisations – all the subjects described in the is article.

Now ask your self as you read this – are you a Golden One?
Are you here to teach about love, God and the creation of all that is?

*For those that resonate with Golden One please contact Jean Sheehan directly to enquire about her Golden One seminar – not advertised only taught by invitation.

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