Earth and your Body Consciousness

Earth and your Body Consciousness

For thousands of years ancient Shamans, Healers and Medicine Men/Women utilized the healing power of the elements. This knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. The elements included air, water, metal and earth in which each connects with particular body parts and can determine your health and your connection to your self.

Scientifically speaking, an element is a substance made up of atoms, all of which have the same number of protons. Historically and metaphysically, elements combine to form the universe and the universal mind. When working with the elements as a connection to oneness, you become connected to the absolute.


The earth element in particular is very necessary at these times of technology for us to connect with the land and our self. The organs connected to earth element are: stomach and spleen. The endocrines are pancreas and ovaries/testes. So how can we understand more about this affects us and the connection to our self? Best way is through one of my Medical Intuitive clients.


Mandy was on her spiritual journey who continually experienced migraine headaches. She had hormonal problems (ovaries) and mood swings (pancreas). She craved chocolate a week before her period commenced. At the same time she experienced disempowering comments from her husband and teenage son. (ovaries – rejection and self preservation, non acceptance) She felt sweetness in being a woman. (Pancreas). It was as though they knew she was about to experience a sacred and special time but they discussed her period as a nuisance, and unpleasant. At this time she also had feelings of never fitting in to earth and the aggressive and logical ways.


Metaphysically the earth element deals with concrete, practical matters, practicality and materialism and patience and authority. Mandy had always been intuitive and creative and she stated that earth feels so harsh and practical all the time. When she got her period she felt she was isolated for who she is and her psychic gift. The masculine quality of ‘authority’ and ‘power & materialism’ felt aggressive for her. She would want to run away at times and as it all became too much. She never shared this with anyone as she thought she was odd especially after listening to her husband who was very practical and would say things like ‘cant you just plug yourself for your period?’ This hurt her immensely. There was no sweetness (pancreas) and she would vomit for two days (stomach – rejection) as she worried (spleen) how she could connect with the earthly concepts as stated above. She had developed this behaviour since she was 12 years old and upon asking what she recalled of that time, she left primary school and commenced high school which for her was practical, harsh and materialistic. She also had her first period.


Mandy was asked to surround herself with foods, colours and clothes that of the earth element (dark green, black, and brown) to connect with herself as a soul having a human experience. She also began strategies to know herself as her own authority meaning she was her own boss that decided whether she would reject (stomach) herself. One of those strategies was to see she is the author of life and she designs her destiny and does not have to take on board anyone else’s opinions of her. As she writes her own life and story she could be, do, have her hearts desires. After visualising, having emergency essence, changing her diet for no wheat/sugar/dairy, exercising and connecting with the positive healing aspects of earth for 1 month, her migraines disappeared. She was not triggered by what her family said and in fact they did not say anything … she rewrote her life.

Earth and your Body Consciousness© – Author: Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia.

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