Egypt energy and 2019 are here

This week I watched the Sunrise at Cotton Tree beach. It was cold but amazing. I received messages about 2019 energies and wanted to share with you. Can you see the pyramid in the sun? The Egypt energies were incredible. This is the message I received.

‘2019 energy has come in from 1st July 2018. It shall be a long time including all of 2019 and 6 months of 2018. This is a time of awakening to the gold within. What that means is that finding yourself as the genius and treasure you are but nit with arrogance, narcissism, selfishness or elitism. Gold can bring these aspects in if they are not used correctly and used unconsciously. The ‘fall of Egypt’ as a time of awakening happened because we do fall in to these illusions thinking that we were ‘God’ and separated our self as better than each other and power hungry. Instead of understanding the integrated souls of evolution and that all things are from heart space and absolute love, we worked and lived from head space – arrogance and self-centred. And this energy of duality has arrived. Something to be aware in self and for others.

Gold is the sign of action and achievement and completion in the grounds of understanding and wisdom. Gold is deep wisdom and spirituality. It is deep in everything; healing, happiness, you know knowing. Gold is the Unselfish concern for others, its beauty is a winner. It is the willingness to receive because of self-worth and therefore will eventually bring joy and happiness. Gold is light – manifest. Generosity, gratitude and integrity, it is the discovery of patience and finding peace. Gold is the colour of great experience. It is the colour of the Golden ending, the golden beginning. Gold has the desire to share its wonder, it’s knowledge and possibilities with mankind.

If we have resistance with the golden vibrational energy, it may stimulate the negative in other colours, and then it may give you a big shakeup! You may find greed and ingratitude unreal expectations, indeed people with negative gold issues may be convinced of their own superiority. This was found and experienced during Egyptian time. We may find impatience leading to unaccountable anger, then deep shame and big trust issues (gold is amazing, it just wants to help, remember you can’t take it with you, maybe it’s because it’s already there!)

We have learnt that to create an express life, we not only have to come from heart we must have learnt with all our resistance lies in what we desire to create, and to know that we have connected with the spiritual wants as well. This allows us to be at one with spirit and the universe. We no longer just believe we know . When all this is achieved only then we can create our to desires into the physical, without being less and then, but indeed greater than we imagined. This is when we find the aspects of gold entering into one lives. This is 2019 energies! EXPRESSION according to the Sacred Geometry code Millennium Grid

As you can see by my photo there is a golden pathway to the wisdom of Egypt and the use of gold for the greater human. There is a set pathway for all at this time to shine their brilliance but be aware to do it without arrogance or elitism. When you see the bigger picture and here the divine sounds of the pyramids, you will know in your core heart the affect and effect you can have on the world to come to absolute love in all that they do. It is about the mental mind and knowing we are all one and that it is time to access your potentiality and wisdom. Some will feel this and feel frightened of the power and some will feel the illusion of anxiety. This is not real and neither is the story that you tell yourself you are not lovable. They are the duality signs of gold. You will be supported as there is divine guides and beings at this time to help humanity not repeat the patterns of last time.

The use of gold in our lives in visualisation is great when you have done the homework and cleaned up your personal backyard and know you are ready to move on. By the seeing of gold what you have desired will be done will be manifested.

Gold on the healing will help lift to depression, it helps you step back and come to terms with what is real and what is not, allowing a change in attitude, giving you a chance to make a better choice. Gold therefore is great for helping us to deal with confusion and uncertainty. Gold is good for the digestive system and the nervous system as well. Use golden light skin problems and it is great for scarring. Gold is an all-round healer, soothes the nerves and gives the feeling of well-being. Gold helps you shake off what’s not really a part of you.

You may find gold vibration in mangoes and pawpaw, by wearing gold clothes, with jewellery and in the use of gold decorations in your home. Drinking water from a golden glass or bottle will filter the gold energy through the water. The use of visualization and hands-on healing golden light are all useful in overcoming issues maintaining good health and well-being.”

I have always used gold in my designs, work, etc as I know the power behind gold but am also aware to not use the ‘power’ incorrectly. May this help you. And when you are ready let me know so I can show you how to shine your brilliance easily.

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