Endocrine System & Chakras

Endocrine System & Chakras

Endocrine System & Chakras

Physically the endocrine system is a collection of hormone-producing glands and cells located in various parts of the body. Hormones are complex chemical substances that are secreted in to the bloodstream and regulate body functions such as metabolism, growth and sexual preproduction.
Metaphysically the endocrine system is related to the connection to the ABSOLUTE/GOD. Each endocrine links with the main (8) chakras. Below is a brief summary taken from Module II of the Millennium Modality™, explaining the correlation between chakra & endocrine.


Pineal 7th  Crown Lymphatic system, body clock, fear of death/faith, inspiration, selfless service
Pituitary 6th Brow Soul realisation, wisdom, peace of mind, ‘boss’ of endocrine system, conscious living
Thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus 5th Throat Power of spoken word, creative expression, devotion to self, suffocation of life, involuntary systems (breathing, heart rate)
Thymus 8th Christ consciousness Slow to mature, fear of rejection, self acceptance, constant evolution, bridge between dualities, creator of own world 
Heart 4th Heart Understanding, group consciousness, ONE with ALL
Pancreas/spleen 3rd Solar plexus Change, moodiness, personal power, authority, self control, transformation, awakening
Ovaries/testes 2nd Sacral Give/receive, movement, family, in/tolerance, harmony within a group
Adrenals 1st Root Material world, mastery of physical world, over indulgence, fight/flight 

CASE STUDY – Two clients with an endocrine system in disharmony

Recently I had two clients that had been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and hormonal changes non specifc. Cancer means a hidden secret and pathway of self destruction. It had commenced in the lymphatic system with both these clients as both had lost their sense of faith in knowing that they are connected to the ABSOLUTE (knowing they are perfect, love and unlimited). The gentleman had a belief he had to work not understanding that if he enjoyed the work it would change (Ascension) the results so that it was enjoyable to work. (Known as selfless service) The body clock systems were out of sorts as they both worked shift work and their bodies were in a life cycle (repeating a pattern) of death. Consequently the pineal gland/crown chakra were out of balance.

The pituitary gland was unbalanced and both the lady and gentleman were very much HEAD people, meaning they were not in touch with their heart/E-Motions, for fear of feeling PAIN! They both loved systems, reasons and tended to be judgemental. The brow chakra was mimicking this endocrine by wanting more realisations for the soul and really learning how to become conscious of their living – in other words realise they create their own world. Both were thinkers and never had peace of mind as they never relaxed and connected with the stillness of LOVE/ABSOLUTE.  

The throat chakra was unable to express the fear of their world and constantly felt suffocated by life. The words that wanted to come were things like “Help me. I can not survive here in this unloving world as it does not digest with me,” and “I can not forgive myself.” The thyroid indicated to a poor metabolism, poor digestion (intolerance to wheat, dairy) and held a lot E-Motions in (fluid retention).

The 8th chakra (Christ consciousness) was very blocked as there was total fear of rejection. However they were actually rejecting themselves and did not realise how they create the world of PAIN and especially in non acceptance of themselves. They both constantly created rejection in their life from family, children, work colleagues and more as they rejected themselves. Their immune system and T Cell count created in the thymus gland was low and they were not immune to people’s unloving comments at a young age and consequently built a defensive pattern to deal with people. (That is the thymus gland).

It was interesting as I listened to both these clients and how they felt dis-empowered (solar plexus chakra) and did not like the authority figure telling them what to do. Both disliked being controlled and had jobs where they were FREE to work as they pleased, especially shift work. Constantly changing their career, partner, furniture or clothes, these clients stated they had mood swings when things were not sweet, (Pancreas endocrine)

Relating back to the thyroid, both clients expressed their FEAR of the physical world and how they never really understood the materialism and cast systems and levels of judgement and yet they felt they had to play that Earth game. They found themselves over indulging and being obsessive about life and things, never being inbalance. (Adrenal gland and Root chakra)

In creating the lymphatic cancer and the endocrine system being in dis-harmony, one of the biggest learning lessons was craving the sense of touch – LOVE. (Testes) They each described that they always felt as though they were giving and NOT receiving especially from family. (ovaries/testes and root chakra) The group consciousness was non existence and yet they craved it so much. By creating a dis-ease, they were now receiving group harmony, family acceptance, sweetness and acceptance and felt the pain …. Especially to the disconnection of the ABSOLUTE/GOD.

Overall these clients through the endocrine system learnt their disconnection from LOVE and found a way which made them feel connected, wanted, worthwhile, loved and accepted. The GOD/ABSOLUTE awakening occurred (solar plexus) when they allowed themselves to feel the feelings and express their deepest darkest secrets – they wanted to be loved and accepted. The endocrine system is exactly that – connection to GOD/ABSOLUTE.

Both these clients were given specific dietary, mental, emotional and other care including the ENDOCRINE essence to help them to return to LOVE/ABSOLUTE.

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