Every One is Consciousness Now

Every One is Consciousness Now

The definition of consciousness as a Noun is:

The State of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings
The awareness or perception of something by a person
– Awareness –Knowledge –

If we were to sit in a Movie Theatre right up front to watch a ‘STORY’ being played out on a huge screen – we would perhaps very quickly get drawn into the story – into the emotions being expressed….perhaps identifying with this story even as if it were ‘Our Story’. Everything we see and hear is all we are aware of at that moment – we are Conscious of this moment and the feelings we are feeling ‘in response’ to the story we are watching. We are actually totally living in this NOW moment as we are involved in the story we are watching and participating emotionally in.


Using the analogy above let us explore this further by IMAGINING that the movie or play we are watching ACTUALLY is Our Life Story and that WE ARE WRITING the script as we go…

Let’s put us in the CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE Driving Seat…right up front and personal! We are in control of the Accelerator, gear stick, brakes etc. We turn on the ‘Movie’ switch and the lights come on and people enter stage left and stage right as we decide. Stories/lives/dramas are created. We get involved in these stories and dramas as if we are right in there emotionally with them and soon ALL we perceive or understand or are AWARE of is that we are these stories – this is OUR LIFE. This is Our Consciousness…in this NOW.

As we get involved in this life we respond to and react to situations that are being created…that we are creating, HOWEVER it appears in this perception as we are so close to the ‘Action’ that other people are creating these stories and dramas. We may accelerate fast and furious into the thick of the drama or we may accelerate away at speed cutting corners banging into people or we may slam on the brakes not wanting to get involved at all…we may ‘Blame’ others and we may feel ‘Guilt’ Infinite Scenarios…Infinite Reactions…

As we are watching this movie we are no longer AWARE that we are actually scripting and populating it and so we start to ‘Perceive’ the action as something that is happening TO us…that we have no control over.


From time to time we get up and move back a row into a different seat giving a slightly different perspective of the ‘Story’ unfolding. Action still plays out on stage and we are still involved. Illnesses are created; pain is felt both emotional and physical. Fear is ever present in the life stories reflected back to us. EMOTIONS are flowing continuously piling on top of each other, brakes and accelerator seemed to be working in confusion simultaneously as we wind our way through what appears to be a minefield of Real Life Action and Drama. This is OUR AWARENESS at these moments. This is what we are Conscious of…in this NOW.


Fast forward… We decide to get up from these front of house seats and move back towards the back rows. As we settle into our CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE Seat again, this time we have an AWARENESS that we have some control, that perhaps we have a choice…FREE WILL in the way we respond or react to certain events being played out on our life stage. We can see the drama for just a drama or just a story and so we start to become an Observer – perhaps still stepping back into the centre action role at times however having a sense of a different perspective…that there is a bigger picture…In this new ‘Position’ we become aware that we are holding onto or suppressing emotions and these are creating illness in our body.

We realise that we are CREATING…that we are writing Our Story.

In this Awareness or Consciousness we begin to see that our Emotions are triggered by the Braking (Resistance) and accelerating (running full steam ahead into or running away) which in turn are triggered by the Stories being played out on stage by the actors we have populated OUR STORY with. We begin to see that we are CREATING our life – that we are in the Driving Seat…With this Awareness we then start to realise or become CONSCIOUS of our ability of Creation.

We are NOW AWARE that our thoughts, our spoken and written words and beliefs are actually creating what is happening in Our Story right NOW in this moment.

In this broader perspective of ‘Our Story Movie’ we start to ponder what Time actually is and when we say NOW what that REALLY means…If the past has happened and is no more and the future is just a maybe or a series of maybes THEN the only ‘Time’ of any value, is NOW – indeed we realise that there is no other time other than this instant right NOW.

In this row as we become aware of this conundrum of ‘Time’ we also realise that there can possibly be no ‘holding’ onto or suppressing anything ‘FROM THE PAST’ as in this NOW we are ‘ALL THAT IS’ at this moment! We are actually made up of the ENERGY of whatever it is we are feeling AT THIS MOMENT…this NOW. A collection of infinite thoughts, words, feelings, experiences…energy…in this NOW…THIS IS US!

Energy by its very nature cannot be held onto or suppressed as it is constant in it movement in its creating and so in this NOW we are everything we believe ourselves to be – in this moment. We are creating this NOW…NOW!

Another row may give us a perspective of judgment – defining our stories as good or bad – however as we become aware that WE ARE CREATING ALL that we are experiencing we can begin to appreciate the creation, Our Creation. As we ALLOW every experience TO BE without judgement, without defining as more or less than, as good or bad we then no longer judge ourselves as ‘We are creating creation with the substance of Our Self’- of the Infinite Field of Consciousness that we in Essence are.

NOW imagine that at the same ‘time’ as this Conscious ‘US’ is experiencing this Number ONE MOVIE Another US – indeed possibly….Infinite Us’s – are experiencing their own Movies – Infinite Movie Theatres – and ‘THEY’ are moving back through the rows – with different perspectives just as we are.



I am jumping ahead here to allow for the understanding that we are AT ESSENCE – ONE ultimate source and as such we are ALL ONE and so ALL connected. As the other ‘THEY’s’ Live their Stories WE feel and share emotions and understandings between us…for they are OUR emotions and understandings…They are Our Stories in Movie Theatre #1 as in Movie Theatre # 2 and so on…They are our emotions happening in Simultaneous ‘Time’.

They are US and WE are THEM…and yet there really is NO them or us or any other JUST ONE CONSCIOUSNESS! When you ‘Feel’ the Energy of ‘Another’ you will feel that there is no end or beginning to ‘Their Energy Field’ and…that is there is NO Energy SEPARATION between you and… (A perceived other).

There is No Beginning and No Ending to the ONE that we are…and ALL THAT IS.

As there is no other time than NOW then all the “Past Lives’ we have experienced through visions etc may actually BE happening as we ‘experienced’ them – we perhaps jumped for a moment or two into another of Our Stories…another of OUR Movie Theatres – Simultaneous time!

As another Life of ours experiences a Story ‘WE’ connect with ‘THEM’ as the emotions EACH WE are experiencing are strongly connecting through the corridors of inter time dimensions…

NOW these Theatre Settings are Separate – are in A DUALITY Awareness or Consciousness…so let us move further back still, past the very back row in these Theatres and move out beyond the ‘Theatre Buildings’ and see our perceived ‘LIFE/LIVES’ as…perhaps HOLOGRAMS – Illusions of experience even ‘US’ as Unique and Individual Holograms…

This can take us down another fascinating path for if ALL that we perceive is a Hologram…then there is No Thing in this world that we perceive as real and solid that actually is real and solid – even the toaster is Our Creation – put together by collective thought patterns of energy…perhaps. With this viewpoint it can then be suggested that Every Single Person, Situation, Event, Thing that comes across our Life Stage is there because we have created it and therefore it is giving us an experience.


There is NO THING that is random or unworthy of our AWARENESS!
There is NO THING that is unworthy of our LOVE!

We are NOW CONSCIOUS of ANOTHER perspective and YET as we form this understanding we are Conscious that The Infinite Field of Consciousness or Energy or the Essence that we are
…and as we form ONE CREATION that CREATION…
Endlessly Infinitely NOW

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