• OPA! (Which means celebration in Greek)

    You are invited to be a Guest Speaker with JEAN SHEEHAN of MILLENNIUM EDUCATION P/L within her Sisterhood. This will be a LIVE ‘chat’ on ZOOM in Jean’s private Facebook group SECRET CODES TO SUCCESS FOR WOMEN.

    This is a fabulous opportunity for you to share your wisdom with a new audience, empower other women, and of course, help women to celebrate the success they are.

    Each month, Jean likes to share the expertise of other women who are shining their brilliance and can assist others to do the same. These ‘chats’ are called ‘Coffee, Cigarette, Smut’ or CCS for short as that is what she used to do when she was nursing. She loved to catch up with friends for a coffee, cigarette, and chat, known as smut, where the women would empower, support, encourage each other to be the best version of themselves.

    These CCS are 1 hour which includes your topic. They are on the first Tuesday of the month at 10 am AEST, QLD time.

  • At this interview, we request no sales, selling, marketing, slideshows, or power points as this is not the forum for this. This is about empowering women with your tips.

    Of course, we want all those watching the live and replay to know you and where to contact you. At the end of the interview, Jean will ask you to share your social media or website. You may want to comment below the feed of the live too and answer the questions and comments shared after the time. Allow the women to reach out to you rather than hunt them down as this does not align with the SECRET CODES TO SUCCESS FOR WOMEN. The women will definitely reach as they are ready for you.

    Jean will give you a celebration welcome and introduce you by the name you give, where you are from i.e. what is your business name, and give details based on your description. All questions asked will be to energise the audience based on your topic and description.

    Jean always starts with the question ‘How are you successful in your eyes?’. Your answer may be based on personal achievement such as being organised or a professional goal such as starting your business. You see success is in the eye of the beholder.

    We thank you from our hearts for shining your brilliance with this and being the
    JEAN-I-O-US® you are. It will be totally BAZINGA!


  • I understand this event will be photographed, recorded in various ways. I consent to my image and the recording being used for marketing, education, teaching, social media, promotion, landing pages, media and in other way that Jean Sheehan and Millennium Education choses.

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