Happiness Is In The Heart

Happiness Is In The Heart

Happiness Is In The Heart

Your body carries your story and will make you at ease or ill-at-ease, known as dis-ease. When you do not notice what you are thinking, being, or doping your body will show you and you will feel pain on some level especially emotionally and mentally. The body part that is affected the most is the organ of the heart. The heart is the most central point of the body and mathematically is known as zero one point when relating it to Cartesian planes and axis points. The heart body consciousness is:

–  Happiness
–  awareness
–  centeredness
–  love of self
–  love of others
–  respect
–  joy/sadness
–  depression
–  harmony
–  peace
–  balance

The disease that is most common from 2003 to now is depression. Is it people can not find their happy spot? Is it that people are not working from heart? Is that people don’t feel they have a right to be happy? Relating it back to the Medical Intuitive body consciousness from Module I Millennium Modality – Medical Intuition, what if people are not aware what makes them happy any more as they are not centred with themselves and can not find peace or happiness in them selves as they constantly search outside of themselves. This is something I have witnessed and had clients state the last 3 years in doing Medical Intuitive sessions. Life for many is so out of balance and many state they are out of harmony with their lives both personally and professionally.  The heart is so important when it comes to awareness which is consciousness and manifestation.
What creates happiness? So many people are searching to find peace and happiness when it is within us. Many people want to break through to something as though when this occurs ‘life will be perfect’ when it already is. They think once they have a break through they will be on purpose. What do you want to break through to? All of us at some level want to feel alive. The word that can sum this up is progress. The reason I share this is that even if you are not where you want to be you are on the way – creating a new journey which fills your heart as life is about the journey not the result as we always get results indicating where we are. It is how we interpret that result as to whether you are happy, sad, failure, success, etc. This journey stimulates every body part to feel alive and that creates this ‘supposed happiness’. No matter how successful you are, if you stop growing you commence dying on the inside and the body parts will let you know especially the organ of the heart and the medial intuitive body consciousness as stated above. Welcome to dis-ease and dis-harmony in the body.
That leads to what is your vision of what is happiness for you? What is your core blueprint? The blueprint is the story in your head of how things are meant to be. If things do not align to that ‘story, it can leave people feeing sad, despondent, depression and fearful. In history there has been a story that for many people to feel like they are a success they need to have achieved ‘ENOUGH”. What does that mean and when is enough? I am not sure and can not answer that as it is an individual process. However the general community sees enough as when you are unique and special. We have lost the art of seeing everyone and everything as special and unique and part of a oneness. Can we say this about a Mum that chooses to stay at home and look after the children or the school teacher or do we not see them as valuable, precious, unique and special. That is because we teach humanity to have a specific outlook on what is achievement and everyone is to fit in the boxes.
Wholeness comes from being with me and seeing the real me

So is there a formula for happiness? Is there a magic pill or great product? Yes/No. The best way is to stop right now and write down an area of your life that you feel successful, happy, achieved something or connected to. Why are you happy with that area of your life now? Now do it and then come back to me…..


Here is the formula for happiness. When you notice you are happy within your life you have matched or equalled the blueprint you have of success and happiness in your head. Your current life experience or life conditions align with your vision, blueprint and story of what you want. This story is how you believe life should be. When you grasp this you can create what you want. Happiness for each person is so different. The formula is to meet or exceed your expectations … it is that simple. It does not have to be perfect. Generally if you are meeting what you expect from that area, you feel good. Otherwise known as LIFE CONDITIONS MEET STORY = FEELS GOOD. It matches your story. The key here is like mathematics:

Perception + story = success/happiness
In other words when you create the life you envision you want and it comes to fruition then you feel happy and success. If it does not match then there is unhappiness. But what makes your feel bad, create pain, feel stress and frustration? So we are going to see the differences just for a moment so you can see how simple the formula is. What is an area in your life that you are not happy with? Be really honest with yourself. Remember to answer Why you are not happy in that area of your life. Take a moment to do this and come back to me ……
The idea here is to note how we create pain whether it be mental, physical, spiritual or emotional pain. When we note what does not match our story and blueprint that is when we feel ‘pain’ – people feel unrest, frustration, anger and dis-empowered. When your life conditions do not match your story and blueprint that is when we have pain. This can lead on to ‘depression’ – the idea that we are feeling worthless and not of value to mankind, society, family and our selves. When our story does not match what is happening in our life we not only have pain we have suffering as we feel we have no control over the situation. This suffering affects every core part of our physical and metaphysical body and the illusions of life seem so real and we forget it is a story. And with that we can change the story by rewriting it. When you believe that your life does not match your blueprint and you have not control to change it that is when people suffer. When we are in this ‘stuck story’ we feel we have no choices and so we will BLAME …
  1. something
  2. an event
  3. someone else
  4. or yourself
Little do we realise that the BLAME GAME is a another story! Blame is really having resentment for not seeing our potential and seeing another new story so we can match that story with what we can create. When we lose control, it is easy to blame outside of ourselves. This can alleviate the feelings of helpless and hopeless. This blame is a temporary strength that only lasts for a very short time and is a fake strength. We have a funny human pattern and that is to give time and focus to areas we feel comfortable in as it is easy. At this stage we have two choices to feel ‘happy’ and create a match between our story and our situation. They are:
  1. change your life to meet your story i.e. my relationship is not working, I am going to do something about it and make a change to create what I want … or
  2. if you can not change life you will need to change your story and blueprint!
Life encourages both of these concepts to have the life you want. By doing the both you can have an extraordinary life. We all experience times of what we want or what we wish for is not going to match what is happening in our life. The bonus is that you are the author of your world and create what you want and rewrite your own script. Those moments of life that we blame goes in to life as pain. And if we change we can change our life to match our new story and blueprint. The key is to know when it is not within our control.
With this awareness we can now commence the new journey of fulfilling that story and blueprint. So what do you think happens from there? The nervous system taps in this story as it is your phone and Internet communication line and it will spread the word. The nervous system and the human spirit needs to grow. So when you complete that blueprint you will create another story and blueprint and continue this journey. The meaning of life is about growing and giving. This is part of the human psyche to evolve. A meaningful life is from a sense of progress, a sense of growing, evolving, a life not just about me about we, doing something that makes me feel connected to other people. That growth, sense of contribution fills a spiritual need we all have. If you are unhappy in your life you have three choices:
  1. to blame which is not going to work
  2. change your blueprint and story which will rewire what is going within you
  3. match your story with your life and see the results.
Always check in and question your limiting beliefs. Are they real or they just a story? It takes for you to see how to deal with crisis, and how to turn it around. It takes facing your fear. It takes pushing yourself through what used to stop you. It takes putting yourself in what is more important than your self as it is about oneness. It takes knowing no matter what happens to you, you are more than that moment. You are more than the story you think you are supposed to be. Even if you are not matching what you think you need to be, maybe there is a reason for that. Maybe it is time define yourself in another way which will fulfil you on a much deeper level. Sometimes failing to get your goal defines your destiny. Sometimes disappointment drives you more to find out more about you and create more of what you do want or even change your thoughts of what you thought you did want is no longer your truth anymore and you find another truth, story and blueprint which works out better than you thought or even knew it could be. The key here is life does not happen to you, it happens for you – for your story. When you know this you can find a benefit in anything, and anyone that will take you to the next level – next involvement. We have the ability to transcend anything to a new outcome. Life is a slate or blackboard and you can wipe that élan so you can rewrite your story. The transcend part is whether you choose to let the old story go and if not why not? What benefit is it to you? Little do we realise that each time we break through we get stronger and get to see ours self and our potentiality. This is a universal law and part of re-remembering who we are.

The key to freedom on this level is looking at how can you see more of yourself, see your own potential, grow, blossom and best of all how can you help others. When the focus is taken off yourself then life changes. Every day you need to feed your mind … it is what you feed it that will your story and blueprint whether it be in love or dis-empowerment. Stay in your heart and you will have full awareness, be conscious and be aware of others, self and so much more.

Happiness Is In The Heart©- Article By: Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia

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