Hathors and Arcturians



(Jean Sheehan’s Photo taken 16/02/23, Noosa, Queensland, Australia. See the gateways to the BLUE ONES)

Welcome to my insights about the ancient, wise and knowledgeable beings from the past but also the future.

This knowledge was given to me during my awakening times, which you may have read in my AMAZON best selling book THE JEAN SHEEHAN STORY.

Just to make mention here to that my eldest son who is now an adult used to speak about these being ALL the time in his bedroom and felt so connected and safe to them.

This sharing is not something I usually share as my focus has always been teaching Medical Intuition, Sacred Geometry, Mystery School and Secret Codes to Success®. However it was the request of a gorgeous client who asked me to write this for her after she attended the MILLENNIUM JOURNEY TO SELF in Egypt with me January 2023. I love to offer value to my clients and as she requested it I was guided to create this information.

More of this wisdom was revealed on our first trip to Egypt January 2023 to the White Desert where a massive download happened and I connected with these beings again. They have asked me to share they are here to support you and guide you again like the past and of the future.

From my heart I know you will connect with what feels right for you.

What I ask if you be open minded and allow the healing and activations to occur that will happen as you read this.

If you read my AMAZON best selling book, THE SECRET CODES TO SUCCESS® you will know there is always activations in my writing.

Ok. Time to breath and allow your self to feel into these insights.

From my heart to your heart, I send you so much love.

Absolute love and gratitude

HATHORS and ARCTURIANS learned, through realization, that separateness is simply an illusion, and the impact of planet Earth’s collective actions spans much further than we are aware of.

This race has its origins in a star system known as Bootes. It is thought that this constellation is over 35 million light-years from the solar system that encompasses planet Earth. They are connected to the pyramid shape and Atlantis.

Arcturus is known to be the brightest start within this constellation, and this is where Arcturians first came from.

Due to Arcturians being naturally good at communicating and sharing ideas, they have chosen to do so on our planet.

Arcturian starseeds are direct descendants of these amazing beings, and have personalities and positive traits that mirror those of the Arcturian race.

Most Arcturians feels at home on planet Earth. Although they may not be conscious of their origins, they are aware of a deeper meaning to their existence, and this is reflected in their work.

Arcturian starseeds have an incredible ability to use their physical senses.

This makes their experience on this planet rich with color, vibrancy, experience, and memories.

Although Arcturians are hard to tell apart from other humans, their difference becomes apparent when you analyse the way they carry themselves.

Arcturian starseeds have all the necessary human faculties needed to bring about positive change, and this is often their main calling in life.

These starseeds are blessed with vast foundational knowledge, gained from their time in their star system.

Their skills translate perfectly onto Earth’s physical plane, and they take very little time to adapt to their new environment.

If you feel drawn to the sky at night, astrology and extra-terrestrial life forms are a source of constant fascination for Arcturian starseeds. You find yourself fantasizing over faraway galaxies. The vast nature of space intrigues you beyond words.

Subconsciously, they long for the freedom and peacefulness that the night sky symbolizes.

You believe in astrology and its effect on us, and you often use it as a guidance tool.

You feel detached from social status. You might feel that social hierarchy is simply a human construct that breeds inequality.

At the core of your belief is the feeling that all beings are equal, and social status simply distorts this.

You don’t think of yourself or any other people as being superior or inferior to each other.

You have no interest in consumerism and showing the world that you are a “success”.

This is a result of your deep feeling of empathy, and your ability to put yourself in someone else’s position rather than categorize them based on their circumstances or society’s view of them.

Arcturian starseeds naturally romanticize ancient times. You might feel the connection between those times and the modern-day, and try to implement the lessons of history to create a better future.

You enjoy scientific discussions rather than talking about everyday trivialities, you prefer to discuss scientific topics.

This quality makes them great communicators of innovative ideas.

You are focused on a better future due to the forward-thinking nature and are optimistic about the future of Earth and its inhabitants.

You are often thinking of ways to make a situation better for yourself and those around you.

People often come to you for advice about decisions that will impact their future.

You are able to visualize the desired outcome, then take the necessary steps to manifest it in the physical realm.

You truly believe that human potential is unlimited and there is no ceiling on the level of progression that can be made on this planet.

Arcturian starseeds are sometimes susceptible to having low blood pressure. They are also very sensitive to the cold and feel it more than others. This makes them more likely to settle in warmer climates.

One of the main issues faced by Arcturian starseeds is that they find it difficult to get close to other humans.

They can come across as distant, due to their active minds and constant thoughts on improving their futures.

When Arcturians do form a close bond with another, they are likely to value the friendship or relationship very dearly and will remain loyal to the other person for a long period of time.

Arcturian starseeds came to the planet Earth to innovate and guide it into a new, better future.

They are pioneers, constantly looking for ways to inspire positive change by applying their natural cognitive and practical skills.

Arcturians are not simply idealists – they follow through with their plans.

By using a mixture of their divine knowledge from the spiritual realm, and implementing it into the physical reality of planet Earth, they can achieve incredible things.

From here lovely if you are drawn to connect with me and especially if you know you need to come to Egypt with me, please contact me here

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