Business is Energy

Business is Energy

Any Healing Business is a powerful tool for change.

A healing business or any other business is about being of service to others. It’s about creating value for others. Sales in the business is connecting on a heart level of people to give them what they want. Express your truth and you cannot fail in business. The secret to living a rich life is GRATITUDE. What we appreciate – appreciates!

Quite often I am asked what is business all about? Especially a Medical Intuitive Healing Business. Yes I once worked in Nursing, pathology and autopsies and then went in to business for myself. I loved the Metaphysical world and the results from Medical Intuitive Healing. It filled my heart so much that I knew I wanted to share this with everyone. It had helped me heal myself of cancer and our children with so many things that I wanted everyone to be able to have the fulfilment and absolute empowerment we received as a family. Well I wanted to share some insights I have had in the Millennium Education Pty Ltd business. Remember these all still relate to everything is energy and so is money.

Let’s commence by exploring the concepts of many successful business people in the Metaphysical Healing World. To mention a few we have Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra,Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. I am sure they knew the world is made of energy and like attracts like – juts as Esther and Jerry Hicks have shared in their knowledge. But what we really want is key tips and insights.

Tips for a Successful Intuitive Healing Business:

1. Have quality practise and the performance and results will excel

a. Prepare yourself before going to work. This could consist of visualising your day, exercising or even deep breathing. It is important to be mentally, physically and emotionally ready.

b. Learning is critical to your end result in anything in life. It is important to up skill and learn more so that you keep your energy moving forward and fluid. New ideas will come and you will be in touch with the Creator part of yourself.

2Inspirational people focus on POSSIBILITIES & SOLUTIONS – Stuck people focus on PEOPLE & PROBLEMS

a. This is important as movement and production actually change something. What ever you focus you will attract – law of attraction. So if you are focusing on insight and the empowerment of yourself and others, the results can only be success. Then action these. FOCUS is the keyword here!

b. Focus on possibilities, your dreams, results as they are your key indicators of how well you are doing.

3. Be willing to do what people are not willing to do!!!!

a. do what is challenging and difficult. This will stretch your mind and help you to see what you are possible of doing.

b. Best ideas come from sitting in silence and STOP actioning in the business and work on the business. Ensure you meditate as this allows the creative part of your mind to wander and tap into new strategies. It brings much lightness and play. That is when things work better.

c. Get up early and look at your goals each morning. If you do not have goals/plans, ensure you do. Have clarity on what you want, why you want it and the it is more accessible and the brain will desire to get it.

d. The most important thing I have personally learnt in business is that business is really RELATIONSHIPS. Build the relationships around you. Connect with people on a heart level. That includes get to know your staff.

e. Persistence and commitment are the key factors too.

If you are knocked down 5 times get up 6. I once was given a fridge magnet by one of my clients. It still sits on my fridge from 7 years ago. It says, “It is not how many times you fall but how many times you get up’.

4. Be inspired by change NOT threatened by change.

a. challenge your assumptions. You never know what might happen.

b. Understand there can not be any business or personal growth without tearing down what was present yesterday.

c. Find new ways of delivering value.

d. Sometimes growth can be messy and uncomfortable. But know after the confusion comes clarity just like after an ascension.

5. In a Healing Business You are using your talent not having a job

a. work is an opportunity to develop your talents & use your full expression (Module II Medical Intuition)

b. A healing business is about creating not money

c. Work is about expressing your creativity, craft, talent

d. The purpose of business is to change the world and make a difference in someone’s life

6. When you work you will be energised.  Therefore the more work you do the more energy that is released. Consider creating a list which will provide motivation, confidence, and release of energy to do more.

7. Make your dreams BIG A. Share your dream with your team educate your team on your dream so that they will want to help you build

8. Be obsessed with GIVING and GRATITUDE.

a. Ask your self ‘Who can I help’ Not what can I get

b. Business is about producing unusual value for as many people as possible

c. Focus on producing products, delivering service, for others and the you will receive.

The keys to living a rich life is GRATITUDE.

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Know if your body has nutrient deficiencies with Medical Intuition

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