As a Millennium Modality® – Medical Intuitive Practitioner, it is important to always think of your professional standards and how you can create better service for your clientele.

In your career pathway, it is important to be part of an association and I have found after 20+ years of doing this work and having travelled globally teaching it. And I received more credibility having been a member of an association. This has helped me with my own growth and community and also to be accepted for submitted BLOGS and articles for other people’s magazines, and websites as well as being interviewed on radio, TV and other mediums such as Podcasts.

The other professional aspect is to consider insurance. I never thought about it when I first commenced as a Medical Intuitive Practitioner as I thought I did not need it. That was until a staff member put a candle on the carpet of a venue and burnt a huge hole in the brand new carpet. This was a costly lesson of $9000, but luckily I had insurance and did not pay anything. If you are wanting to go to expos to market yourself, you will need insurance.

Imagine what it would be like to finally be a part of an association that gives you credibility and support. That would include your membership and insurance. You’d be free to focus on growing your business and helping your clients. You’d also feel secure that your business is properly covered for the Millennium Modality®. You wouldn’t have to spend your nights awake worrying about whether you were properly protected from costly litigation.

Aside from gaining an internationally recognised certificate of membership from Jean Sheehan and Millennium Education, which seriously boost your credibility, being a member of IICT means you’ll never have to ‘go it alone’ because you’ll be part of their international community of ‘like-minded’ therapists.

What does IICT do for you?

  1. Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive membership and insurance cover. IICT has done all the hard work to find you the best insurance solution that covers the  Millennium Modality® – Medical Intuition
  2. No continued education requirements. As an IICT member, you do not have to pay for continued education that costs you both precious time and money.
  3. All members can utilise the professional membership seals to denote their professional affiliation and add greater credibility by using our seals on their promotional materials on and offline.

To help you I have made totally easy and all you need do is click the below button. As you know the Millennium Modality® was accredited to help you be recognised and the professional that you are. Go the next step and join this association.

The code that you need for membership under Jean Sheehan and Millennium Education, Millennium Modality® practitioner is PTP50%OFF.