Kundalini Experience

Kundalini is an innate energy which aligns you to the energy if who you are and where you have come from. It is the opening and connection to ABSOLUTE LOVE and EMPOWERMENT. The power of this energy allows you to self realise your own personal lessons and change the outcome of the experience. The main outcome of awakened Kundalini is the ability to see everything with GOD eyes or known as Millennium Eye. When the new form of awakened energy has been activated through SACRED GEOMETRY, life is different. There are less drama and more freedom in your life. It is as though a light has been switched on and you are connected to everyone and everything knowing all there truly is LOVE. There is a key within which is opened when the KUNDALINI is unlocked using Sacred Geometry and it opens the door to the pure potentiality of who you are. You recall you are lovable, loving, loved and love.

Imagine fully understanding the power behind this force. This is taught and experienced in Module II & III Medical Intuition. The best to do this is hearing others experiences of the KUNDALINI and their self realisations. The transformations are incredible.



Abby had completed Module I Medical Intuition and had her first Kundalini experience leaving her totally connected to the Omnipresent.


Morning everyone. The video of the Kundalini was very similar to what I experienced, especially the vision as it comes out of his head and spreads in that pattern. Mine ‘looked’ different but had the same energy that was flowing out of me and expanding at a very fast rate. I would really like to share it with you.

I guess some of you remember when I was on the table, I felt my throat ( near my tonsils) opening, like it was a rubber band stretching and I couldn’t quite get it to move, so I did a really big AHHH! When I did this, I felt a massive white swirl coming up from my feet, wrapping around my hips ( and I could feel my dad supporting me and pushing me up like a dad helping a child onto a swing or a high monkey bar and giving me a push) we both then went flying and I could feel this white swirl and I spiralling up , then I could see stars, I could feel that I was still inside me, but was in a dome, at the edge of my very being. I knew what was on the other side as I remembered it, but could not visually see it. Then it clicked for me that I chose this life and I love it.

I had memories of being a child and different experiences and could feel guided to think, see this is why you chose this life, so you could enjoy all these things, how great are they. This is truly such a special life and you’re in it!! I could move through this perimeter, as I focused ahead, I would plunge forward, so fast and everything just kept expanding. That’s what felt the same as that Kundalini video. I had the intention shortly before the Module I Medical Intuitive course to work out if an experience I had when I was 17 was for real or more so what it was. In this experience, I went out of my body and was sitting cross legged, I could see over 100 bubbles in front of me. All lives I have lived out of the time dimension. I could understand things way beyond this comprehension and was telling a friend of mine, talking automatically and I couldn’t stop it. Occasionally I would snap out of it and tell her to help me, but then go straight back in there. I then had to type a code into a telephone to get back into my life. I did this very fast and hundreds of times until I cracked it and was granted access back in. So in this time, I could look out from inside. This bubble and I just knew it was my choice to be here and I had an incredible feeling of love for myself and this life as a whole. I finally feel and understand now that my body is my temple and feel such an intense love for those around me as I know they have made a choice too and I am just so amazed we are here and able to experience this life together. It really completed the experience for me and I feel totally free. I searched for answers for so long about it, and ways to access it, but I could never get any explanation that satisfied me. I feel now like so much crap is gone from my life, and understand what Jean means about peeling away layers. Things can weigh down on your being, but when it is lifted you are free to just be. It’s such an incredible feeling. Back in reality, I can make decisions easier as I know what I want counts the most. I can say no to things I haven’t been able to in years and the response is actually not scary at all. It gives me the bridge to walk across into the unknown, but in a new direction where a new path opens for me. When I was sick last week with a massive head cold, I could feel so much shifting out of me, I feel stronger now, taller and more centred.

Love to you all, Abby






Sixteen ago I received a punch in the stomach & nearly dropped my 3 month old baby boy. I finally made the decision to walk away from a ten year controlling & violent relationship.  In my head I decided my son was not going to grow up to be like his father.  Twelve months later I was very seriously assaulted & lapsed into unconsciousness.  Apparently the hospital was working to restart my heart.  This is when I realised I wasn’t alone in my journey.  It was like a dream, there were many different ‘beings’ talking to me & giving me a choice to go with them now or to go back & continue my life purpose as I had chosen at the beginning of this life, just one chapter in my soul’s journey.  I strongly made the decision that I was going to complete what I had come here to do.  My beautiful boy was only months old & I was going to live for him if not for anyone else.  We moved away & I became a support worker for others that had gone through a similar journey to mine. My friends & I started a group called W.I.S.E. (Women In Support & Empowerment). As far as I know the group still continues to this day.  I always said if I could help one woman I knew that I had done my job. At the time I didn’t realise that one woman was me.  I had allowed myself to become a victim.  I played out the victim role for many years, allowing myself to be stalked & harassed, packing on about an extra 80 kg, allowing myself to reach a maximum weight of 142kg.  Even when a beautiful man came along & still married me at this size, I still allowed myself to be a victim to my son’s father.  After many years of counselling, & therapy I realised the lesson I needed to learn is I don’t need to be a victim anymore & just had to stand up for myself & not put up with his ‘abuse’.  I had come a long way but there was still something missing.

I searched & studied many different modalities of ‘alternative’ healing & tried to better myself & my son for that matter….. Besides I had made the decision that he was not going to end up the same as me or his dad.  Eventually I had to allow my son to follow his own journey.  It was up to me to guide him along the right path but he had to feel comfortable with where he was going as it was his journey.  He would only have ended up hating me if I kept pushing him the way I was attempting to. A friend suggested that I do a course called “Medical Intuition” with Jean Sheehan.  Even before I met her I was spreading the word about these courses which I knew nothing about.  Something happened & I decided I was not going there & even ‘unsubscribed’ myself from the newsletters & thought “Oh well, obviously I will find someone else to teach me “Medical Intuition”.  Then another friend had a half day introductory course of “Millennium Children” at her place, & I finally met Jean (what an amazing woman, I thought) I mentioned my reason for not doing the course & she almost laughed in my face.  This was just what I needed, I booked in to do Module II Medical Intuition first, so that I could join my friends who had already done Mod I.  On the first day of Module II, I had revealed that one of the things that I was doing to myself was sneaking food behind my husband’s & son’s backs.  I didn’t want them questioning whether I should have been eating that. We were doing some prac work & for some reason Jean decided I had to be the client on the table to be the demo for the rest of the class.  I was so angry at everyone & everything.  I released so much anger I think I even scared myself, let alone others that were looking on.  The one thing I do remember was that there was so much love & nobody was judging me. This energy surged from the base of my spine & I was arching my back to fight it.  Eventually I realised there was no use fighting it & surrendered to the process & allowed the energy to rise.  I felt it surge up & out the crown of my head.  I cried & cried & cried.  I was so exhausted & so cold.  I don’t remember the rest of the day as I was still quite dazed by it.  We went to dinner that night & I couldn’t decide what to eat as my head was still saying ‘eat bad’ but my heart was saying ‘you’ll feel so much better if you choose good wholesome foods’.  I was so proud of my choice.  Even that night I was teased by one of the ladies I was sharing accommodation with as she offered me a chocolate biscuit & I said no. She said “now don’t go sneaking it later Cas” Ha-ha I really didn’t even feel like it. 

Life has just got better & better since that time.  I went on to have another “Kundalini” opening on MODULE III MEDICAL INTUITION, this time it was easier because I knew what was happening & that I would feel so much better if I allowed it to happen. Not long after this I had a heart issue where I ended up in hospital with ‘Cardiomyopathy’.  More lessons!  My heart was only working at 26%. But what had I really learned from all of this?  With lots of self healing and help from Dr’s & other beautiful complimentary medicine healers I found myself & finally accepted all that “Is”.  In 12 months I have now brought my heart back to 88% and am back on the good health track & now changed my addictions from alcohol & cigarettes to good food & exercise & most of all “life”. It was up to me to “Allow myself to receive love”  “I deserved love” “I am love”. I had a “Kundalini” again Module IV and now recognise what is happening & allow it to happen so much ‘quicker, faster, easier’ as Jean had taught us right from the very beginning.  I have become less reactive with my emotions.  I am no longer a ‘road rager’. And the biggest thing that has happened is I have found that person who I always was before I allowed myself to become a victim.  I have found my inner child. I love life, I dance, I sing, I cry at beautiful things & best of all I choose to separate myself from drama as much as I possibly can.  I have lost weight & continue to do so with such ease.  My choice of foods no longer has to be hidden because I am finally confident in who I am.  I allow my amazing husband & son to love me more & more these days.  We have so much laughter back in our household again.  Everything Is & I am. My Business has changed with the changes that I have made myself.  I now help many others to find who they are & show them how easy it is with just a few changes in their lives.  I help them release the old patterning that is no longer serving them purpose.  I love my work & this shows when I meet new clients & people.  People can see who I am now.  I don’t need to hold secrets anymore, I was only really fooling myself.  I see nothing wrong with being transparent as I now no longer have anything to hide.  Triggers from the past remain a memory & sometimes rear their ugly head but instead of stepping back into the memory I just give gratitude for that lesson & choose to let it stay a memory.  I no longer see demons in anyone, I only see love.  If someone tries to show me otherwise I choose to separate myself from their drama.  I no longer force myself onto others & I help only when asked. everything Is & I am LOVE.

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Awakening to the World Within
The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a mere dream.  The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul, a waking angel stirs.  Dreams are the seedlings of realities.
Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.  Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be.  Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.
Your circumstances may not be favourable, but they will not stay that way if you but perceive an Ideal and strive to reach it.
You cannot travel within and stand still without.
James Allen ‘As a Man Thinketh’


As they say… when the student is ready the teacher appears and this seems to be the path of life.  Or some even say when the teacher is ready the student appears! Within all of us we have the seeds for greatness, just waiting to be awakened.  Opportunities arise each day for us to grow into the person we can become, experiencing an awareness of what is happening around us without the need to react to each situation. Otherwise we can continue old patterns that lead to reactions and frustrations, where we replay everything that appears to be ‘wrong’ with our life.  This occurs until we realise that the duality of our current world (right and wrong/ good and bad) does not exist, nor need to be our reality. Once we move past the concept of separation, we awaken to the fact that we are all connected to each other and the land on which we live. This awareness assists us to take responsibility for our own lives and realities; as we become co-creators with the Universe.  The Ancients have described this in the axiom: “As Above, So Below … As Within, So Without.” As this is a world based on ‘free will’ we can choose not to awaken or to become aware of the fact that we are already whole and complete.  However this can lead to frustrations and dis-ease as the resistance builds up to stop the process of becoming ‘the highest vision of our soul’ and ‘waking the angel (potential) within’.  While we might want to become an enlightened being who reaches their full potential, it is not unusual to meet resistance along the way and to create road blocks for ourselves.  Our guidance system usually tells us when this is happening as our bodies react in a range of ways. This can lead to a range of symptoms that are now quite well written about and often described as Ascension Symptoms.  We have a choice to work through these with a range of transformation tools, or choose to stay in the blame game of being unawakened. It is up to you. On a personal note our Vision took root on 5.5.05, when we took a huge leap of faith by signing the contract on our dream rural property in the Mary Valley (45 mins west of Noosa) and has been manifesting ever since. Some days I think to myself “Why did we dream so big?!” Then I recall the words of a wise one… Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.  As each day unfolds before us, we continually Awaken to the potential within our Hearts and within the land that we stand upon. We are given the tools we need and wonderful people have come into our lives to help. At Brooloo Park we will continue to share our dream, our story and property with guests from around the country and the world, who may arrive as strangers in a distant land but leave as friends. My journey continues as I launch “Heartfelt Education” this year, which has been awakening for many years.  2011 will see it become a reality as I dream a wonderful future into our current times, where children (Millennium Children) can realise their full potential in the care of Awakened Adults.  Thank you to the wonderful teachers that I have had in my life and for your continued support.

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