Lemuria and Consciousness

Lemuria and Consciousness

Now is the time to access ancient wisdom from Lemuria especially when it relates to consciousness, creation and manifestation. How do we know? You only have to look at any self development courses, money making seminars, latest released books or hear how people are speaking. It really excited me as I can recall these times before during Atlantis and Lemuria when we were at this stage. The illusion is that those times have gone but they are still here and we can access that awareness to create the life we love. Ill take step back for a moment as I said I can remember. So what I will be sharing is what I understand consciousness and to be and what I have always known from childhood – the tricky part is putting in to human language and in a way that is understood. Please be aware at no stage am I classifying myself as Lemurian or anything else as I know us all to be one or omnipresent. So if you are ready to take a journey in to the absolute love and consciousness, read on.


Firstly we nee to understand the Lemurians and what they were like as their race was one of peace, love and manifestation. It was non physical and worked on the oneness. Communication was all telepathic as there was no need for separation, physical or speaking. It was connection that was unheard of on earth. Everyone would get the same image, feeling or knowing. The bonus of this was oneness and consciousness. Language was of light or in every day language absolute love. This language was in sound and wavelengths and vibrated as one. Brain waves were also one and access to potentiality was there at all times. The most powerful communication was the connection to crystals and storage of information in these crystals. Crystals were like our modern day computers but had more power, more knowledge and were totally natural. One of the regular ceremonies performed was sitting around a large crystal or any sort and connection of a heart and sound level to that crystal which was the matrix of all creation. This has been seen in the movie Avatar.


Lemurians knew the wisdom that life is about the movement of consciousness in the alchemy of time. Lemurians understood that reality was/is a myth, mathematics, magic and mirror. They knew life was a story created in the illusion of ‘time’ for the experience. There was the understanding that there was parallel programs running experienced simultaneously with the illusion of oneness and separation. What was everyday knowledge of Lemuria was the linking of patterns of creation and sacred geometry. All realities are created based on the numeric blueprint of sacred geometry, consciousness, the Golden Mean, or the Phi Ratio. It was believed that those of Lemuria were originally from higher frequency such as consciousness. Consciousness is all and everything in the virtual hologram of our experiences brought into awareness by the brain – an electrochemical machine forever viewing streaming codes for experience and interpretation. Part of this hologram as accessing DNA, knowing you can become any form you want and morphing to what ever was happening, thinking, to become the BEING of anything. This is like the RAINBOW CHILD of this generation.


At this stage it is important to understand consciousness as the Lemurians did and what is in original blueprint. Consciousness originates from a source of light energy for the purpose of learning. Human reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. To become fully consciousness, is to remember who you are as a being of light/love, why you are here, and where we are going as dictated by the collective unconscious that creates the programs of realities through which your soul experiences simultaneously. Consciousness will involve thoughts, sensations, perceptions, moods, emotions, dreams, and self-awareness. It is seen as a type of mental state, a way of perceiving, or a relationship between self and other. It has been described as a point of view. Many philosophers have seen consciousness as the most important thing in the universe. On the other hand, many scientists have seen the word as too ill-defined in meaning to be useful.


Consciousness is a term that refers to the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts. Lemuria had full understanding of consciousness and being conscious. Consciousness for Lemurians was the knowing that any emotional feeling, is itself a “motion of the one and separate mind.’ These times were of one vibration, telepathic communication, being able to transform in any form, teleporting, working with the matrix of all creation, be one with all, connecting with a source of all knowledge. All there is consciousness Manifestation is consciousness in appearance. Consciousness refers to the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts. It has been defined as: subjectivity, awareness, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the control system of the mind.

‘Conscious’ derived from the Latin word conscious (con – together + scire – to know). Meaning ‘having joint or common knowledge with another’. Many philosophers state it is a unitary state that is understood intuitively by the majority of people in spite of the difficulty in defining it. Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within one self. General consciousness (time, space, separation) relate to the lower levels of the mind. The human beings experience of these concepts is determined by the degree of balance that exists between the left and right brain. While either hemisphere of the brain or aspect of the mind is given excess focus, it is to the detriment of its counterpart. This situation brings about what is called the ‘split mind’. Self realisation is really realising ‘who I am’. Self realisation is really realising ‘who I am’. Personality, identity, victim, perceived pain? If a person understands the importance of balancing the two aspects of humanness – intellect and instinct (Right and left brain) this understanding of the care of the human being, in this case the body and emotions is imperative for balance of all that is, known as the absolute. The dynamics of this two way impact gives rise to the experience of what we call the mind. Time relates to the measurement between events and thus object relationships. For this reason time and separation are synonymous. The division of time in to past, present and future separates the mental constructs of masculine and feminine, yin/yang, positive/negative, good/bad, etc. This makes time, separation and the measurement between them namely space, the three concepts in which dualistic thought is rooted. In other words the illusion of time/space creates the illusion of duality. Because the split mind requires a reason for everything, manifestation is attributed to a personal God, external to self, who presides over duality and exists as something separate from the individual. When this separation is strong, it gives the belief of separateness to be very real and poses a threat to the emotional and physical security.

In the Millennium Modality Medical Intuitive (MMMI) courses and use of the 10 Point Merkaba, the concept is for the ‘split mind’ to be ‘healed’ which is called self realisation or realisation of an aspect of the God like mind and therefore there is no duality. This means that all aspects of the lower mind have been mastered. i.e. eating, control, basic functions and fear. To master these means not be involved in the drama and be one with all. This gives way for the one mind (zero one point) to a new understanding. Consciousness is the absolute principle and is the act of knowing, which relates to the ONE UNIVERSAL mind. Therefore when people state they are raising their consciousness, they are really saying they are flowing and evolving continually as everything grows. Reality is a consciousness ‘program’ (hologram, simulation, illusion, dream) created by digital codes and patterns including numbers just like Cartesian planes. These define our existence and experience in our world of duality. The codes have been seen as Platonic Solids and numbers like in the Millennium Grid. Consciousness is all and everything in virtual hologram of our experiences brought to our awareness. 

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