Lemuria Talking

Lemuria is Talking

It is Sunday 9th November 2014 and I had decided to take myself off to the river near my home. I needed space in my head as the last 4 days I was so overwhelmed with emotions of absolute love as I bring forth the last of the Lemuria Consciousness course material for the Hawaii course August 2015. The memories, as though they were yesterday kept flooding in and all I kept getting is we are one and there is only absolute love. I saw flashes of symbols from sacred geometry, platonic solids, to swastika, to Egyptian hieroglyphics, to tree of life and every written language and all shapes. It was as though each dimension and each civilization was rolling in to one and trying to express it self and show me the one cell and the absolute. I saw Easter Island, Egypt and so many pyramids. I then ‘heard’ a voice as though they were sitting next to me say “through symbols human beings can get immediate intuition” of certain features of the inexhaustible sacred. The separate mind makes use of images to grasp the ultimate reality of things because reality manifests itself in contradictory ways and therefore can not be described in concepts. It is therefore the image as a whole bundle of meaning that is true. Hierophany reveals the absolute.” This voice was not beside me but in me and part of me and was almost like my higher heart (thymus and Christ consciousness chakra speaking. I knew what was being said and it was part of me but the duality of being hu-man startled me and I said to myself “what does Hierophany mean”. Later when I back to my office I looked up and this is what was said:

‘The term Hierophany from the Greek roots, meaning sacred or holy which means to reveal or bring to light and signifies manifestation of the sacred’.

This was all triggered after watching the beginning of the movie ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’. I did not watch it all and had never been drawn to it as I always wanted to understand my ‘ways’ before learning about others. I knew exactly what it was saying and could relate as I could see like they were talking about. The only question that kept popping in to my mind was ‘If so many people have watched it and loved it why are they not practicing it and living it? There was that ‘voice’ again and it was as though I was two people. This used to happen to me as a child all the time where I would be living the life of a girl and the other part of me as spirit and energy and that part asked many questions. As an adult I understood it to be ‘I am soul having a hu-man experience’ meaning I am playing the game of duality here on earth. Later on in my life I had this happen again and someone mentioned maybe you have a walk in. My mind said ‘it is what it is’ and I left it that it as that. However as I watching the movie I was tapping in to my ‘inner visions’ of seeing the quantum mechanics of life and the absolute and seeing it all as a matrix pattern. I thought this was natural and everyone did it was soon to find out as a child that was not the case.

My mind commenced going blank and I felt full from the movie especially as they spoke scientifically. The words scrambled my brain and I knew it was just words and that this information that they were sharing is not words but BEING or the absolute. I had to stop the movie and that is when I took myself for a drive to nature. I needed to connect to nature and the gentle movement such as animals, the river, children playing, the sun and the trees.

I watched the pelicans fly in to the water in synchronicity and in a pattern that could not be designed or created by man yet. The flow, energy and gift they had been mesmerising. I saw an eagle soar above me and I was with it, no I was the eagle and I was soaring. I could feel my wings and I could feel the wind and I knew how to see with my extraordinary eyes. I could hear every word, every whisper of creation; I could feel the wind in my / their wings, I could breath like the fish that were under water, I could feel each molecule of water working together to form the river, I could smell/sense like the dogs that were playing in the water, I could feel ‘it’ the absolute totality of reality so strongly and found it difficult to see human form. My human vision went but my real vision was there. I could see the true gratitude and love we do not understand here on earth as humans.

Tears poured down my cheeks as I sat beside the river. My heart chakra opened right out of this world, my head felt as though it was non physical and massive, I could feel every cell and every matrix of creation. I was home again and recalled doing and being this as a child. I last saw the absolute on this level years ago with my awakening process after giving up cigarettes, coffee, chocolate 7/11/2003. I recall walking through the forest across the road from my home and ‘seeing it’, all of the absolute. But how to explain it? I can’t. In the forest I saw beings, space ships, consciousness, and so much more. I was one with all. I am guessing that it is the feeling some may get after taking drugs – the feeling of total freedom and tapping in to all consciousness. But what is consciousness? Some say it is mindfulness and some say it is self realised. But what is that? Words do not explain it and what I experienced many times can not be put in to words as it is the experience of and remembering of absolute love. Every Medical Intuitive course I teach I return back to it easily. I witness others feel and connect to it on the courses too especially as they connect with the crystal grids. It is not understood by the human mind. It is the absolute one mind and is the all that is.

This time at te river the connection to this level is very different as it is not an awakening like 2003. My awakening process was very difficult for me as for 7 days I lay on the floor of the bathroom hugging the toilet bowl with a massive headache, vomiting as I purged not only toxins of coffee and cigarettes but almost like the old fear based me. The unawakened me. It was traumatic on a human level. It was a death, a shock to my body, a massive neural pathway shock. I was accessing so many life times of mine and all on earth at so many times. I was accessing consciousness of all. I could feel every neural pathway and every brain synapses creating new and building new stories. I saw past lives whizzing past, I felt every pain of each human’s disconnection from the absolute including my own, I could see the future and what would happen, I could access other realms and dimensions … stop it! It is too fast and it is too much for me to deal and cope with. The awakening was all the old and new, all the known and unknown … it was not a language it was uni-verse, a sound and a feeling. It was a placebo, a sop and it was a panacea. It was the holy grail and the answer to everything. It was here in our core cells and every beingness. But the pain of forgetting who we are who I am was massive.

This time however it was absolute love and time to share. A few years ago in a seminar I shared a small amount about my awakening process. It was painful explaining as I recalled how my life changed so dramatically and back to creation and that I became me again. The painful part was not that but leaving behind all that thoughts and perceptions I thought I was. I had become someone else and the masks and identities I had created, whom I thought people wanted me to be were leaving. My mind, body, spirit had encountered the drama and played duality. I felt the illusion of pain leave and the illusion of separation, isolation, not feeling loved/lovable/loving or accepted just leave me as though I was dying. I was dying! This time it was different. I was at neutral point … at absolute love. I was at zero point where thoughts become matter … I was there! It was what is was or the saying I am that I am. No channelling, no guides or angels and no separation of duality. These concepts became obsolete and were an illusion of separation too as it was saying that channelling is different from myself when it is always me. This was and is Lemuria knowledge! I had come home once again. There was no duality, no right or wrong, no rules, no positive or negative … it was zero meaning neutral. It was the idea and understanding that thoughts are things. This is found in the organ of the heart and higher heart of the thymus gland. Wow even as I write this article sharing the magnificence of it tears role down my cheeks again. I so long for all to feel this as it is the absolute, the absolute love and the absolute empowerment of all. I can feel my heart expanding again as I write and I am having difficulty seeing the computer keys and screen, wow it’s huge. My body is vibrating out of control and I feel static electricity up my spine. It is the all knowledge and it is the keys of Enoch, Seth and so many other more beings heard and not heard yet. It is the energy of self realised and oneness or omnipresent. The knowing you are never alone and lost, never unloved and only we are perfect at all times.

It took me many years to share this wisdom in to language that was digestible and easy to understand. My childhood dream was to share this and make it where all could experience it on some level and we could have it in everyday life. That is when I created the Millennium Modality – Medical Intuition (MMMI). There was a lot of thought and meditation about what to call this work. The name Millennium meaning eye of God and absolute which means see as one and that we are only one had to be the name of the Business and modality. It is about always seeing with the eye of God or absolute always in love. We have one millennium to wake up to the absolute and self realise we absolute love and that is so exciting. Millennium Modality was created and the name modality was chosen as it means a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed. This is what is felt on ten courses. Using te 10 point Merkaba – Millennium Grid™ and Millennium Calendar™ it is the vehicle to potentiality and absolute love & empowerment. Medical is the meaning to make whole and complete and intuition is inside education or inside tuition & guidance. So through my teachings and courses you have the opportunity to self realise you are absolute love and perfection and that there is no duality or separation. Therefore there is no pain of the physical, no disease, no disharmony or conflict and no mental or spiritual pain. There is only LOVE! Such a gift to be able to share this and be a part of it.

Behind the scenes of all the Millennium Modality courses is something bigger and so divine. Those that have done MMMI Teacher Level VII would know what I am sharing as well as the Practitioners.

Imagine being able to know all is possible and that you can tap in to potentiality at any time. This is the Lemurian consciousness and all that I have described. Recently a movie was released called Avatar which showed the beautiful blue beings of the ancient civilisations tapping in to the oneness of all. They were large, blue and gentle and connected with the tree of knowledge just like Tree of Life of Qabbālâ. We are all still trying to recreate this now through churches, cults and groups. It is that longing to be one. Mother Theresa and Gandhi were human examples of this but they had the gift of not falling to the illusion of ego (separation) and remained humble. This was so important to the Lemurians. Some of those that entered Atlantis from this time fell to the illusion and became caught in the game of ‘separation’ feeling they were better, creating power struggles and abusing the natural power of love. On some level we are all searching for the oneness and connection and what if we could tap in to by breathing.

To explain what I have been sharing, take a breath and open your heart before you read the next bit. The ABSOLUTE is the totality of all things, all that is, whether it has been discovered or not. It is conceived as a unitary state of external cosmos and internal spiritual consciousness – at least insofar as it can be acknowledged by the hu-man mind. It describes the ABSOLUTE as the ultimate reality. It contrasts with finite objects, considered individually, known collectively as relative. To summarise, the ABSOLUTE is referred to as the ALL or ONENESS. The ONENESS refers to the experience of the absence of ego-ic identity and boundaries, and the perception of the ABSOLUTE unity of all matter, thought in space – time, or one’s ultimate identity with LOVE. There is a world of NO duality. Non duality is parallel to the ABSOLUTE. This is the unification of consciousness to yield to a supra-consciousness. The hu-man experience of ONENESS expresses itself in the unity of thought and realty. It is described as an experience of thought creating reality which feels like OMNIPRESENT. As consciousness grows to encompass all, the E-GO becomes relatively insignificant. As this transformation occurs with the evolution of the hu-man race, the Seeker passes through an E-GO ‘death’. ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT is the state of be-ing grateful, loving the situation/circumstance and knowing ALL is perfect, complete and un-limited.

At this stage I thank you for listening to my sharing. Thank you for the absolute. The Lemurian course I have been waiting to teach since my awakening (2003) excites me and I feel so humbled to bring it through, especially with the Lemurian energy of Hawaii. The most challenging aspect is explaining what I know and how I know it and that is beyond this comprehension. Trying to explain the duality, polarity, illusion of separation and having a human experience has been huge. I hope you will join me on some level of your reconnection and return to absolute love.

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