Manifesting using the seasons.

Manifesting using the seasons.

Heart to Heart


I hope you don’t mind, but I needed to take a rest and connect from my heart with you as I can feel the old pains of not being able to manifest bubble up within me again. That feeling as though everyone else has it better than me and that I will never be a success, never have what I want and never have my dreams come true. Can you relate?

These are old stories within me that are coming to the surface are a result of me writing my 7th book, “The Secret Codes to Manifesting™ – Activate the new paradigm where it always works out”.

Yes, I am right in the middle of writing this book now for you.


Shhhhhh…. Secret ….. You are the first to know what this book is about as I have not shared, promoted and told anyone – not even my husband or sons.


As I was bringing the laws of attraction through form the Millennium Calendar®, I recalled when I was not able to have anything work for me. Life seemed hopeless and life did not give me what I wanted. In fact, I was quite depressed, and a sense of hopelessness took over my mind and body. So may people are feeling that way now that is why I was guided to write this book for them to help know life can be filled with miracles easily.

In the past the reason for this for me and as so many people have stated now, is I was not safe to be me. It was not safe to be seen. This wisdom relates to Atlantis, and ancient Egypt. It is the wisdom from the Mystery Schools and magic that was sort after and when I was a High Priestess in past lives I was always locked up and killed for this wisdom. I know some of you reading my newsletter will relate to this too. BREATH! As now we are safe to be seen and share.

I always align everything I do according to the Millennium Calendar®, as it is a code that tells your how and when to manifest easily and with grace. If you would like to know more, watch my series videos on each season and month HERE.

And for those that have already asked to pre purchase this book, even though they did not know what I was writing about, I will reveal in my next newsletter how you can be a VIP MEMBER and pre order and receive my gift of It always works out memory band. We will have an official book launch on Facebook and in person … dates and details coming soon.

OK before I leave you, I want to share about the June energies and events coming up.




It is time for you to access what you need to know for the JUNE energies and the law of attraction. Watch my video here (Click the image)


Have you joined my MYSTERY SCHOOL? It is a Facebook group where I share all the magic of Atlantis, and ancient Egypt wisdom. We have events and masterclasses and all sorts of ‘goodies’ for you.

The next 2023 Egypt tour – Return to Self in the New Millennium Journey. Is 25/11/23 – 18/12/23. Please book a zoom CHIT CHAT with me at 0414 758 360 or reply to this email.


Millennium Grid® & Millennium Calendar® – Law Of Attraction

Always shine your brilliance and I hope to see you soon at my next event. Just reply email to find out more.

Absolute Love

Jean Sheehan is a 6-time Amazon Best Selling Author an award winning and internationally recognised Medical Intuitive known as the ‘Walking Talking MRI’ who travels the world teaching The Secret Codes to Success®.


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