Medical Intuition & Body Language

Whenever I teach Medical Intuition at my courses, QLD University or corporate events, I state “The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts. It is a print out of the internal vibration. Our bodies hold on to our experiences, thoughts and belief systems. The body is a reflection of our truth and shows our unconscious secrets. You are the author of your life. Your biography becomes your biology in your body.” In other words your body talks. Now to empower others by reading their body language?


Body language includes things like clothes people wear – are they drab, colorful, fitting or loose, busy or subtle. Ian, a client of mine, experienced IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and was an IT programmer. He always wore drab, gray colored clothes that looked like they did not match or fit. He did not like to be noticed so he always crossed his arms and looked down. His shoulders were slumped forward and he never had a straight stance. This body language indicated a shy, introverted gentleman and that is who he was. When he spoke he always said he was ‘irritated’… even his disease was body language as he experienced irritable bowel syndrome.


Early 2013 a gentleman came for his session. He stated he was from a well known bikey gang called Bandido bandits. He was large in shape, size and stature and his demeanor was ‘strong and powerful’. His body language stated ‘don’t mess with me or I will kill you’ and so did the knife he had on his belt. But with all this ‘toughness’ there was something about his body language that felt like he was hiding something. To connect, I subtly mirrored his body language. I did the same action as him. Within 15 minutes the body language changed from ‘tough’ shoulder back and head high to melting in to a small hurt child. He was able to share he used to see ‘ghosts’ when he was a boy and can see them again now. The body language showed where he truly was now – raw, vulnerable and showing way more courage than the ‘tough’ body language. As he left his body language was much freer flowing and natural. A magical way of connecting with people to build trust and connections is to mirror their body language. It is a super tool especially when dealing with clients, strangers and children.

The easiest language for children and teenagers is BODY LANGUAGE as you need do is observe. Teachers and parents state that teenager slouches, drags their feet and slumps at the dinner table. This is a teenager communicating. Let’s commence with Sean; a 16 year old boy who was brought by Mum as she was concerned as he grunted , did not care about his looks and ‘mooched’ in everything. She thought he was depressed as his demeanor was not his usual chatty bright self. He was communicating but no one seemed to understand. When teenagers grow their brain has brain synapses, new neural pathways growing which is like fireworks. The personality can alter like having a stroke when this occurs. Sean was struggling with the cognitive process, problem solving and general function of the brain in normal maturing process. The natural teenage instinct is to be recluse or only to socialize with like minded such as friends. Exactly what teenagers do. From a Medical Intuitive point of view, the mouth is about communication and taking information and at this stage teenagers have so much happening to their physical growth they can not take new information in.

Sean dragged his feet as he walked in my office then slumped in the chair. The body language indicated that his direction in life was not grounded and either school/home were a heavy feeling. The noises he made from dragging feet, slumping and grunting indicated he needed to be heard. The ‘slump’ was the connective tissue which is about integration, body and support. He was communicating the transition from child to adult was so much effort and hard to integrate. Already I had so much information about Sean so this session was going to be easy and it was time for Mum to understand her son and for Sean to have techniques to help him self through this metamorphosis.

‘Sean. What’s happenin’ I asked. He replied ‘Nothin. Life sucks’. I needed to communicate and connect on his terms and build trust. Sean’s body language allowed me to connect with him, speak his language and relate to him where he could feel easy talking with me. By the end of the session, Sean was sitting up straight, engaging and even had a smile on his face. He felt he was not heard or seen on how he felt and did not know where he fitted in society. The next step was for Mum to understanding his body language. He was not depressed. He just needed to be heard.  Your body will speak through disease, health, sickness and actions.

Next time you look at someone’s body language remember you see a lot about the person and what is happening for them. Notice there is a deeper story for them. The body tells all and will show your secrets, your core truths and what is happening. Enjoy your body and communicate through body language. To know more consider a workshop to learn the magic behind empowering children.

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