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Medical Intuition Reduces Toxicity

When dealing with the new generation of children which I call the Millennium Children®, I am always asked by parents how to assist them in regards to care on a holistic level. The key is looking at all aspects of life such as food & beverages, environment, chemicals in the home, chemicals in personal care such as shampoo and of course the mind.

Spirit Body Mind

Alex was 5 year old boy whom had been brought by his Mum as he was ‘allergic’ to everything and she was desperate for answers. The doctors could not give a reason why. Through a process of elimination during the Medical Intuitive Consultation we slowly were able to assist Alex on his new life. Mum ensured all her cleaning and personal hygiene products were of a healthier choice and were not harmful to her son or the rest of the family. In actual fact all cleaning product went in the bin and she only uses edible products like baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar. I shared the personal products I use which made a huge difference to Alex. But there was still something. There was toxic product that was chronically affecting Alex and that was refined SUGAR.

Sweet Posion


At the initial session I had suggested she take Alex off wheat, dairy and sugar to assist his allergies. She had done all except sugar. Her reply was he needed some ‘happiness’ and that was coke. He was allowed to have it when he liked even for breakfast. Yes the allergies were all at a healthy level to the point he could eat, drink and play just like any normal healthy child but his behaviour was dreadful. Mum kept blaming chemicals and she was right but the chemical was sugar. Alex was moody, irritable, had huge emotional outbursts and was anxious about everything. When I looked in to his body metaphysically the pancreas and kidneys were in over drive trying to process life, situations, experiences and of course digest all of life. These two organs were not coping. The pancreas body consciousness is about anxiety and that is what Alex lived in and the kidney body consciousness is paranoia, fear and relationships so therefore his body was in paranoia about EVERYTHING and so became ‘allergic’ to everything. He had built a story in his body that his relationship with the outside word was toxic and fearful. Mum now understood. I shared about healing foods from my Awakened children course and how to charge food and she applied this for Alex.

Toxic Chemicals

Danger Toxic Chemicals For Alex and his Mum the toxicity was all aspects of care including mind, body, spirit and that everything can be aligned to work efficiently with the body. So clean up your environment, house and mind for a healthy abundant life. Chemicals and toxins are not just in the food we eat, the environment, the household and personal care products but also in our mind and body. Depending what are thoughts and beliefs, we will create chemical reactions that can be toxic in our body.

Skin Condition

Skin rash on back Jackie presented to me for a Medical intuitive session after seeing many doctors whom could not explain why she had this painful rash on her body and continual pus oozing from her nipple. She had breast augmentation overseas five months earlier. Two weeks post operatively she had this discharge that would not clear with antibiotics. She was now feeling so unwell that she could not work. My first insight was that her silicone implant was leaking and causing toxicity in her breast and lymphatic system. Her body required medical attention first! Using my nursing knowledge we arranged a GP that would listen to her, got an ultrasound to back up my theory and booked an appointment for a plastic surgeon specialising in breast enhancement. But there was more to why the body had created this scenario. During the session, Jackie shared she was always disrespected by men and especially her father and her x husband. She had decided to get breast implants to make herself more feminine and sensual as a woman but felt guilty about it. This was the missing link to her care and she needed to understand the chemical reaction of her thoughts and beliefs that were also creating toxicity in her mind and body. I explained the body consciousness of the breast was respect and sensuality and the nipple consciousness was neediness and resentment. Jackie had a light bulb moment as she realised she felt she ‘needed’ her dad to love her when it was she needed to love herself. She totally disrespected herself with disempowering thoughts about herself. I shared that in her breast scar I could see the surgeon whom performed the surgery was in a bad mood and she confirmed that was correct! The chemical reaction and emotion going through her body before surgery was guilt. On further metaphysical investigation, her painful skin irritation was the poisoned lymphatic system carrying the guilt and leaked silicone around her body. At that point she burst in to tears with shear relief as she was able to be honest with herself. She was and is deserving of being a sensual women without feeling guilty. She was able to confirm this with medical assistance to replaced her implant. No more skin problems or pus from her nipple.

Remember the body talks and will always let you know what is happening. It is the only thing you own all your life. So in summary toxicity is food, the clothes your were, environment, the house hold cleaning products, the personal care items like shampoo and soap and most of all your mind and what you are thinking about your self. The one most poisonous product is definitely SUGAR. Treat your self as your own best friend; care for your self like a brand new baby and make sure you have your mind, body and spirit filled with love based non toxic surroundings. You deserve the best.

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