Medical Intuition Spirited Living

Medical Intuition
Spirited Living

So many times I’m asked what is Medical Intuition and what has it got to do with the spirit and healing? So I thought I would share my understanding and what I’ve been able to do and see from birth or shall we call it from my spirit self and spirited living.

As I see it, the human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts. It is a print out of the internal vibration. It shows the unconscious secrets. You are the author. Your biography becomes your biology. You write your story. What is your story? What is your body saying? The human body will show you where your spirited self is aligned or not aligned with the absolute totality of peace, joy and purpose.


Let’s go back to BIOGRAPGHY. The word BIO

1. Life – living organism
2. Indicating a human life or career

And the word GRAPHY means;

1. Plot that pin points spaces together
2. A diagram that plots two sets of points to create an image
3. To plot a function

Therefore when I teach your BIOGRAPHY becomes your biology it means ‘a set of points and numbers that are positioned to create a diagram or image with specific function. Once these patterns an image have set and mapped the human part of us follows the instructions to become this image and make life of this image. This is known as a career and purpose.’ This relates to not only disease but everything in our life and connected innately to our living as spirit.

How fabulous are we that through our spirited living we can see exactly where we are up to and what is happening by instant manifestation. We are actually plotting and designing our life to see our best self and our potential. This can come in man forms such as dis-ease, relationships, money, children behaviour problems or even just watching TV. The core understanding is that we are souls having a hu-man experience and that we all have an opportunity to tap into or access our potentiality. Our innate spirit knows we are already perfect and our human journey is to remember that in many and varied ways. There is not good or bad only images and perception. The healing part is to make whole and complete and when we see our self we remember we are already whole and complete and there is nothing to fix or change as we are divine spirit.

So why not from this moment plan, imagine and design the life you want. Ask your self have you already got what you want? Ask your self is your spirit living or existing? You are already divine spirit.



The best part about children no matter what age is how they express themselves and show and share their true spirited living. We forget that sometimes when a child is yelling, misbehaving or expresses anger and upset that they are living their spirit where they are at that moment. When I have worked with parents and teachers and taught this the outcome for both adult and child has changed from ‘doom and gloom’ to one that is of peace and understanding. We forget it is an honor and privilege when a child feels they can express their pain and trust in you.



There are certain ages when children will go through a spiritual ‘death’ of sorts and will express feeling ‘dead’, ‘lost’, or even worried or anxious. These ages include birth, 1, 3 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 years old. The aspect that leaves them is the spiritual side but not for good it is temporarily forgotten whilst they access the more human aspect of themselves. Of course they are still spirits having a human experience it is just that they are now learning about the 3rd dimensional aspects such as duality, separation, power struggles and confidence. During this whole experience they living their spirit on a different level. From a medical intuitive perspective this process children go through is related to the Millennium Grid™ and is a normal process for all to engage with living their spiritual pathway that is right for them. We were all children and were connected to the absolute and then forgot our brilliance and then chose different circumstances, events and defining moments to access our core living spirit within us. The best part is we all got thriving OK and we sometimes think that children wont but they bounce back better and quicker than adults.



Some children have the gift of remembering the spiritual aide of life such as the STAR child accessing Pleidian wisdom, the AQUA child being telepathic , the CRYSTAL child knowing innate healing properties and the RAINBOW child accessing all potentiality at any time. And if a child does not recall this ancient wisdom does it mean they are not a living spirited side? Not at all! Maybe they have chosen to experience the human duality with full divineness that it is. In te grand scheme of things, quantum reality and the absolute all is perfect. The key is to remember we are all spirit beings having a human experience and that is no right or wrong when it comes to spirited living. There is only absolute love and empowerment for all ages and all children as we are all children on some level.

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