Medical Intuition – Weight Gain

Medical Intuition
Weight Gain

Our body talks to us and shares our unconscious thoughts. Our body shape will change over the years and will be an external print out of the internal dialogue and beliefs that you have.


When weight is held in the abdomen like the ‘beer belly’, this is stored anger and related to the solar plexus chakra. This chakra deals with confidence, personal power, and digestive problems. So the body will store adipose tissue (fat) when the person is feeling low self confidence and having power struggles. Quite often they won’t be able to digest life and therefore their weight will increase to ‘protect’ them. To assist this area wear a citrine crystal which aids these concerns and increase yellow foods such as lemons juice, pumpkin, squash and stone fruit. This will aid aspects of weight care.

If weight is held around the buttocks area this indicates the person is ‘gonna do it’ and sits on the fence; meaning never takes that step forward to action for themselves as it is safer. This area is linked to the root chakra which is about survival, self preservation and grounding. These people can have many ideas but don’t action and ground the ideas and so the body grounds them by holding on to weight. They will want to stay safe by ‘sitting on the fence’ as they don’t have to take responsibility. To assist this area it is important to actually move and do exercise, eat red colored foods such as tomato and ensure they have plenty of water to move the ‘stuck’ energy.

One area that is most discussed by women is the hip area. The hips are where our identity is stored. The hip chakra links to weight issues and relates to trusting the process of life. Weight in this area can come from very old experiences as a child and past lives where the person was told that they were not good enough being themselves or maybe were executed for being themselves such as those that know they were a healer or witch. They internally don’t trust life’s process as they have forgotten they design their destiny. To assist this area it is important to plan and design your destiny to what you want. Set up goals, create vision board and massage the area with a rose quartz crystal such as an egg shape. This area benefits with no wheat, sugar or dairy.

When these concepts are taught at the Medical Intuitive courses, we see instant changes occur as people fully understand what they have created and why. SO nurture self with alive food and remember movement in the mind, body and spirit are essential for holistic care.

But what about children and weight? What does it mean and how can we assist them and empower them? Best by an example …


“So Mrs. Burns, what does your son have for breakfast? And do you make it for him?” I asked at the Medical Intuitive session for Shaun, 10 year old boy.
“Jean, I work shift work. Shaun gets his own breakfast of chocolate and lemonade. He just loves it and it is easier for me to let him get what he wants as that way he won’t fight with me.”

When Mrs. Burns brought Shaun to me as he was overweight and bullied at school. My passion was to assist the whole family not just Shaun. Mum was extremely overweight too and she was passing on her life style to Shaun. There was something deeper rather than Shaun and his weight. Shaun’s session revealed he was weighted down with a massive responsibility that he did not tell his mum. He felt guilty for his parents divorcing and tried to sweeten his life with sugar. His dramatic weight gain was hiding and protecting himself from his true feelings. He felt like he had to be the man of the house. He wanted to yell at his parents for making him feel unloved and unsafe. He felt so scared of what the future was for him. Shaun shared what was happening at school. He was not being bullied but he was bullying other children as he was determined not to show anyone his true feelings.

So let’s get to weight problem, the original cause of why Mrs. Burns brought Shaun to me. He needed to shed this ‘heaviness’ off his body emotionally and now it was time to create an action plan. Mrs. Burns needed to shed her weight about what had occurred too, which we did in a separate Medical Intuitive session away from Shaun. She had grown up in a similar situation and her Mum always fed her food to comfort her. She became aware she was doing the same thing. She did not know how to set boundaries with Shaun as she wanted him to love her and him to feel loved so she would allow him to bully her too. As Mrs. Burns shed the weight and burdens we created an action plan for the whole household.


Three months later, Shaun and his Mum visited me and had shed lots of weight. Their weight balance and lifestyle had changed by not throwing their burdens and weight (or emotions) at anyone else and not to stifle them. They used the strategies from our sessions. So when we look at children with a problem, first we need to look at ourselves first.

Medical Intuition – Weight Gain©- Article By: Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia

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