For many years I have been asked what the meaning of tears is according to Medical Intuition. So here is my research from 25+ years as a Medical Intuitive Practitioner and what I teach at my events.


Your body is always talking.


Listen to your body.


Thank your body.


The emotions are vital to healing your body and when you know what emotion and where it is stored in your body according to Medical Intuition you will find healing naturally occurs.


Know your body is a blueprint of your internal vibration


– spill, forth from the outside corner of the eye, making them easier to wipe away as they come as unexpected moments and inappropriate times.


– spill forth from the inside corner of the eye, finding their way across our nose, cheeks and lips. For some reason we always lick sad tears.


– take an entire eye, clouding our vision, as fear will do. When we are frightened, we cannot see or think. Frightened tears are usually big tears that well up in the eye. They spill over the whole face.


– usually fall when we are alone with our thoughts and feelings. Shame-filled tears come when we are judging ourselves, criticizing ourselves, or beating up on ourselves for something purely human that we have done yet can’t explain to ourselves or to others.


– are perceived as the worst tears of all. They are filled with anger and sadness, with fear and shame. They have a devastating effect on the body, bring the stiffness of anger, the dropping of sadness, the trembling of fear and the bending of shame. They make you cold when you are hot. They make you tremble when you are trying to keep still. Most of all they make you nauseated.

Always thinking of you

Absolute love and gratitude