Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Many times over the last few years we have seen and heard a lot about MERCURY RETROGRADES. The first thing most people do when they hear about a Mercury retrograde is to shy away and be fearful as things are about to go upside down. Yes definitely a Mercury retrograde does appear to create havoc but how wonderful! Let’s find out why?!?!?!






A few times per year Mercury slows down in its orbit around the Sun, creating an illusion of backward movement. Imagine being in the ’way back’ of a station wagon, watching another car on the highway. If the car is going slower, it will appear to be going backwards, when actually it’s going forward. The retrograde of a planet is the optical illusion. When Mercury is in retrograde, communication can seem to slow down, misfire and or go haywire with missed calls and technological mishaps. This is why there is hesitation in signing contracts or starting projects during Mercury retrograde.


As these Mercury Retrogrades occur some people can feel their strength being tested and feel like they are going ‘crazy’ or very emotional. The reason for this is that they feel the two hemispheres of their brain be reactive to Mercury and the brain synapses can trigger illogical reactions and eruption of emotions.




If you see an ‘R’ next to a planet in your birth chart that means it was in retrograde when you were born. Someone with Mercury Retrograde may have a reflective or introvert mind. You might want to mull things over more than most before drawing a conclusion. Depending on which sign your Mercury is in this could give you an interest in the past and a powerful memory.

If you notice the Mercury symbol, it is the bringing of two worlds to one as predicted in the teachings of the bible, Tao, Koran, Akashic records, Atlantis and more. The physical (matter) and spirit together to make a oneness or Universal mind/omnipresent. It also has the similarity to male/female symbols.


Intelligence, language, communication, memory, expression, the mind





Mercury concerns the mind, and your sign and house position influences the mysterious way you put it all together in your mind. It determines how you make sense of the world, formulate ideas and share them with others. Your speech patterns, communication style, sense of humour, quickness of thought – all of these are flavoured by the position of your Mercury.





Which element your Mercury is in is a good starting point for understanding your particular type of intelligence, Mercury is at home with the air signs, which lean toward rational and logical thinking. In fire signs, Mercury is quick, instinctive and inspirational, water signs give the mind an intuitive and emotional filter, while Mercury in the earth signs tends to be pragmatic and concrete.




In Greek mythology, Mercury as Hermes, messenger of the gods, who has one foot in the physical world and another in the realm of the metaphysical (unseen). Likewise, your Mercury crosses mental boundaries in to the mysteries of the imagination (Right brain) and the memories of the past (Left brain) If you notice his Staff, it has the 
Caduceus sign. This also related total and ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT. The teachings of the integrated worlds (taught Module II Medical Intuition) have been predicted in many cultures including the Mayan Calender, Atlantis and Lemuria. The Mercury Retrograde is about demolishing old traditional ways and creating new ways of thinking and integrating the two worlds or the two ways of being. Hence this is represented by the two feet of Hermes in two worlds.

Mercury interprets your personal experience of life. Mercury can enhance the imagination and potentiality. In the infinite variety of life, Mercury determines your fascinations, what kind of puzzles you’ll want to work out, where you would like to focus your mind power. Its influence on how you think can steer your career path since you’ll likely be drawn to areas in which your mind thrives and excels.





In relationships of all kinds, frictions and confusion can arise when Mercury clashes. For example, an earth sign Mercury may raise an eyebrow at the air sign whose abstract notions seem out of this world. But put two air signs together, and speech resumes and at the speed of light. Knowing the tone of a personal Mercury can sometimes bridge the gap of understanding. Mercury has a cheeky side to it though in relationships. Mercury retrogrades are here to BREAK TRADITIONAL ways of thinking. If someone is feeling the affects of that planetary shift, they will want to break old ways of thinking and their partner or personal they having a relationship may not be ready to look at breaking traditional ways – this can lead to arguments, differences, etc.


In ancient times health was reviewed looking at the effects of the weather, seasons, emotions and environment. (Taught in Medical Intuition – Module II). Our health is also affected by the planets and their metaphysical properties. The planet for this month relating to health is the ……..



Mercury is a stunning planet and represents the left brain – our intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge. It can be considered a masculine planet because of this. It gives us the ability to categorise and correlate information. It’s primary gift is to assign meaning and explanation to events. It does not include the depth or insight that the feminine right brain would naturally do when sorting information in the brain. Mercury can ‘trick’ or misinterpret life and SELF unless it coordinates well wit the other planets. By focusing on the external world it creates a feeling of separateness. Mercury is the lens through which experiences are filtered in order to store them for future references. It rules communication and early childhood relationships.

•  Cervical spine
•  Shoulder, arm, hand
•  Lungs
•  Intestines
•  Thyroid gland


•  Communication between two halves of the brain
•  Intellectual curiosity
•  Intellectual discernment
•  Communication in general

•  Feelings of intellectual separateness
•  Left brain explanations
•  Misinterpretations


I had never felt supported (cervical spine) by my husband and believed I did everything for him. I thought negative things about him and would react (lungs) to him in the most irrational ways but thought in my mind how rational it was. I definitely misinterpreted everything he said to be ‘unloving’ continually gave all my actions an explanation. I felt so separated from him. I really could not see what he was doing for me was in love and thinking of the family. I continually focused on what others said not what heart said …. That was the negative Mercury, Jean Sheehan, Principal Millennium Education, explained to me during my session. It was when I did Module I and Module II – Medical Intuition that I was able to discern and awaken within me how I had created a life of torture and feelings of separateness. Since my childhood, I had grown up with my mother playing mater and doing everything for my dad. But also I had witnessed my dad doing everything for him only. He did not do things for the family – it was always for him. I learnt on the Medical Intuitive courses that it is the filters which we see things and the intellectual perception and the way store them that I had stored ‘It was a women’s job to be a mater and all men are out for themselves’. As soon as I had this awakening after Module II, I was supported in what I did (spine) I reacted (lungs) to my husband with only love and I would let go (intestines) things without holding a grudge. I learnt t do things for myself (thyroid). After a session with Jean, and she aligned all planets including Mercury, my life turned around!!!! It is like I am a totally different person. I have been this way now for 2 ½ years. Who would think that the planets would affect my health, mind and especially my life? I now am a thirsty learning machine and have chosen to study IT – something I am frightened of but love it. Mercury changed my life.

Since my son turned 14 years old he would have emotional eruptions once a month. These would come from no where and I could not pin point the trigger(s). I had attended the Millennium Education seminar MILLENNIUM CHILDREN and had learnt about the age disconnections from the Absolute Love and Absolute Empowerment. This information explained so much. There was (1) missing key. I decided to follow this through by doing a Session with Jean Sheehan, as she knew the circumstances with Mike, my son. Jean got me to record when the explosions would occur, look at triggers and see what the weather, moon, and seasons were doing. I could not believe it! It occurred every full moon! I knew the moon represented feminine energy. Jean was able to enlighten me on the fact that Mike was triggered by the moon which affected his subconscious interpretation and protection mechanisms which led to false imagination that things appeared unloving when in actual fact they were in a loving and maternal way. All part of the age disconnections from the Absolute Empowerment. (Taught in Awakened Children Seminar) each time it was full moon, Mike would interpret our loving actions and words within his insecurities and that would awaken his emotional memory. In this case the memory was distorted as seen with a closed heart not realising what we do as Parents is out of love.

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