The Merkaba & Illuminati Mystery

This article has been written upon the request of many clients and Medical Intuitive students who have asked that I share the similarities of sacred geometry, religions, belief systems and ancient wisdom. I do ask that you be open minded and take on board what you feel is right for you and discard what is not. Each person perceives differently and their own truth is their own. Whatever you believe is perfect and it’s knowing we are one.

I have always been fascinated with numbers, symbols, images and mathematical codes all my life and have seen them very differently to how it is taught in schools. I saw the hologram of creation, numbers of creation and shapes all like the platonic solids and our basic crystals such as clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. Anything that was in the shape of the Fibonacci code, spiral and eye of Horus was like a feeling of coming home. The other fascination was pyramids – I love their simplicity and sound. So why am I sharing this? It all commenced on a medical intuitive course I was teaching in March where a few students asked me about the 10 point Merkaba, the pyramid and Illuminati – are there similarities and what do they have to do with each other. This led on to further discussion about sacred geometry and the Lemurian pyramids linked with ancient Egypt. And some how this was all linked with the Illuminati and the sacred shape they had. So first lets find out about them.

Adam Weishaupt

Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, a professor of Law and practical Philosophy. He was the only non-clerical professor at an institution run by Jesuits. He was very keen on spreading the word of enlightenment. But he wanted to do it in a secret society of like minded souls. Now this is not the first time this has happened. This is a repeat of Atlantis, Medieval days and ancient Egypt. The enlightenment was frowned upon by churches and enlightenment could only be done by the elected priests of the church hierarchy. Therefore all those with insights and wisdom to share needed to surround themselves with like minded and ‘hide’. The concept of enlightenment from 1650s to 1780s was concerned with cultural and intellectual forces in Western Europe and emphasized; reason, analysis, and individualism rather than the traditional lines of authority. They were trying to explain and express the oneness of all things and break tradition and the ruling of fear based government and creation.


Masonic Symbol

Adam founded his own society which had a graded system like the Freemasons. He had approached the freemasons but found them to be expensive. The original name for Adam’s group translated to  ‘agreement to perfectibility’. But as it sounded strange so he changed it to Illuminati. The goal of this group was to oppose superstition, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power.

Some would say they have ‘controlled’ government’s, pop stars, people of influence and supposedly there is a conspiracy of ‘controlling’ things even like 9/11 in America. This control was and is supposed to be through music, TV shows, governments, vaccinations and more. But as we know through human history anything that is about making change, educating people and showing a unique way of being can be frowned upon and be seen as evil or the devils work. There are some people that find similarities of numbers, people making the shape of a triangle saying they are the illuminati. What if this was just normal and there is no conspiracy or plot against anyone.

So lets bring this all back to perfect timing and an extension of the absolute truth, that being absolute love and empowerment. This relates to Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt and so many others times when we had ancient Mystery Schools which were created to teach enlightenment and knowledge of something. The knowledge of absolute love. The original Illuminati claimed to be sharing a special enlightenment or knowledge. The teachings were of the oneness and that we are UNI-verse – one song , one sound and one original foundation which is absolute love. Also known as OM and Namaste and unconditional love. This all relates to accessing potentiality and knowing anything is possible. Today it is called the Law of Attraction, manifesting and conscious creation. The secret we are looking for is absolute love and potentiality. You will see in the above diagram that when white light is shone in to a prism (pyramid) it is refracted or broken. Part of this time, the ancient mystery schools and even the Illuminati was to bring a oneness back knowing we are all prefect and not broken. The pyramid shape which makes a particular sound and that is of the ‘one’. So the Illuminati teachings and the sacred geometry shape of the 10 point Merkaba were here to align everyone as one and know that they can have their hearts desires with absolute love and not fear. These mystery schools were very profound and sacred and their knowledge was so powerful and yet those in power saw them as dangerous. The teachers did not see threat, did not see complication and only wanted love.

Many of the ancient symbols including the Illuminati seemed to have an eye within them. The idea of the ‘eye’ within was not about spying from the devil as seen by many ancient cultures, beliefs, and religions. It was that when we are enlightened or illuminated we only see with one God’s eye and that is with absolute love. The eye represented all seeing. The Eye of Horus or actually known as the Millennium eye was seeing everything with truth, love and wisdom. Just like in Lemuria and the obelisks. The triangle shape was that of the alchemist, shaman, witch warlock or High Priestess from Atlantis. If we really see with perfection and pureness of the absolute we use true alchemy which is, the truth is where you’re at, current time or current reality. Love is where you want to be or your vision. The wisdom refers to the quality you gain when you consciously focus on two points – this case, focusing on the truth and love will help you gain your reality now. In understanding what true LOVE is you can occupy a state of mind called CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS. No matter what is taught, within each soul is a CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS from Lemuria, where we know what we think we create. The main key is to know where you are now … are you in a state of love or fear? Once you discern that, you will create what you focus on. Know where you want to be – then focus on that and know that it will come to fruition when there is no expectation. Wisdom, according to Lemuria and beyond is the manifestation of your truth and love. So the eye in the pyramid represented truth, love, wisdom and all about how you are perfect where you are and can access potentiality as that is all there is. When we loose this insight we see duality and polarity and separateness.

The sacred geometry shape of the pyramid can be found everywhere and anywhere, the $1 American dollar bill is a great example. It is also the symbol of alchemy, healing and 10 point Merkaba. You will see that the below image has been thought of as the Masonic symbol of the Freemasons when in actual fact it is the 10 point Merkaba, a vehicle to potentiality and absolute knowledge. The two triangles represent polarity of duality, truth, love, wisdom.  The polarity found when we fall to the illusions of life – fear, blame and outside of ourselves.

So let’s summarise the above information. Is the Illuminati bad? Is there a conspiracy theory? Is there secret knowledge? Yes and no! All depends on your perception, for me there is are the secret teachings from the ancient Mystery schools that teach about the mathematical formula of love and creation also known as sacred geometry, life and children. Are they a secret any more – NO! Everyone is playing the game to remember they are love and one. We are all awakening to the fact we are perfect, just in different stages of remembering. For many years there has been the illusion of separate and duality according to ancient prophets and writings.  Now is the time to wake up that we are one. If we all see with the ‘eye of god’ or Millennium Eye then we see absolute love, truth and wisdom in all things and know we can be, do, or have our hearts desires. It’s up to you to see all of it the way you want, the way you are at that present moment. Maybe we are all Illuminati on some level as we hold wisdom and are light/love.

10 Point Merkaba

On your journey keep an ‘eye’ out for all the pyramids out there and enjoy the healing from them. I hope you will join me in learning about the 10 point Merkaba and Millennium Grid where you shall understand we are the creators of our own personal world and we can become a mirror image of something magnificent held in our heart. Blessings and absolute love to you.

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