Modern Medicine Woman Retreat

May 2021

The new way of the awakened soul to this millennium is about embracing the wisdom of the ancients. Shamans, High Priestess of Atlantis and the Goddess energy of Ancient Egypt. This leads each soul to being the conscious co-creator they are.


Times have changed and with that is the repeat of the Atlantis energy where the High priestess shines her brilliance and all that she knows to help the world awakening even more to their life purpose. This is the time for women to step in to their QUEEN energy and shine their brilliance.


The QUEEN proclaims that she is in charge of her life, and that the main role is to master her own life not anyone else’s. It is about creating a kingdom, a community, that she is proud of and can lead and be of service to. She knows who she is. Unlike the princess, who’s always looking outside of herself, the Queen looks within and knows who she is and what she values. She knows she is safe, loved and cared for and trusts the universe.


As you know from attending this retreat you are the keeper of knowledge and the bearer of great news for others. Stand tall and shine. Allow yourself to be seen and share what you know to be TRUE! Help the community.

Always say to yourself “THIS IS WHAT I KNOW TO BE TRUE”


Your ancestral pains are now released and the great wisdom within you is needed by the community.


Enjoy your photos QUEENS.


And for those that would like to join me for the next Modern Medicine Woman event, please contact us here or 07 5641 4009.



Absolute love