Psychic Children Teach Us

Psychic Children Teach Us



Children will tell you exactly how it is! They are raw, real and honest and that is why I love working with them. Aden and Jason were both told to ‘get real’ and stop this ‘naughty behaviour’ but through expressing themselves they were showing their teachers and parents to GET REAL. They were being themselves and this was so powerful that it frightened the adults.


Aden had the ability to tune in to his Year 5 teacher and know how to challenge her beliefs and push her boundaries. He had all the gifts of on an AQUA child. Aden was always real and spoke his mind and clearly announced NO when he did not want to do anything. If he thought the teacher was an ‘idiot’ he told her. Aden did not like sitting still and would walk around during assembly where he was supposed to sit quietly. His teacher and Principal contacted me as his behavior and language was rude, not conforming and disruptive. After a few professional development consults I explained that he was being REAL. His behavior and actions were saying it like it was for him. Yes he was required to learn life’s societal rules and yet he wanted to be himself … real. With insights about the AQUA child personality Aden’s school created new systems and strategies for Aden and other ‘real’ children. They admired Aden for being real.


Jason on the other hand was REAL with his family. At school he was the perfect student, showing STAR
 child like qualities. He was academic, excelled at school and followed all the instructions. At home he was the same except for one thing; his real attitude about life, the universe and consciousness. Having the STAR child qualities he liked to think deeply and profoundly. He could access consciousness, universal laws and the spiritual side with ease. Jason is now 18 years old but I can recall when his parents brought him to me and thought that he had imaginary friends and that he was making things up. Jason was being himself by stating what ‘the blue men said’. Jason connected with Pleiades and the wisdom of those times and would say profound wisdom that no 5 year old would know. He knew when there would be an earthquake and the dynamics of mathematical formulas. His wisdom and insight were not of this world. His sharing would scare his parents. Jason talked of aliens and intergalactic wars. He could recall past lives. He did not hide this side himself.


I connected with a 12 year old Rainbow Child who was complaining of headaches that were like migraines. Many medical tests later proved there was nothing wrong. Her parents wanted answers. During her Medical Intuitive session, this Rainbow Child channeled what her 3rd eye was saying…….

“Get real. Open your eyes. Use your wisdom and look with out the veils of illusion. You know what being a soul is about and that life on earth is a game and to play the game in love. Each day you go to life school you will have times to remember your gifts and struggles and to call upon your self to create what you want. Listen with me by seeing the ‘real’ story and not that which has a veil or curtain across it. If you get stuck in the grown up mind you will be limited and have a war continually with your self and then everyone else. You will experience the duality of the world and blame others when you know in your core being that you are God and you are pure love. If you forget me, I will give you bad dreams trying to show you the opposite of who you are. If you forget your insight you will feel lost, confused, frustrated and even detach from everyone and everything. Watch the grown ups and how they talk about stress and tension – what is that? When you forget me you will feel sad, so sad that it feels like there is no hope. The grown ups feel it as they do not connect with themselves, the real part of them. Be true in everything you do. This includes real food as nature intended it to be not processed and made in a factory which no longer looks or tastes like food. This will make you forget me and your innate wisdom as it will create the illusion of separation from God. For those that grow up and really forget who they are they can have brain tumors, blindness, comas and deafness all related to me, the 3rd eye. They are the ones that can not perceive beyond duality and will get trapped in outside listening and seeing rather than inside seeing and listening. You are experiencing headaches as you too are starting to forget who you are. You can be true to you and share what you know. It is OK to share and be the guiding light you are for the grown ups. Shine for all to see dear child of God and show the way of oneness that we all have here on the 6th dimension and beyond. The real intuition is inside wisdom and an innate knowing of things without reason and without logic. Tell them to be real’.


At the end of the session the child and I had tears cascading down my cheeks as she said “We are all one and I need to teach that to everyone. I don’t feel alone or in pain any more as everything is me”. The child never had another headache. By allowing this child to be ‘real’ and the parents seeing her authentic self, there was a huge awakening for her parents to also be real and be themselves. Thank you from my heart for the gift of working with this amazing souls.

Listen to the child as they are being real by showing their emotions, saying how it is and using their innate wisdom. Is it the adult that needs to lean to GET REAL?????

Stop listening to them – you can do anything!

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