Repeating Atlantis & Lemuria

Repeating Atlantis & Lemuria

We are in the most wonderful time at present and yet we don’t realise this. We are repeating amazing ancient times – Atlantis and Lemuria. However for some it is creating absolute havoc and upheaval as you feel the energies.

I wanted to share what my clients globally are sharing with me. Blessings to a beautiful client who has given me permission to share her words that say how all are feeling at this time. “I’m struggling at the moment. Feeling very separated from my self. My world is showing me feelings of hopelessness, for myself and the world. I feel stuck and trapped and struggling to see any hope or way out. I can’t seem to get motivated to do things; even everyday tasks are an effort to perform. Can’t seem to find any meaning or purpose to anything. I have had days where I think if my son wasn’t here on the planet there would be no purpose in me being here.”

So what is going on? Why so many planetary events including retrogrades and cardinal cross? It is time – for us to awaken to our pure potentiality and remember who we are NOT what we are. The new generation of children are creating upheaval, there seems to be more murders and anger, the biggest disease we have is depression and separation from – OUR SELVES. The children are struggling and so too the parents of these children.

So lets go to the retrogrades. These are the illusion of feeling like you are going in a backward movement, when actually it’s going forward. The retrograde of a planet is an optical illusion. The key function is ILLUSION. When Retrogrades occur some people can feel their strength being tested and feel like they are going ‘crazy’ or very emotional. On earth we do not understand the illusion of time and space (Module IV) and relate everything to concrete ideas. The word illusion means ‘an instance of a misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience, deceptive appearance or impression, a false idea or belief.” When we grasp this concept we understand that we are deceptive to our self and caught in the illusion of forgetting our self. On earth we tend to interpret situations, things, people and experiences as hurtful, negative and bad but we forget everything was and is created in love. (Welcome to the Thymus Gland and rejection, defensive patterns and emotional maturity)

Timing of remembering from Atlantis and Lemuria is happening more now and especially whom have been a High Priestess in ancient times and that is ordained and written mathematically it is time and all link to specific times such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt and medieval days. These specific times were about awakening to SELF. We were not able to do it in past life times but new now as the time. No the world is not going to blow up, no we are not going to run out of water or fuel, no one is hurting us. Nostradamus said in the new Millennium life will be different – millennium meaning the new way of seeing (millennium eye or eye of Horus or eye of god – to see our self). Always before the calm and peace is supposed trauma but it not that it is actually. Many people in this illusion and fractured state of self, play the drama game and actually enjoy it. The game of blame (11 on the Millennium Grid™). Now ask your self ‘What would your life be with out the drama?’ It would feel empty and possibly calm. Who would that make you? This is a scary thought for the subconscious mind or the separate mind. You see the one mind or omnipresent or absolute is the totality of all and can not separate from anything or anyone and there is on absolute love and no drama (like in Lemuria).

So relating it back to the retrogrades life is a game and story and it is about can you go back to the story and re write it, can you see your own patterns (past, now or future lives as they are all one) and can you see you are the creator of your world. It is an illusion that there is pain and that you and everything is imperfect. There is no going backwards ever as the Fibonacci code expresses and gold means everything is ever evolving. Just like the kangaroo and emu on Australian money – we can never go backwards. What people are searching for is HAPPINESS (organ of the heart – zero one point in Millennium Grid seminar). The happiness everyone searches for is in thought only and is not determined by emotions. The quantum physics part is knowing that emotions are E – Motions or energy in motion and depending on what you choose is it positive or negative energy in motion.

Thought is so powerful and yet on earth people attach to it as though it is a magnet and concrete. Then comes the story then drama bus and then disharmony and then disease. And yet thought can change everything. You have a choice to BE what you want to be and ALLOW what is happening to you. Be what you want to BE. At this time all duality and polarity will be stirred and anything that is opposing as it is time to see the illusion that there is none of this – hence the cardinal cross. This experience lately was all about opposing planets crashing and connecting to equal out just like in mathematics, science and quantum physics. (Pluto opposing Jupiter, Mars opposing Uranus). This occurs when four planets are all separated from each other by Square aspects (90 degrees apart). One planet is in each astrological element (fire, earth, water, air) This leads to indecisiveness, inability to produce concrete achievements, effort to overcome conflicts, difficulty in accomplishing goals even when the person is well organised. Pluto opposed Jupiter which means PLUTO (all systems, Government, corporations, leaders – left brain, head space, see it to believe it) opposed JUPITER (out of head, on to heart, service, humanitarian, emotional intelligence, heart is home) which is believe and then see. These opposites are really all one when you bring it back to zero one point as there is no opposition unless you are playing that game of duality (which earth does). Mars opposed URANUS. Mars – justice truth, transparency, relationships, marriage, fighting for a cause verses URANUS (societal freedom, rebellion, revolution, awakened vision, conscious decisions). All of these were at 13 degrees and relates that back to the grid means the illusions must surface to see the skeletons and ghosts of life (Shared and felt in Millennium Grid™).

Remember it is all a story – life is a game for those that have done Opening Doors course. You have a choice and it is all based around thought. Choose whether to be involved with the thought as it is as simple as shopping ‘I like that thought and will buy it’ or ‘I don’t like that thought so will move on’. It is really that simple and yet we complicate it, give it reasons and excuses. So what is the basic meaning? Connect with like minded, support each other, watch the illusions,. Feel and observe them with out attaching to the drama, crystal gird your self, have a 10 point MerKaBa with you, breath, have whole food (no sugar) drink rose quartz crystal water.

Blessings to you all and keep shining your original light which is only absolute love. Embrace the change and the wisdom and allow your ancient innate wisdom to blossom to help your self and others at this time.

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