Steps of Evolution

Steps of Evolution

So much has been said about the next process of evolution surrounding the year 2012 … but shouldn’t we all be talking about the year 2013? According to the ancient philosophy of the Mayans, Egyptians and God consciousness, the numbers revealed in 2013 are the critical factors relating to CO-CREATION and the connection to the Universal mind. In other words … OH MY GOD – it’s ME.

Yes, the world will and has to go through Steps of evolution and enormous change. Primarily you’ll begin to see the collapse of many familiar systems you take for granted on a daily basis as they are not working within the rules of true empowerment – LOVE. A number of these systems have already commenced their disintegration and breakdown process. You’ll see examples all around us, corporations being uncovered for practising ruthless and deceitful acts which have resulted in the worst stock market crashes in two generations, huge rises in unemployment, medical structures & systems failing, questions being asked about integrity and ethics, increases in general domestic and serious criminal activities which include corruption, gang violence, sexual assaults such as rape, paedophilia and many more, family break downs, world food shortages, diseases such as SARS and Swine Flu threatening the earth’s populations.  A realisation that there is the real possibility of the earth’s temporary demise due to global warming which brings with it massive changes to the environment and the world’s fauna and flora. The ethical element of evolution which commenced 05/01/99 is triggering people to question many issues in regards to their own well being and those of planet Earth. There are ongoing conferences and international forums continually provoking discussions and questioning what is real POWER … the truth finally being discovered and understood by so many is that it’s ABSOLUTE LOVE.

The next evolutionary process commenced over 16 billion years ago and is still in motion today gathering a quicker pace year by year and will continue to do so until it reaches its own conclusion. When looking at the numbers of the awakening to conscious creation, all indicators relate back to multiples of 13 and 20; this is clearly illustrated in the Mayan calendar. These two key numbers have to do with connecting with the mathematical nature of GOD/ABSOLUTE. The next evolutionary step understands that we are all actually GOD and that we all need to awaken that within ourselves. This concept of consciousness change is approaching rapidly and sweeping across the planet due to the concepts taught and demonstrated in countless books and DVD’s that discuss the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Ultimately, it’s all about connecting to the heart, and understanding we as the human race are the CO-CREATORS of our own world and destiny.  This consciousness Steps of evolution teaches us the importance of not blaming others, taking responsibility for our own actions and thoughts by having the ability to look deep inside ourselves to take time out to question and amend our current belief systems.
The ancient CHALDEAN numerology analysis describes 13 as regeneration and change. The ancients believed that s/he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given true power and dominion. The symbols of 13 commonly are the skeleton or death. It is the number of upheaval so that new ground may be broken. It is the number of power. Adapting to these changes occurring peacefully will bring about the strength of the 13th vibration. It’s associated with genius. When connecting it to a 4 – there is a karmic obligation to learn one’s lessons and learn it well. (This is taught in the Millennium Education seminar AWAKENED CHILDREN). The number 20 is of AWAKENING and of JUDGEMENT. With the awakening of self realisation there can be a drive to a new purpose, plan, and ambition. The number 20 can also bring challenges in patience. It brings precognitive visions with the opportunity to manifest the love based patterns and cancel the fear based patterns.
Awakening is opening up the heart to realise you are ABSOLUTE and part of GOD. When connected to your heart, miracles occur instantly. It truly is a case of thinking it and everything like magic, appears and occurs. This philosophy to truth has been described in the Book of Enoch, Bible and Course of Miracles. My clients have even described to me on many occasions how the opening of telepathic communication and teleporting occur after doing Millennium Education Courses. Imagine connecting to the Oneness of ALL THAT IS with grace and ease at any time. This is also the next evolutionary step for humans – to realise everything and anything is possible and tap in to their pure potentiality. Are you ready to evolve?

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