Still Born Children

Still Born Children


 This article on Still Born Death is dedicated to all the children and parents who have had this experience. I send you an abundance of love and thank you for the sharing and acknowledgement of this situation. I especially dedicate it to a school friend whom shared with me the death of her daughter, Bianca. I was so honoured when I was sent a photo – this was a divine step of evolution and unconditional love to be a part of the family.
To all the Rainbow Children whom choose to be Teachers – may your journey be recognised and may you find absolute love within your heart too.
Thank you from my heart,

A topic that occurs and is not discussed is still-born births. What is the meaning behind still-born deaths? Why do these souls experience still-born death? What are the lessons to be learnt? What type of Awakened Children personality does still born relate to?


Everything is gift of love – if we see it that way.
In the grand scheme, plan and blueprint of the cosmos we are all souls having a human experience. We all have sacred contracts. These contracts are organised and agreed up on before we enter this world. Part of this contract is that we understand we are all part of the same source and we are here to gather information and experience emotions. Once we have these learning lessons, the intention is to return it to love and to the original source, the ABSOLUTE, so as to complete a lesson. The lesson may be grief, resentment, disappointment and more. At the same time we are feeling these emotions so are others in very different ways. To aid this plan there are specific souls known as Rainbow Children that have volunteered to help us evolve and learn these lessons as well as having a lesson for themselves.

Souls that choose to ‘lock in’ to having a human experience have a choice or free will whether they will arrive and stay with a particular family. Souls ‘lock in’ to a physical form initially at 7 days old. The next ‘lock in’ is 2 months old. This process is known as a de-scension of the spiritual and an ascension of the physical. In the first 7 days of the child’s life after being born, the soul knows it is complete and has no lessons to learn at all. The child is completely connected to ALL THAT IS. The lessons the child commences to learn after birth are the physical lessons such as eating, sleeping, urinating, defecating, communicating and connection on the five senses. These will be the most difficult lessons a child will learn until the child is 9 years old. The next stage of learning will be mental and emotional, until death.

Be of heart


Children whom decide to not to continue their journey on the outside world, in other words be born as a still-born, are specifically here to learn and teach about grief and help the parents to come into their heart. Death is the ending of old ways and the beginning of new. Through death we have an opportunity to see things in a different way and change our being. Grief is a deep mental anguish. Repressed grief can become depression. As humans we are unconscious to our emotions. Our bodies are the storage of these emotions and manifestation of what is occurring is shown through diseases. Grief is held through the lungs and large bowel. The death of a new born child or a child that has died in pregnancy can possibly make the parents, family, etc aware that somewhere the child within them has died too. There is grief that they have never let go of and it is time to let that go.


Change of perception


The biggest learning lesson that may come from this experience is a change of perception for all those involved. The lessons learnt can be unlimited such as:
•  Stop worrying about money
•  Focus on what you have
•  Don’t worry about what people will say
•  What are your own rejection issues
•  What really matters in the world
•  Change of career
•  Change of lifestyle
•  Bring people in to the heart – community
•  Ascend to another level of understanding
•  Learn unconditional love
•  Learn about grief
•  Make a difference in the word
•  Turn fear into passion
•  What you appreciate, appreciates
•  Learn gratitude
•  How have you felt dead inside
•  How will you change your life
•  And many more

Through heart pain or emotional/spiritual pain we have the opportunity to open ourselves up to more possibilities and potentiality. It can also open a huge intuitive part within us that has been blocked for many years – maybe from birth. Opening this ‘connection’ within brings a sense of peace and knowing, sense of passion and life purpose. Through the emotional pain one can also be opened to setting more boundaries for themselves and loving themselves more. The experience of still-born births and pregnancy death of a child can also change the personality of someone to be able to discern what is their own truth rather than following dogma.


The common thread of these children that do choose to not arrive alive for their earth incarnation, is that they are Rainbow Children. These children are Teachers of new doorways, emotions, God, Absolute love and connection to ALL THAT IS. Other Rainbow Children may have ‘disabilities’, SIDS, and terminal diseases. They know their journey and what to do – teach people. They can also be the child whom is unwell with lots of colds, ear problems and sore throats. The reason for the ear/sinus problems is that their bodies work on such a high frequency that Earth’s energies and vibration is quite dense and affects them. The nose represents intuition/knowingness and that is where they work from ALL the time.
Being the Teacher, for some Parents these children can be challenging in regards to emotions. Having an innate understanding of true ALCHEMY, these children will create emotional experiences, especially to Parents whom may have got caught up in the illusion of life – materialism, status and external self worth. This can be done with illness, disease, behaviour that is ‘unacceptable’ and especially through death at birth of during pregnancy.
The world requires such a BIG wake up call at present, these children will teach in their own way about Universal TRUTH, knowledge, rules and unconditional love. They are the new Masters working in very humble ways. In the ancient Sanskrit’s, it mentions “Only the humble shall reign” – the Rainbow Children shall teach it, first by example and then through books, schools, etc. These children are about completion and completing a cycle within all that they meet. They are here to teach emotions.

Relating this back to the Still-born death or delivering a baby through death in pregnancy, it is time the Parents and all those affected by this experience complete a journey of unconscious behaviour and awakening to a new way of doing things. Doing things in love instead of fear.

Thank you to the Rainbow Children for bringing our awareness to the new evolved state of consciousness – absolute love and empowerment.

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