I have created the below Inspirational Cards (Pink Pack), and Motivational Cards (Gold Pack or White Pack) to offer love and support from both myself and the universe. The series of cards have been created over many years and are based on questions asked by people wanting to know how I overcame my personal life experiences and challenges.

Initially I wrote my own affirmations that I would repeat over and over to empower myself to help my ‘monkey’ mind. As I allowed myself to access the 'Absolute' and evolve to a world of happiness and abundance I was then guided to bring forth answers to assist and help others. The words contained on the cards are very powerful and the messages are part of the ancient wisdom and from the divine wisdom of creation.

Overtime many of my clients requested that I create my affirmations and quotes in to books as they wanted to share and gift them to family and friends. What a fabulous idea! I now gift these to family, friends, staff and work colleagues. There are (2) books. The Inspirational Cards - pale pink & have 52 inspiring quotes. The Motivational Cards - dark pink & have 104 motivational quotes.

Whether you choose a pack of inspirational cards or book, you will receive divine guidance.

They make a lovely seasonal or ‘thinking of you’ gift.