Endocrine System Chart

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The endocrine system to equilibrium chart, which Jean specifically designed, is to help your health on a multi-dimensional level. It is a very powerful healing energy, integrating her nursing and medical intuition wisdom.

Jean Sheehan designed and created this chart for you as part of her mission to support and empower people to live a happy, healthy and abundant life.

All you need do is place the chart under your bed for the powerful energy healing for (7) days and then hang it on your wall.

Or you may like to laminate your chart, focus on your specific endocrine and ask for the absolute love healing to come from the universe. Do this for (7) days for each endocrine.

If you would like to know the meanings about this chart read Jean’s articles on the endocrine

One of Jean's favourite Charts is the Chakra System which shows the diseases and lessons of each endocrine and chakra for your body to heal naturally.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

May all your hearts desires manifest for you.

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