Happy Money Magnet 17 Jun – 19 Aug 24

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Event:: Happy Money Magnet
Dates:: Every Monday, 17 Jun - 19 August 2024
Venue:: Online
Happy Money Magnet

Event Details

Venue: Online via Zoom
Dates: Every Monday, 17 Jun - 19 August 2024
Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm (AEST)
Investment: AU$330.00 (Inc GST)

Welcome to the MONEY MAGNET ONLINE JOURNEY. This is a (10) week live online event via zoom. These lessons are from MYSTERY SCHOOL and MEDICAL INTUITION. You will be able to clear old paradigm 3rd dimensional limitations and awakening and receive activations to shift to the new 5th dimension paradigm of abundance. This is the Golden age. This is about the law of attraction and activation of the new paradigm of abundance. This event is something Jean Sheehan, has taught to corporate clients and businesses for $5,500 but for you she is offering it at $330 which is $27.50 per week. Incredible value. Once you book in you will receive an email with details including dates, times and zoom link.

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