Millennium Star Chart

Size A4, 210 x 297mm - laminated
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Size:: A4
Type:: Laminated

The Millennium Star® is aligned with the well-known Pleidian star. This divine symbol takes you through life times via sound and frequency so that you may astral easily. The unique design of silver and gold integrates all dualities and creates a universal vortex of love. This vortex is travel and connect to the quantum reality of time, space reality and allow an individual to access consciousness and the higher frequencies such as the sounds dolphins, dogs, turtles and whales make. It is the integration of all aspects of SELF including the ego self to one, absolute love. It is also linked and overlaps the 10 point Merkaba to understand ‘I am that I am’ and that there is no separation.

On the 3rd dimension earth world it is the symbol of forgiveness. Forgiveness is recognition, the awakening to the reality of removing the blocks to see the eternal Godness/Goddess/Goodness in all things. If we haven’t forgiven, we keep creating an identity around our pain, and that is what is reborn. That is what suffers. This Millennium Star® guides humans to the next evolutionary step of consciousness. When we can do this is where we have a Utopian lifestyle from within.

Many whom have used this symbol in the healing work or for themselves have ‘heard’ the word – the absolute truth and connected to absolute love, leaving a permanent cellular healing process that restores the mind, body and spirit. They have also shared the intergalactic connections to many beings beyond angels and guides and accessed their ancient wisdom from many future civilisations. This divine symbol takes you to the many universes and sacred geometry wisdom. Using this Millennium Star® you can access consciousness and the sacred shapes, colours and sounds of the omnipresence. Connect with the beings and emissaries of light for your souls evolution.

Are you ready to travel? Are you ready to connect to your ancient wisdom? Are you ready to have a life with purpose?

Enjoy the journey with this sacred geometry Millennium Star®.

My heartfelt blessings to you,


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