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"I am loveable, loving, loved and love"
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I listened to how clients needed an anchor point to remind them of their core truth that they are love no matter what. I meditated asking the universe how I can support people to know the truth about themselves, anchor it and activate a healing process within them. That is when I was guided to make these ACTIVATION wrist bands. Since making these so many clients have given feedback on how they love these. Enjoy your activation band.

Pet Therapy

“I just love the beautiful bright pink colour and enjoy the texture of it as I can wear it all the time.

The timing of the product reaching me was phenomenal. There have been massive changes in my life recently. The wristband arrived just as the first major change happened.

To have that anchor point of “I am loveable, loving, loved and love” has really helped me get through some challenging times. I found that keeping love as my focal point, reminded me that life is a journey, which has made things easier. It also helped to remind me that “I am loving” when I exhibited behaviours that were not particularly loving.

I would highly recommend the bracelet to remind you that you are “loveable, loving, loved and love."


Massage Therapist

“The first thing that came to mind when I received this was how grateful I was to wear it. I am loveable, loving, loved, love these words I kept repeating over and over in my head unconsciously. I found that when something wasn't going right, or my day seemed to change unexpectedly I was saying these words in my head to clear the clutter and the mind chat, and I became more at peace with myself.

Thank you, Jean, for this amazing gift.”

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