Adriana graduated from MOD I, II, & Awakened Children

Dearest Jean,

I don’t know where to start but doing your courses, and I mean all of them have changed my life dramatically. It has changed the way I look at myself and the way I look at the world in general. After the courses I felt that I was every one that attended that particular Module. I could feel my face being their face and the way I talk I could feel that it was Them talking not me. That was a big connection to me to all that it is. My awakening has been such that I can hear Mother Earth heart beat and its is mighty big and comforting. I am starting to clearly see the colour of the chakras, and other feeling which I do not understand yet. I feel more and more expansion in my energy field. I cannot wait to do module 3 and 4 And see what the outcome will be!

When we did Awaken children, I was able to tune in to other things that was going around and I did not realized it, until we all heard it. I could feel people working, I thought that there was a very large factory, where people were working overtime. I could hear all that noise and I was very curious to go and see what was happening but because I could not walk much I did not and then we hear it loud and clear the UFO taking off. That was my high light of that week end. Awesome!

Jean I don’t know what else to say because there is so MUCH stuff that has happened and by now it just feels normal. There are no words to describe the work that you do! It is subtle and out of the system. No mucking around straight to the point .And you know what? I LOVE THAT!

Love Adriana

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