Monique graduated from MOD I – III, Awakened Children, Opening Doors, Golden One

Right now in my life I feel that I have the Midas touch, everything I want or wish for is turning into gold. I was looking for a way to repay my mum who has been taking and picking up my daughter from school since I started my new teaching career this year. I also wanted to take my daughter on an amazing adventure holiday, but was not sure how I could afford it, then I won an amazing adventure holiday that I could take my mum on to thank her for all she has done for me and the holiday for my daughter and I. I felt so blessed and honoured that I won this amazing prize. Two days later I found out that the position at work that I had applied for, I got and this is even more amazing as I am a first year teacher (first term really) and thought it might have gone to a more experienced teacher. Wow I was really started to feel that I was being looked after. During the last week of term I told my classes that I would be moving to the other school campus, and I was so touched and amazed at how many students were going to really miss me. I was blown away as I only had these precious students for 10 weeks and already I had made an impact – wow that was a powerful experience for me!! Students who I never would have dreamed about liking me, were devastated.

All of these amazing things have come about through the work that I have done with Jean. When I first started working with Jean, I lived a life of fear. Fear that I would not have enough money, that I was not a good mum, that I did not have enough time for everything and everyone in my life, that being a single mother was socially unacceptable. I now believe that I am worthy of great things in my life and that I can create anything that I want,. I knew when I bought the tickets in the Art Union that I was going to win. I did not think about it again until I received the letter. At the same time as being able to create anything I want, I have also learnt to be grateful for all that I already have. To see the absolute abundance there is around me every day. I no longer value material possessions, but the people around me. I have truly chosen to live a life of love instead of fear. For me this is all thanks to the amazing work of Jean.
I am honoured and so proud to be able to call her my mentor, my friend.
With an abundance of love from my heart to yours
Monique, Secondary School Teacher

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