You know why my son is behaving poorly ….. it has to be his hormones and that he’s a teenager.” What happens in a teenagers mind? Why won’t they share? Why do children’s social skills seem to disappear? This question is asked of me so frequently.


The concept of a teenager and the challenges they and parents have really commences at age 12. At certain ages the child’s mind and body enter a different dimension of awareness. This in turn affects certain body parts. The first to be affected is the pancreas. Metaphysically this organ is about change, anxiety and irritability. It is also the subconscious brain. As the teenager feeds the pancreas sugar they are really feeding their ‘mind’ with illusions of life or as Louise Hays calls it ‘no sweetness in life’. Another chemical change is occurring – DNA. This occurs through the endocrine system but also through their chakras or ‘seats’ of consciousness and awareness. As the body tries to ‘alter’ itself from child to adult, it requires sugar to make these changes in the DNA, cells and biology of the body.




The thymus gland is triggered. Metaphysically is about defensive patterns, rejection and ‘dare to be different’. Many children experiment their social world trying different hair styles, clothes and behaviours to find themselves. As they do so the thymus gland becomes on the ready to attack anyone, especially parents/carers. There is a desperate need for these children to ‘fit in’ but then they don’t know to as they are morphing from child to adult and they are trying to have their own identity. The ages 14 – 21 is when children learn to be social and learn what is acceptable and what is not. There is experimenting of life such as clothes, hair color, tattooing, swearing and even smoking & drinking to ‘experience’ something different.




The kidneys are now involved which are about relationships, paranoia and coping. This is a time when relationships change from plutonic to interactive. Paranoia can come up with girls constantly worrying about their looks, boys worrying about their hair, etc. This is exacerbated if the child chooses not to drink water as the kidney requires plenty of water so it does not go in to these emotions. And what don’t teenagers do …. Drink water!



New neural pathways are created as they ‘grow’ called brain synapses. As this occurs the children will experience frequent episodes of ‘memory loss.’ When you request a teenager to 1. make their bed, 2. lock the door and 3. feed the cat and the result is that they put te dishes away. Their brain is struggling to work as a balance out come of left and right together. Learning & instruction are not gelling.



So when you are with teenager know that a lot is happening as they grow in the head and away from their heart. Be patient, supportive and understanding as the changes are like letting an atomic bomb go!

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