The Future is Love

The Future is Love

“Be thankful you’re in a physical body. Thanks giving is everyday, as in this physical body you can spring into eternal paradise. From this level you can springboard.
From other levels you work hard.
You’re the ‘strong’ souls that have gotten in here. You’re not weak. The weak ones weed themselves to go out and get strengthened, but strong souls have enough strength to usher themselves forward into the physical and rebound back into the soul. Aren’t all souls strong? Even if they are not strong now, they will be if they stay with light of God and LOVE.”
By John Roger


We are moving in to a time of evolutionary renewal, a time of global purification and rebirth. Some call it the dawning of the GOLDEN AGE. The ancient Mayans developed a calendar system that is very relevant to these times. It can be seen as a cosmic timing code and is prophetic in the sense that it reflects a deep understanding of long term cycles of creation. As evolutionary cycles of cosmic energies are absorbed into Earth’s electromagnetic fields via the sun, human consciousness responds to these impulses in a predictable manner, following a cosmic pattern of dark and light – duality. According to the Mayan calendar 2012 reflects the end of certain cycles of history based on duality and separation, and represents the birthing of a Golden Age of Enlightenment. However it is non specific time and is happening now and beyond.


The planet Venus is rich in Archetypal symbology. It is often known as the Morning Star, the bringer of light. It is related to love, human quality, beauty and oneness. On June 8 2004, the path of Venus directly crossed over the disc of the sun, an eclipse lasting for 7 hours. The blended energies of the sun and Venus bring with it love and unity into the mass consciousness of the planet, and potentially into the hearts of every person alive on Earth. This represents a doorway through which unity consciousness will come to dominate the mass consciousness of the Earth.

The transition into unity consciousness could be turbulent. As old structures of human consciousness collapse, it may be accompanied by a degree of darkness and destruction. “When the light hits, the dark gets tough”. Meaning there shall be a resistance to change for many. It is the end of duality and separation and therefore separation issues. Mass enlightenment shall take place. What does this all mean? It means awakening to new realisations to what is truth, love, connectedness and oneness.

To participate in this experience we have a chance to embrace the four keys to the Kingdom.

They are:-

♦  Desire to truly seek my relationship with ABSOLUTE – feminine GOD / LOVE.

♦  Intention to utilise my time each day to focus on being the love incarnate …meaning do and live in unconditional love in everything I do.

♦  Allowance that my life is no longer my own to control and I have willingly given it over to Source.

♦  Surrender to the recognition that my happiness can only be found in the submission of my will to the Will of the absolute. It is my choice whether I call Heaven here on Earth and see the beauty.


This is the deepest and most challenging work possible. It is about the Atonement. It is literally to purify the mind of the grip of EGO so that ABSOLUTE /LOVE can posses, if you will your mind, your life, your being – so that you can return to being a Creator of the love to create harmony and peace in your life. The open heart shall an acceptance of all conditions. You will want to have new experiences, be courageous, optimistic and aware of soul intent and purpose. Mature Venus is sociable, fashionable, artistic, good willed, benevolent, diplomatic and magnetically sensuous. Those that have not awakened shall express all fears and phobias. The poisoned heart is bitter and vengeful – closed to life in a way that manifests as an inability to integrate and accept experience; with an inability to receive, or give love. It negates in jealousy the beauty, abundance, luxury and luck of others – projecting disdain and negativity instead. The poisoned heart is hesitant and insecure, has little self confidence, and lacks the ability to trust in self or to trust others. Fear to open our hearts leaves us stuck in the head, unwilling to feel, touch, or breathe in life – hiding in fear and expressing mental judgements with an incessant need to control our reality. The loss of the intuitive ability leads us to blindly follow dogmas and gurus in submission to propaganda and system of belief, whether of our own or those of others.

Overall we are becoming one heart and soul that with unconditional love and no separation. Coming back to our original form at birth ……… lovable, loving, loved and LOVE.

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