The Merkaba

An extensive description, awareness and experience of the MERKABA are taught in the certified Medical Intuitive Courses Modules I – IV. This ancient wisdom has been taught for many thousands of years including Atlantis, Lemuria, Pleiades and Ancient Egypt. This is a very brief overview of Sacred Geometry and the insight of transformational change through ancient wisdom of the MERKABA. The full impact of this amazing ancient tool can only be experienced through the crystal gridding and connection to Kundalini.



The MERKABA is an electro magnetic field sitting at 4 degrees found primarily within the microwave range in the 3rd dimension. It’s entirely geometric in shape and nature. The geometry is referred to as SACRED GEOMETRY when discussing the MERKABA This Sacred Geometry is in the creation patterns of all things in CREATION and evolution.
The MERKABA is extremely complex, involving the five platonic solids and other sacred polyhedrons. It is believed to extend through all possible dimensional and parallel universes and can change its nature from electro magnetic to whatever is appropriate. The blueprint of the MERKABA is found everywhere and in everything. It can be found in nature such as the complicated nautilus shell, the sunflower and red blood cells of humans.

The MERKABA is a counter rotating field of light generated from the spinning of specific geometric forms that simultaneously affect one’s spirit and body. It is a vehicle that can aid the mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potential in life. It is a tool that allows you to discover more about yourself and connect with the Higher Self, Good and the absolute. It gives the opportunity to move to new levels of understanding and awareness, discovering other realms and how to create different outcomes. The MERKABA is a tool and technique that facilitates humans reach their full potential in any and all areas of their life. The most important thing about the MERKABA is the connection to one unified universal mind called the omnipresence and the awareness that we are creators of own world and can create anything.





The MERKABA has been shared, taught and utilised for thousands of years and through many of the ages of life. These include Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient Egypt, Mayans, and more. It has been discussed in books such as the Book of Enoch, Bible, Torah, Korana and Course of Miracles.
History has many shared that the MERKABA has been used a ‘vehicle’ that allows a person to ascend or descend in to higher or lower worlds, dimensions, astral planes and perceptions. The MERKABA is much more than a vehicle of ascension. Since it is a primal pattern that created all things and all universes, both visible and invisible it can be anything. The Bible refers to Ezekiel and the wheels by which he ascended to heaven. This was the MERKABA. The Torah also refers to the MER-KA-VAH (As it spelled in Hebrew). The two meanings are:
1.  Chariot – vehicle
2.  Throne of God

When the two definitions are combined the true meaning comes to life. ‘Chariot to the throne of God’. Today’s meaning and understanding refers to this as portal connection to absolute love and empowerment of self.



In ancient Egypt, the primal pattern was called MERKABA. It was three words not one.
MER –  refers to a specific kind of light that was understood in Egypt during the 18th Dynasty following the reorientation of religions toward the worship of one God of all creation. MER –  was seen as two counter rotating fields of light spinning in the same space. The rotating fields could spin in any direction, at any speed. 

KA –  meant spirit, in this case referring to the individual human spirit. The true meaning of spirit meaning strength, courage, strength of mind and character.

BA –  refers to the physical body. It transfers to the spirits interpretation of its particular reality. In the human reality BA is usually defined as the body or physical reality. In other realities where spirits don’t have physical bodies, BA refers to the concepts or interpretation of reality in the realm in which they exist.

And so the entire world in ancient Egypt referred to the rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world and reality to another. Now described as dimensions and portals. The ancient African Zulu meaning of the MERKABA is space – time –dimension vehicle.



The MERKABA is situated around the human body like a three dimensional geometric web that is a dormant and non functional, waiting for the right moment  to be activated. When the spirit that inhabits the body ‘remembers’ that it is there and begins to change certain aspects of itself, an incredible transformation begins to grow.
One of the functions of the MERKABA as mentioned before was vehicle to take the spirit (character of a person) and ten body into the next world. This concept and function integrates and applies once the person has given themselves permission to ascend and move to another level of understanding. Once this occurs they are open to pure potentiality and all possibilities.

The MERKABA enables us to experience expanded awareness. What that means in every day language and understanding is that we are able to see patterns with in our lives and change them and be totally aware of ancient truth – words and actions are spoken in love or fear. The awareness is being totally aware of the why, what, how come and when of all experience and creation. This awareness can be as simple as ‘why I have created this disease’ (taught in Medical Intuition Module I). It allows us to connect with elevated potentials of consciousness and / or self realisation. The MERKABA restores the ‘memory’ of the infinite possibilities of our being – knowing we can create anything and everything within us. It all comes to what we perceive and what do we ‘hold on to’ as a belief.




The MERKABA fluidly integrates our feminie (intuitive, love) and masculine (active, fear) aspects of our mind and spirit to be one. In doing so it neutralises experiences to be of equal value and creating a world on non duality and being totally aware of the totality of all creation. (Taught in Module III Medical Intuition) The result being no experiences of good/bad, up/down, sad/happy – it is a feeling of completion, peach and harmony. Your world becomes pure potentiality knowing anything and everything is possible as you are the creator of your life.





The MERKABA is a living field not purely mechanical field of energy. As it is living it responds to the human thought and feeling, which is a way to connect to the field. The ‘computer’ that guides the MERKABA is the human mind and heart. The possibilities are endless.

It is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometry shapes that align the mind, body and heart together. This energy field created from sacred geometry extends around the body for a distance of 55 feet. These fields spin around our body at the speed of light. At present the fields have slowed down due to lack of attention and use. At certain and specific moments, not necessarily one lifetime, an individual’s MERKABA field can become alive. When this happens, an electro magnetic change occurs which results in a disc of energy that comes out from a tiny place near the base of the spine and quickly expands to about 27 – 30 feet in radius around the body. The disc can easily be perceived by scientific means.





It was believed in ancient times and even written about by Hebrews, that the MERKAVAH could be turned on by certain principles in meditation. This involves breathing changes, mind, heart and body changes that alter the way a person perceives reality. It is the beginning of enlightenment. The MERKABA can also be activated by other methods besides the ‘masculine instructions’ and breathing changes mentioned above. (Detailed instructions taught in Module II & Module III Medical Intuitive courses)

The use of crystals laid in a specific pattern on the body during a healing session will instantly activate the MERKABA. The results are extraordinary.


Alchemy is the ability to convert and exchange one form to another or correctly said, is the ability to change matter to another through the use of human consciousness. It is an ancient science. The word ALCHEMY is taken from the word CHEM which is an ancient name for wisdom.
Alchemists believe that when you have truth and love together, then you shall have wisdom. This love is love of self which is not understood by many people here on Earth. In Atlantis and Lemuria we had High Priestesses to teach this. In this life time they are called Golden Ones. They shall use alchemy to change the perception of people’s beliefs about themselves. First they must experience it themselves and then they can enlighten/educate others to the concepts. The alchemical concept is symbolised by a pyramid with the all seeing EYE. This is the MILLENNIUM and is known as the EYE of GOD or LOVE.
Alchemists have always known that knowing half the truth is much more dangerous than not knowing anything at all. “The half wise shall be dashed against the rocks by reason of their own folly,” indicates that until we understand self love we will live in victim world.  Not ones to mince their words, these wise people knew the deeper secret of manifestation, they knew the whole truth.

What they knew, and anyone who wants to play the Magic has to know, if your motivations are the foundations for what you want to manifest in life, and if your motivations are based on fear and limitation, you only get more of that. If what you go for is motivated by your heart, by your true inner power, LOVE, then your flow towards what you love will be an effortless joy. Then will come abundance and wealth creation!



The alchemist uses the pyramid for the MERKABA symbol as well as the ancient Egyptians. The pyramid represented TRUTH, LOVE and WISDOM. The truth was ‘where you are’ – your current reality and how you perceive things. The love is where you want to be – your end result. The wisdom is the quality you gain when you consciously focus on two points. In understanding what true love is one can occupy a state of mind called CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS. You can be taught all sorts of theories and concepts but CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS is something you create for yourself. This is the MERKABA. (Taught and experienced in Medical Intuitive courses – Module I – III).


In the modern world the ancient teachings of the MERKABA are growing rapidly to begin a process in consciousness for 2012 and beyond. The end result is to ‘transport’ the human awareness and from the 3rd dimension to the higher dimensions. This is called ascension. Ascension involves a process where the human body is transformed in to light (HU) and transformed by an incredible birth in to a new world. This has been called the GENESIS in the bible.



The new generation of children, Millennium Children, already have their MERKABA activated as they enter the world. Their knowledge is so profound and require the old systems and beliefs systems to catch up to the new that is pouring in now from the omnipresence. The world also indicates a definite change is needed as indicated with the cyclones, flooding, and earthquakes. Your character is the key to your ascension. Regardless of who you are at at this moment you can change your character. Like loosing weight it is completely in your control if you focus and choose what you want. Be very SPECIFIC. In changing yourself, your MERKABA can be alive. Once it is alive, everything is possible. Life becomes peaceful, harmonic and instant manifestation.



The Merkaba
©- Article By: Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia

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