The Pancreas

The Pancreas

If there was one organ in the body that empowers us it would be the PANCREAS. Who would have thought this simple but large endocrine could be the one body part that could make us feel on top of the  world or of the lowest self esteem. And this is the organ that most affects teenagers and their moods and yet so easily aided to help them and empower them.




The pancreas lies behind the stomach and secretes a variety of substances and hormones essential for the effective digestion of food. It also produces insulin, which helps control the bloods sugar level. One of the physical dysfunctions of this endocrine is diabetes, a disease caused by excess sugar in the bloodstream. The pancreas is linked with the solar plexus and adrenalin, which is why we experience ‘butterflies in the stomach’ during frightening experiences. The pancreas is linked with the solar plexus which includes the digestive system and a further dysfunction of this chakra is stomach ulcers. The pancreas empowers the physical body. However the pancreas can dis-empower the body metaphysically and mentally.




The pancreas is very important on a metaphysical level as it is referred to as the subconscious brain. Who would have thought that by having sugar this organ will totally change your perception and create a world of ‘negative perception’ and block your creativity? This endocrine metabolises sugar in the blood stream however when an individual has sugar, it keeps the mind in at state of limbo and disconnected to the God within and the higher brain or known as the higher self can not get through. The sugar seems to block the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain and the bridge between the conscious and subconscious brains  – intuition.

As we have seen through children, the sugar affects children and creates anger in some. The sugar affects the moods of people and can create huge moodiness especially in teenagers. This moodiness is the change on a metaphysical level where the emotion anxiety is triggered. Then the children react in fear, the outcome arguments, and unexplained perceptions from teenagers from parental comments and more. The anger is stirred as the sugar goes to the liver – organ of anger.
Other areas that are triggered: 
  • Lack of ability to change with grace and ease, or not coping with any change,
  • For some constantly changing , as seen in teenagers whom don’t know what to wear and constantly change their clothes,
  • Moodiness – again seen in teenagers, alcoholics and drug users – anyone having copious amounts of sugar
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Unable to adapt to situations very well – very tense and worried about anything new relating to change again as mentioned earlier. 


Sweet 16


Upon speaking to many clients it has been noticed that either themselves or their children at the age of 16 years old have many problems and that includes leaving home. The moods have increased, the anxiety has been huge, and there has been emphasis on power and recognition. Relationships have been rocky whether between parents, friends especially on Facebook and Twitter or lovers. So what happens at 16 years old ad the pancreas?

The age 16 has always been referred to as SWEET SIXTEEN – and that is linked to Sacred Geometry and age disconnections at 16 years old. When a child turns 16 their referred age is actually 3 year old (Specific 
Sacred GeometryGrid taught in Millennium Children and Teacher Level). The child is filled with fear, their perception of their reality can be miserable and they can appear ‘sad’ or even depressed. This is because the number 3 in Sacred Geometry relates to the illusions of life and that is fear. The ‘sweet’ part refers to the pancreas – or sweetness in life. Most children at the age of 16 are not eating healthy or sensibly and gravitate to sweet and fast foods. It is part of their rebellious stage linked with their thymus gland. These foods are known as UNCONSCIOUS FOODS or food that keeps a child unconscious to their own feelings especially emotional pain. This subconscious behaviour is the PANCREAS trying to intervene to prevent ‘the pain of feeling separate’ but is actually causing pain. Children between the ages of 14 – 21 are learning to be social and be free from authority. They are learning to be their own authority and learn through personal decision making. The emphasis on power and recognition is ignited by many TV shows, magazines and peer pressure to be someone, have a perfect body and be extremely popular. Again – all illusions of sugar and the pancreas.

As these children have more of the ‘unhealthy/unconscious food’ the more they become anxious, moody and 
changeable. As Parents, Health Care Professionals, and Teachers, our best way to help these lost souls as they go through this very natural process is to offer support, understanding and ‘healthy sweet alternatives’ if possible. It is such a difficult process for them. However they also have choice and may be it is part of a bigger picture we don’t understand as it is their journey.
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