The Prostrate

The Prostrate

The Prostrate

The Prostrate
Prostrate cancer is one of the most common male problems in men today as well as depression. Why is it increasing and what does it all mean? What is the metaphysically meaning? For such a small gland it causes so much grief.
This article has been written specifically for all those that have been affected by PROSTRATE Cancer, including loved ones. As a nurse, one of the wards I worked on was Urology. We were in swamped with prostrate cancer and my heart always went to the men and families dealing with this situation. It is with those that I have the privilege of nursing I write this article. Thank you for your sharing and connecting. You leave a legacy with so many.
Loving Man
I do make a personal request. Please pass this link & article on to as many people as you can. By raising the consciousness of why we create breast cancer, we will be able to change the frequency and belief systems so that this disease becomes invalid and in alignment with absolute love and empowerment. There are so many women and girls being affected by this disease, please help me to raise the awareness to the rest of the world to put a STOP to this disease. I personally thank you from my heart for this simple act. Let’s change the consciousness to RETURN TO LOVE. To help understand these transformational concepts, I have given client examples. Names have been changed for confidentiality. These women and men have been able to change their life and commence a new journey of love, abundance and peace within all that they do. That is my dream and hope for you. I welcome feedback and any more enquiries can be sent to the Facebook/email. These concepts are taught in the certified Medical Intuitive courses which have changed people lives.
 *Please note this information has been researched and facts gathered for the last 15 years from Jean Sheehan’s consults and studies. These studies include the intuitive process as well clients results form work done with Jean Sheehan. Please note any information, procedure or techniques shared & learnt in this article is no way designed to replace medical practices or medical advice given to people from qualified medical practitioners. This material makes no claim to cure any illness or disease, nor does it claim to diagnose and prescribe advice. The information is not intended to offer medical, psychological or other professional services, and whenever persons find themselves in need of treatment by a qualified medical practitioner, the above mentioned party encourages them to do so. In the event that you use the information from the course for yourself or others, the above mentioned party,  Millennium Education Pty Ltd ATF Sheehan Family Trust & Absolute Empowerment assumes no responsibility for your choices, decisions or actions.
Body Hologram

Prostrate cancer is a ‘popular’ and well recognised disease in the Western countries. Its diagnosis appears to be increasing rather than decreasing. The magnificent studies that are occurring for this disease are certainly making the population very aware. Certainly we can see the physical & chemical reasons why prostrate cancer may be created. But what about the emotional and spiritual reasons? What about the Metaphysical reasons why prostrate cancer occurs? Let’s explore. Each and every body part has a consciousness or belief system. The organ, endocrine or body part knows what job it is meant to be doing and works together with the other parts of the body. When a body ‘forgets’ its role, that is when it will become diseased and try to talk to the person to make them aware of the internal vibration. Disease is the blueprint or print out of the internal vibration in manifestation to make the individual aware of what is happening.

What is the consciousness of the prostrate:

1. acceptance
2. nurturing
3. rejection
4. storage/housing
5. productivity
6. creation


Soldier of war

Full acceptance of ourselves is probably the hardest challenge we have as a soul having a human experience. For a man that can be more challenging especially with the earth like qualities which are expressed as to what is successful and acceptable. For a man, success comes in more materialistic and outside qualities.

Arnold was 88 years old. He had just been admitted to hospital for prostrate problems. He was a war veteran that had seen some horrific things done to his mates in the Army during the war. He also had done things he was definitely was not proud but never shared it with anyone except old war colleagues. Whilst during Arnold’s training the boys were told to do things that they were not accustomed to. The soldiers were definitely to block their emotions as killed the enemy. The other thing that Arnold was not used was the peer pressure to smoke, drink and swear. But to be accepted in his regiment and group he was ‘expected’ to do these things. As Arnold left the army he felt he had to do the things that  a man was supposed to do:

– have  good job
– get married
– provide for his family
– provide a home
– have the comforts such as car, holidays and modern appliances

So Arnold worked very hard at providing all of these things. But there was something in his heart that felt ‘wrong’. Arnold did not want to live in the city – he wanted to live on the land like when he grew up and work the land to get all he needed. But three was again this pressure to be ‘accepted’ as a ‘man’. This concept was being housed in his prostrate “to be accepted you should ……’
It was after Arnold retired that he eventually bought a small property in Queensland and has a small plantation of peanuts. This is where his heart felt home. By this stage the prostrate cancer had already commenced.
We are so used to caring for others and forget about ourselves. As a man there is a belief system that it is important to care or nurture his family. However men usually don’t care for themselves. Men forget to nurture through nourishing food, time with family and positive thoughts about themselves. Men will foster and cultivate a business or work, but no themselves. Again not nurturing themselves.
Frankie had been shown how to run his Fathers Tourism business which had been established for 28 years. It was now time for Frankie to take over the business. Frankie had shared what was happening with his wife who fully supported him. There was an unwritten law in the Italian families about men needing to do what they needed to do and the women supporting them in this role. Frankie commenced straight away working extremely long hours. His mission was to create a business that would support not only him but his parents with passive income and help them in retirement. Frankie fostered the business like a child, and cultivated it so it became a thriving business. It was definitely something to be proud of. The was something else growing with the business – prostrate cancer! Frankie was unaware that with all the nourishing of the business he was not nourishing himself. He was constantly thinking, working and not nourishing his body. Although his wife continually was worried about his long hours and was watching him get older and more tired before her eyes she could not convince Frankie to stop for himself. The day came when he realised he needed to stop as his health deteriorated too quickly. He had to learn to nurture himself now.


Dave was a sportsman and loved any kind of sport. As a child he always was chosen for his gift at excelling sport. No matter what sport he did he was brilliant at it.  Dave also excelled at connecting with people and would do anything for them. He was considered by his friends a s loyal ‘mate’. Dave did not like school or as thought he was not ‘smart’. He was able to pass his subjects with assistance. This did not matter to Dave – or this was what everyone thought but deep down he felt quite rejected. This rejection became evident as he applied for work and jobs as he kept being knocked back due to his more school grades. Dave was able to create many jobs and friendships. His dream was to run his own business but he did not have the business skills. Finally he met the girl of his dreams and he was so devoted to Jasmine. They decided to open a sports store – his perfect dream. This was all going well until he shared with his father in law that he could not write or add well. His worst fear from childhood was thrown at him – his father in law ridiculed and told Dave how ‘stupid’ he was for opening a business. This rejection wounded him so deeply reminding him of his own father who continually teased Dave for being ‘stupid’. It was in Dave’s early 50’s that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Allen was 33 years and loved working in the corporate world. He thrived on the success of results, meeting people, travelling and all the job gifts such as free events and dinners. There was something he was hiding and storing deeply in his prostate. He wanted to be recognised and not be associated with ‘poor people’ as that was his back ground. He felt wealthy on all levels when he associated with ‘rich’ people. No one knew this fact and he kept a physical and emotional distance from his ‘poor family’. He was totally unaware that his family was very rich in their heart and in family connections. This recognition came crashing when he was recognised for having impotence problems and on investigation the Doctor explained he had prostate problems. That is when he looked at his life as the next step of ‘success’ was to be married with 2 children but how could he connect with a girl when he was impotent. The recognition he got was totally against what he wanted. After reviewing his life and what was important Allen went back to rural north Queensland where his family was connected with them on such a different level. He was know in the town for his business and IT skills and was requested by so many. He travelled long distances from one town to the other and was often asked for dinner by the country folk. That is when it dawned on him – he was doing the same job but tis time te recognition was there for his efforts and that the richness was in family and community. Oh – and he met a lovely lady whom he is now married too. What are you storing?


Leon loved computers and would be found continually working on anything that was IT – phones, lap tops, ipod, tablet and more. It was his way of escaping the world as well as he believed he did not fit in with anything or anyone. As he kept to himself he would often talk to himself and perceive the world as ‘wired’. He did venture out much and liked his own company. Leon’s favourite entertainment was playing an computer game in which he had a power to take over the world and all those confident sports people  that he was teased by at school would be shot by him. In his illusions of life he felt through the games he was a powerful source. In life he saw himself as weak, vulnerable and isolated. That was his ‘story’ that he kept projecting and producing to himself which then created him to be recluse and stay away from mixing with people. This productivity led to not wanting to care for himself which the produced more uncaring thoughts where he would not eat properly and this cycle continued. The more Leon produced these thoughts the more he isolated himself until his Mother cam to see him and saw how ill he looked and requested he seek help. Something within him said ‘it is time’ to stop producing these hurtful ways.
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