The Testes

The Testes

The Testes



The male reproductive organ, TESTES, or gonads, produce hormones that are responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as the depth of a voice and amount of body hair, etc. The testes control an individual’s sexual development and maturity as well as the production of sperm in a male. Our relationship with our own sexuality, and subject of emotional balance concerning that, is a key association of the 2nd chakra.




The male testes have many metaphysical functions and are mostly related to life and inner strength. Quite unique and significant especially when we think that this organ creates sperm which have a huge struggle to survive through intercourse and get to the female eggs to make another human being. The qualities of the TESTES are:
  • Reproduction                                     
  • Sensuality/sexuality                           
  • Self preservation                                            
  • Life acceptance                                             
  • Drive                                                              
  • Strength


 Self Preservation

Jonathon presented with testicular cancer. He was only 28 years old. His dream was to play Soccer for Australia. However after a groin injury which then alerted staff to the testes area. Jonathon explained he had experienced pain their since being hit in the gonads accidently by his nephew when they were tackling about 12 months ago. Further investigations led to Jonathon being diagnosed with cancer.

Jonathon had requested they delay his surgery as if the gonads were removed it meant that he could not have children. That was another of his dreams later in life. He sought out alternative therapies and booked a session with Jean Sheehan, International Medical Intuitive. On further investigations, It was noted that this disease had been ‘brewing’ since childhood and was triggered or alerted to Jonathon when he was tacking his nephew.

The best you can

Jonathon grew up with an alcohol father who was not a great role model. His father was never home and when he was he was quite abusive to his Mother. His father suffered from depression and never seemed to ascend to another level of understanding since loosing his first son Arnold to a car accident, which led Jonathon’s dad to drinking. Jonathon made a vow to himself he did not want to ‘reproduce’ his Fathers life and chose to study and better his life any way who could.

The main things Jonathon could not understand was how could a strong man fall to peaces. Jonathon refused to accept life as being hard and miserable and continually ‘forced’ things to be the best of the best. Jonathon pushed himself to each level and when he beat one level he attempted to get a better score or mark. This was related to anything and everything including school work, jobs and it was affecting his friends and family. His drive was continual and very outward masculine. He was determined to reach his goals no matter what and make something of himself. He had something to prove. To himself, his father and through guilt of losing his brother.

Planned life 

As life would have it, as much as planned, strategized and had every thing perfectly mapped out – life threw a wobbly. He was in a situation where he was not accepting the situation and was out of control. He wanted answers and wanted to know why this happened to him as he did not deserved this and he plans for his life.

What Jonathon had not realised was with all this planning he had gone straight in to self preservation and the drive was to preserve his life in an elite way rather than going with the flow of life. This constant control was Not accepting life. He was reproducing his fathers life but in a different way. Both were trying to avoid the pain and hurt of losing a family member and doing it through alcohol or achieving. The drive they had was not love based – it was fear based. Jonathon had totally blocked his sensuality and had forgotten about relationships. He is view was he would ‘plan when to meet the perfect partner and she would do what he wanted to for his lifestyle anyway’.

Emotional pain

So coming back to Jonathon’s testicular cancer – what was the meaning behind this and what was it trying to tell Jonathon? The hurt that Jonathon felt form his brothers physical death and his fathers mental and emotional death really hurt him and he was trying to drive this pain away by making sure everything was planned and secure. By creating a disease which prevented him from playing his favourite sport and cancelling another if his dreams of being a parent meant Jonathon needed to stop and understand what it meant to accept life as a man. His lesson was to be learnt at a very young age of 28 years.

Picture of self acceptance

Jonathon decided to combine alternative health with western medicine. He was able to keep one testicle and therefore his dream of having family could happen. In fact whilst he was in hospital he connected with a Physiotherapist whom taught him so much about accepting life. She inspired Jonathon as she had one arm and played water polo. Her dream was to teach children with disabilities that everything in life was achievable and all you need do is focus on someone else rather than yourself.

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