The Thyroid Gland

The Thyroid Gland

What activities do you do for you? Are they always for others and not expressing who you are? Have you ever felt suffocated in life? Either by the work you do or not being able to see what you can achieve? What does it mean to express yourself? Welcome to the THYROID GLAND. An integral body part which is part of the Endocrine system and metaphysically is the link to Kundalini energy and self realisation.

Thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is situated on either side of the larynx and trachea in the neck. It manufactures thyroxin which controls the body’s metabolic rate. In others words – how effectively it converts food into energy. The thyroid stores iodine. The thyroid hormone increases the rate at which cells oxidise glucose. Behind this lies the PARATHYROID gland, which controls the level of calcium and phosphorus, in the bloodstream. In addition to physical growth, these glands are also believed to affect one’s mental development. The throat chakra, linked with the thyroid gland is linked to all forms of communication, corresponds to the need for balance between rational and cerebral approach and the emotional expression of the heart.

So what does that mean metaphysically?!?!?

The conversion of food to energy is very simple in a metaphysical meaning. Food is energy and can give or deplete energy for an individual depending in what the food is. If it is loved based, the energy will give motivation to do more for yourself and create situations where you become more productive for yourself. The food does not have to be food as we know it but can be what we ‘swallow’ in regards to information said to us, comments and information we have digested. In summary the food (information, comments, and expression of ourselves) we swallow and is converted to energy (motivation) is either going to make us want to do more and be very productive or will make us less productive in a negative way.



Brian had been working long hours training his elephant Betty for the love of the elephant as he new the potential she had. His boss, Mr. West, had purchased the Circus where Brian and Betty worked 12 months earlier. Mr West’s motivation was purely fame and money. No matter what Brian did, Mr West continually was rude, said nasty comments and was totally ungrateful for the work Brain and Betty did. This affected Brian’s weight as he noticed he was putting on weight. The food he was eating was not energising him and he continually felt disempowered. The food and comments were NOT being converted in to energy that assisted Brian – it fed him and deflated him. His expression of himself was continually destroyed. The weight gained …. A form of protection. The process of oxidising glucose in the body was completely slowed down and created a form of anaemia. (lack of joy in what he is doing) Everything Brian was trying to communicate from the heart was being ‘shot’ by Mr West as all he was interested was head stuff such as money and fame. When Brian was checked for his thyroid levels – he was noted at having low thyroxin and was required to go on medication. The activity he was doing for himself was not for himself but for Mr West. When he was doing for him, which was connecting with Betty and seeing the potential she had – his weight was great and his energy levels fantastic.


Medical Intuitive Meanings of the thyroid:


1.  devotion to self
2.  communication
3.  suffocation
4.  activity
5.  expression of self

So let’s break each of these concepts down with case histories. (Names have been changed for privacy)

Devotion (loyalty. Commitment)

1. Devotion to Self
Danielle had just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had always been very healthy. Her life was her immediate family and her extended family. She loved when the families got together for celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas and traditional events such as the Fetes of her village. She was continually there for everyone else and would give of her heart all the time. The one thing she was lacking which her loving husband continually reminded her of was doing for her. She would always break her commitments to self and this was showing in her thyroid. From a Medical Intuitive perspective, Danielle was not DEVOTED TO HERSELF. Each time she made a diary note to help herself, whether it be go to the gym every day, write in her journal, make her favourite food, she would always get side tracked and do for others as they asked. Deep inside it hurt her (cancer) but she was unable to EXPRESS this. It was the cancer that was expressing it for her and gave her an opportunity to do for herself. After a consult with Jean Sheehan, she was given a regime to help her with her medical diagnosis which she stuck too diligently for the first time in her life for herself! It involved two months of juicing raw fruits and vegetables (and other tools) which was challenging for Danielle as she lived in France and the stable diet was red wine, divine cheeses and home made bread. Many of her family, would continually encourage her to have the traditional food of the Ariege but for the first time she was devoted and said NO. This commenced the new journey for healing and her life. Three months later, Danielle shared that she was cancer free and doing things for herself. The most important word she learnt was NO!


2. Communication
Sarah was always the quiet one of the family and never spoke up. She loved to sit back and watch everyone before making any comments. She definitely had Rainbow Child energy. She had so much to say but was intimidated by strong over bearing personalities and so would never say anything. She had been diagnosed with and over active thyroid and could not put on weight. Sarah was very fearful and anything she ate would be burnt up straight away just from her body in constant adrenal fear based functioning. After attending Module I Medical Intuition, Sarah soon awakened to the power of communication and how important it was to her health, mind, body and soul. She had been listened to on the course and that filled her heart like nothing had ever before. People were very interested in what she had to say. From that module, she was able to put on a healthy weight and had her thyroid checked – the doctors were amazed as she no longer needed medication. Sarah learnt to communicate and give here message via radio where she was able to help others through her psychology degree. She had a self realisation what she had to say was very important.

Suffocate (choke)

3. Suffocation
Andrew had always had low self and did not realise what he was good at. He kept creating situations where he was excelling at work and had a fantastic opportunity to share his expression of IT and computer work, then he would sabotage it by resigning and blaming his family, especially his wife. It was a pattern that he kept repeating. Part of it, was that he was frightened of his own gift – IT and the other was he was fearful that if he made it who would he leave behind. Andrew was diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea and when sleeping had to have air via a fan or air conditioner as felt suffocated. When he shared his life, he felt suffocated by his family, wife and his career. It was like he could not break free. He was ready tp leave them all and just so he could feel free. He did not realise that it was himself that was suffocating himself. As he got older the adipose tissue around his neck was getting bigger and the sleep apnoea worsened. He had put on a lot weight and his thyroid was not functioning at optimum health. All indicators of SELF SUFFOCATION. In the mean time, his wife had organised a job interview for him where he was able to share his gift of IT and computers. She was totally encouraging of his career, gift and wanted him to see his own potential. Andrew took the opportunity reluctantly. Within two week of commencing the job, he lost weight, his sleeping improved and he felt this openness in his heart – freedom. He continually saw eagles – a symbol of freedom. His love for his wife, family and new job changed dramatically. It was like a new lease on life.


4. Activity
Joanna had always been a dynamic and energetic person and so full of life. She was always known for her ‘on the go’ personality. That was until one day she collapsed after working 4 weeks straight in her coffee shop business. No one realised that she was absolutely exhausted and had been working long hours recently not for the love it as usually she did but to avoid the pain she had buried in her heart, thyroid, and 2nd chakra. She recently had found out that her husband was having an affair and he had tried to deny it. That was until she had received an anonymous email stating dates that they had been together. When she confronted him his answer broke her heart – he was jealous of her life as she had purpose and so many friends. He was sick of feeling left out. Her thyroid tried to compensate this pain by feeling all food especially sugar as energy for Joanna and could not longer sustain her as she was not in such overdrive and burnt out her adrenal glands. The lack of communication of her pain pushed her ‘over drive and activity’ to exhaustion. That is why she lost so much weight. So many were worried about her but she said she was fine. Once she was able to communicate how much pain she was in her activity went back to being bubbly and full of life rather than fight/flight of the adrenal glands. Her thyroid gland balanced itself and she regained a healthy weight again.


5. Expression of Self 
Bobby had a dream. His dream was to write a book about his life. He was unsure how it would be accepted and kept putting the book on hold. He had been able to connect to the wisdom of the ABSOLUTE since childhood and had always been confused by the earth ways of separation. He commenced his book several times but chosen to hide it for fear of rejection. As a child he continually had tonsillitis and complained of suffocating feelings in his throat. He would try to explain this to his parents but they did not understand as they were functioning from the 3rd dimension of ‘see it to believe it’. It was not until he noticed the more he was not expressing himself in his gift the more he was not being heard by others. Bobby even got to screaming at people hoping they would listen to him but that made it worse and his direct family switched off every time he talked. He noticed choking feelings in his throat but when he had these checked medically there was nothing there. After a session with Jean Sheehan, Bobby had blockages in his expression. His thyroid was desperate to share his ancient wisdom. It was now up to him if he felt comfortable to write this wisdom. Bobby shared his writings with friends whom were blown away by this knowledge and asked for more. This encouraged Bobby and he started his own Blog site. From that time his feelings of choking disappeared, his health was vibrant and he even had people say how much younger he looked.

Healthy communication

In Summary   
The thyroid gland is so complex in its Medical Intuitive meanings and yet so simple if we listen to it directly. It is important to self express your talent and do for yourself so that you have optimum health on all levels. You will feel a sense of freedom and empowerment. And when you do not listen to your thyroid – watch what your weight does or how energised you feel? You will always have signs and symptoms there that you can ascend with.

Stop listening to them – you can do anything!

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