I often get asked how to use a wand and how to prime or align it to the new owner. So, I decided to share my memories from Atlantis and how we used it then and now.

A wand can be given to you or you are guided to purchase one. You never really own a wand, but you are the keeper of a wand.

Enjoy the sacredness of the wand.

Who used them

Wands, staff and sticks have been used in many societies and cultures. These include aboriginal, ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, Indians, the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures, Atlantis and Lemuria. Religions have also used them, including Jesus as he walked and taught his words. Over time, belief systems changed and came to see these as power wands. Some religions used them as weapons, and to create fear to make people do as they wanted, with a political intention.

What were they for

When used properly with the wand, staff or stick will draw people together as a community or family, with the understanding that the person who has been allocated with, called the keeper of the stick, is the wise one. In medieval times, this person would have been called a witch or wicca. Indigenous cultures which worked in oneness with the land always had a wise elder who had a stick or wand and used this to call upon the feminine energies of love and healing. The elder had great knowledge and wisdom, and would guide and mentor the community. This knowledge was obtained through meditations and connecting with other realms of life, whether they be Mother Earth/Father Sky, universal knowledge or galactic beings. Each society would have two elders – a male and a female. This would bring about the divine equal balance of oneness.

Wand, staff and stick have been used as tools and symbols of higher forms of communication. They are antennae which direct, receive and channel energies. They are used to draw forth and give expression to the feminine life force for healing, protection and creation.

The wand, staff and sticks is the second half of the creative principle. It is an assertive and masculine principle. Any stick can be considered a magical wand. The stick is the ‘father’ aspect. It is what brings forth those things desired out of the unmanifested. Such tools help us to magnify and select the creative process.

How they were decorated

Crystals, shells, stones, beads and feathers would be attached. In some cases, such as ancient Egypt, the staff would be glazed in gold to represent all that is, and have gems inserted into it. This was to help people get in touch with their feelings and intuition. Colours were important depending on the civilisation, culture and belief system.

Their hidden meaning

When creating your own wand, staff or stick, it was and is important for you to make it an extension of yourself. This is because the real power to do anything lies within yourself.

Henry Ford said:

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

In other words, if you believe and have faith in yourself, then anything is possible. If you believe you can and put your mind to it, it will happen, whatever it may be. This is real manifestation. Like all things here on Earth, everything is a symbol. So is the wand, staff or stick. For communities and groups, it is a quick reminder that whoever is the keeper of the stick has wisdom and knowledge to share. In today’s world, we see the Pope and Dalai Lama use sticks and staffs, and for many, they are considered wise leaders with something to share.

How to use them today

Using them every day…that is easy! Children at school have ‘show and tell’, a time when they can share with the class something that is important to them. This is considered wisdom/knowledge as it is their perspective of the world. It is communicating from the feminine, which is from the heart and how they feel. When children express what has happened on the playground, they are actually expressing the feminine again through their feelings, and in past societies, this would have been considered an honour to listen to.

Other ways to use it include:

  • hold it when meditating
  • hold it when you need guidance
  • have it sit next to you whilst working
  • use it for psychic surgery
  • if you have pain, gently hold it in your hand that you are guided to use, and wave energy around the area of pain or discomfort
  • automatic writing where you may hold it in your dominant hand, and your non-dominant hand will start to write your guided messages
  • hands on and energetic healing

I have my wand at the computer while I’m working. When I write my books I have my wands near me for the knowledge.

Priming and Charging

I always use the full and new moon energy to charge my wands. Sit with the wand in both hands, where it’s on your lap and your hands are laid out. You are offering it to the absolute. The words you say are the following:

“I accept this wand.

I accept the power.

I accept the wisdom.

I do so with absolute love.

My intention is to be of service in absolute love only”

Make sure to have a ritual and ceremony to embrace the wand as you are accepting and embracing all knowledge when you receive a wand.

The staff

The staff is a symbol of the Tree of Life, the axis between heaven and Earth. It is a tool to take messages skyward. It provides support, and it gives direction and intensity to energy. The staff is a link to your most spiritual energies. Magic and power have long been associated with staffs. In Biblical lore, the staff of Moses turned into a snake and swallowed the staffs/snakes of the Egyptian priests. The great magician Merlin is often depicted with a staff.

A staff reminds us to keep our own magic alive while journeying through life. These powerful application of the creative imagination is employed in a technique used by the ancient Hebrews, a form of mysticism known as Kabbalah. The Tree of Life maps out symbolic ways to various levels of the mind and the universe. They can be used for astral travel. All of these again remind us that the power is within us at all times.


What the word staff means today

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘staff’ is defined as either ‘a group of people working together under a manager or other authority figure in an organization’ or ‘a rod/pole/stick used as a weapon’.

Looking at the above, you can see how meanings can change and apply to different circumstances. On a lateral way of thinking, in the case of school teachers, they are the staff in two ways, as they are the authority figure to children and a form of power figure, and they appear to have knowledge and wisdom as they teach and bring much energy with them. In other words, if the teacher is in a happy mood, so will the children be.

In conclusion

The wand, staff and sticks are symbols for saying “we have the power within to make our journey of life here on Earth either positive and loving or negative and fearful”. It is personal choice. In the communication aspect, if you speak lovingly and positively about a situation or person, you will create that, too. Remember, the talking stick is a form of communication. Being an antenna, like the reticular activating system of the brain, the talking stick shall attract to it whatever the belief is – love or fear, positive or negative!

We can create our own magic in our journey of life, depending on how we feel in the world. Use your feminine energy, intuition, to feel the world and bring the energies of love and not fear into it, and see what you receive. The end result will be magical.

Watch a small child and see the actions of magic they bring – when will you create this?

Remember, as a keeper of the wand, you are accepting the absolute truth and knowledge and know that we are all here in service as we are all one mind, one heartbeat and one consciousness; absolute love and empowerment. Be the example of what is possible.