What is Ascension?

Ascension is basically a change in frequency and a change in focus of consciousness. Your physical body, emanations, thoughts and spirit are made of energy, blended and integrated in ways that make you unique in the entire Universe. The energy that you are has a frequency, and you can change it. As you raise the lowest frequencies in your physical body, it becomes less dense and incorporates energy of higher frequencies. As it does, you will begin to see things and think things that were not possible before. You will venture above the 3rd & 4th dimensions. The low frequency feelings of FEAR and LIMITATIONS will fall away and disapear and you will live a state of what you would today call ecstasy, being at one with your own spirit and with the spirit of everyone else.

After ascension, life changes. There is a part of you that has always been connected (your soul/spirit) and the mind/body will catch up. There is no space, no time, no obstructions or limitations in your every day life. In the light body, you will know who you are: a pure, loving, united being with all other beings as part of the ABSOLUTE but still simultaneously individuated to be able to say to another being ‘We are both ONE’. You will know who you are in terms of your incarnations across time, what your learnings are from each, and how each is a bold and daring mission through which the ABSOLUTE learns more about itself.

Your ascension will allow you to be a MASTER of CREATION. Your thoughts will be instantly manifested. Everything is unlimited. Your perception is heightened and in LOVE. The most significant feeling of true ascension is the freedom of many fear based frequencies, you express the pure unconditional LOVE of the ABSOLUTE. There is no barrier between you and the ABSOLUTE. (Taught in the Millennium Modality™ – Modules I-IV).

This is a brief summary of the 3 – 12 Dimensions:

3rd Dimension – only matter exists, including everything matters with reason, explanations and logic, but nothing really matters
4th Dimension – concerned with emotions, part of the lower vibrations, relates to the separate MIND5th Dimension – welcome to light body awareness, a realisation you are the MASTER of your world to create anything you want. A remembrance that you area multidimensional being6th Dimension – discover / explore the DNA templates, work with ALL patterns types, communication in colour, tone and the language of light, consciousness CREATED through thought & during SLEEP

7th Dimension – PURE creativity and expression, sacred geometry used, experience infinite refinement of ALL to return to the ABSOLUTE

8th Dimension – UNITY & group mentality as the loss of separated ‘I’ occurs, can experience a ‘blanked out’ feeling as you reconnect with vastness of ABSOLUTE

9th Dimension – collective consciousness of planets, star systems, galaxies, dimensions and more, difficulty to remain conscious on a hu-man level

10th dimension – upper creation realm home of ELOHIM (GOD),

11th Dimension – state before creation & exquisite expectancy just like the moment before a sneeze or orgasm, known as the METRATRON (harmony, wisdom, boundless love, knowledge, teachers of knowledge)

12th Dimension – the ONE point, where all consciousness knows itself to be utterly one with ALL & NO separation at all, connection with Nirvana.


After having channelled and visited these dimensions I was left with a feeling of completeness, harmony and peace. My heart still has residue and a knowingness of the 12th dimension. Imagine if I can reach NIRVANA, so can you and this is part of the next evolutionary step. These evolutionary steps are through the chakra systems and working with Kundalini. This information is taught and experienced on the Millennium Education course – Module III Kundalini.

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