Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

I dedicate this article to my dear friend who recently passed away (March 2010) to the dis-harmony of Breast Cancer. Although the subject of ‘Why we create breast cancer’ is the most requested that I receive, I have postponed writing about it. Now I understand why – I have wanted to share this information with utmost love and dedication to those women and now girls as young as 9 years old, which truly have forgotten themselves as the pure sensual women that they are. Since my friend’s death, I am guided to share this information as a reminder to women and men, girls and boys that we have forgotten love of SELF.

I do make a personal request. Please pass this link & article on to as many people as you can. By raising the consciousness of why we create breast cancer, we will be able to change the frequency and belief systems so that this disease becomes invalid and in alignment with absolute love and empowerment. There are so many women and girls being affected by this disease, please help me to raise the awareness to the rest of the world to put a STOP to this disease. I personally thank you from my heart for this simple act. Let’s change the consciousness to RETURN TO LOVE.

*Please note this information has been researched and facts gathered for the last 15 years from Jean Sheehan’s consults and studies. These studies include the intuitive process as well clients results form work done with Jean Sheehan. Please note any information, procedure or techniques shared & learnt in this article is no way designed to replace medical practices or medical advice given to people from qualified medical practitioners. This material makes no claim to cure any illness or disease, nor does it claim to diagnose and prescribe advice. The information is not intended to offer medical, psychological or other professional services, and whenever persons find themselves in need of treatment by a qualified medical practitioner, the above mentioned party encourages them to do so. In the event that you use the information from the course for yourself or others, the above mentioned party, Millennium Education Pty Ltd ATF Sheehan Family Trust & Absolute Empowerment assumes no responsibility for your choices, decisions or actions.

To help understand these transformational concepts, I have given client examples. Names have been changed for confidentiality. These women and men have been able to change their life and commence a new journey of love, abundance and peace within all that they do. That is my dream and hope for you.

Breast cancer is a ‘common’ and well recognised disease in Western countries. It’s diagnosis appears to be increasing rather than decreasing. The magnificent research and studies in to the disease is certainly making people very aware. The community is certainly being awakened to the fact there are girls as young as 9 years old are being diagnosed with this possible terminal illness. Now as ask yourself “Why?”

Certainly we can see the physical & chemical reasons why this disease may be created. But what about the emotional and spiritual reasons? What about the Metaphysical reasons why breast cancer occurs? Let’s explore. Each and every body part has a consciousness or belief system. The organ, endocrine or body part knows what job it is meant to be doing and works together with the other parts of the body. When a body ‘forgets’ its role, that is when it will become diseased and try to talk to the person to make them aware of the internal vibration. Disease is the blueprint or print out of the internal vibration in manifestation to make the individual aware of what is happening.

What is the consciousness of the breast:

1. respect

2. nourishment

3. nurturing

4. acceptance

5. sensuality

6. sexuality

Most people have heard about the 7 main chakras, but we also have other and minor chakras. There is a nipple chakra which relates to breast cancer and has the consciousness of:

1. neediness

2. resentment

It is important to explore each emotion relating to the breast consciousness and why breast cancer is created and what can be done wit it.


The meaning of respect:

~ is to take notice of,
~ to regard with special attention,
~ to regard as worthy of special consideration.

So how can women with breast cancer relate to the word RESPECT? In this case it is disrespect. Breast cancer can be related to the fact that the child never felt noticed or given special attention. The child is not necessarily young as within all of us we have a inner child that wants to be healed. This belief system can be carried through to any relationships she has as an adult. If the breast cancer is on the left side, it would relate to females/mothers/women. If the Breast Cancer is on the right side relates men/father/males. This is a belief system that the young soul has taken on due to an experience and perception. Then seeing it a s a belief or truth, the girl repeats the pattern and magnetize to her a partner or person that will repeat the pattern of:

1. not taking notice of her
2. will not regard her with special attention
3. will not regard her with special consideration.

The respect can also be that the women does not see herself as worthwhile for what she has created or done in the past. As a result of the women’s own belief systems of not feeling worthwhile, valuable or of any interest to herself or others, she repels any loving attention.

One of my clients, Annie, had created breast cancer and the core issue was resentment. She continually attracted to her men that treated her with disrespect and disregard as though she was nothing and not valuable. However she also treated herself that way too! Annie never put herself first and never gave herself attention. How she did this was if she reached a great deal or had success in her work, she did not acknowledge it herself. She was extremely hard on herself and criticised herself. As she did this to herself, she also noticed others did it to her too. When Annie went to dinner with her friends, she always put herself last and put herself down. People eventually mimicked her words actions and gave her no special consideration. Little did Annie realise that as she did it for herself, the outside world would show her through manifestation what she was doing. Annie also had a secret that she told no one – she suffered with depression and thought herself as invaluable and not worthwhile. She never knew how much of a difference she made to people’s lives. This is something she could never tell until our third session. Once she was able to say it, be aware of it then she could commence the healing process. Annie, commenced journaling every day how worthwhile she was and how she changed peoples lives. She also had homeplay of making herself a priority and speaking up. I am so excited to share that Annie is fully recovered from her breast cancer and lives a life of abundance and is extremely successful in her own Counselling Business.


The holistic approach to health is considering the mind, body, spirit. It also includes how we nourish or feed ourselves. Quite often women especially when they become Mothers will ensure everyone else is ‘nourished’ before she is. She will ‘feed’ their mind, body, soul. To nourish our body, we would fill it with beautiful fruits, vegetable and purified water. Quite often, it is after the woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer that she may change her lifestyle and what she eats and drinks. She may eat low acid foods, stop alcohol and sweet foods and even commence exercise.

As for the soul nourishment, the cancer may open the woman’s eyes to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ In other words, the woman may now realise life is here to enjoy rather than earn money, seek glamour and status. The woman may be opened to live in the now, love unconditionally and live life with discernment rather than attachment to outcomes. To nourish the soul, is about connecting with people that enhance your life and feed your soul with love rather than fear and fear based emotions, such as resentment and anger. You know if your soul is being fed as you are high on life and do not feel like eating junk food, alcohol, sweet foods and more.

Nourishing the mind can be a little trickier especially as a society we live in an unconscious world. Quite often we are unaware of what our mind is saying or what are our negative thoughts. How do we know that you have resentment towards your husband as he works away all the time and pays no attention to you? You may not be aware but you know you are angry when he is away. So to nourish the mind is also to be fully aware of the emotions of how you are feeling, when and actually feeling the feelings to allow them to come and pass through with out being locked into the body. The mind plays silly tricks and illusions and forgets that every thing is done in love. So using the example before of the women feeling resentful that her husband is working away, what if she was to see that what the husband was doing was actually in love for her and he wanted to earn the big money to buy her gifts and live a life of luxury? In other words if she changed her perception, her mind would see this act in love and therefore the soul would be nurtured. It is up to the individual to nurture the mind and watch what the thoughts are as if they are in the darkness of illusion, it will create disharmony where as if seeing in the eye of love, the mind will perceive in light and love.

Heather came to see me as she had breast cancer. She stated she felt ‘alone and neglected’. As she shared her story, it was revealed that her husband Doug was working continually, which also included being away. She had feelings of being isolated and malnourished. She lived on cigarettes, strong black tea and peppermint lollies. There was definitely no sweetness in life for her and she had no family/friends to share her grievances with. As time progressed after a couple of weeks sharing, it was obvious Heather was ‘malnourished’ in her mind, body and soul. Her food/fluid intake was destroying her body and creating more fear based emotions as the cigarettes and tea were stimulating hormones to be on fight/flight mode. She did not eat anything nourishing such as fruit, vegetables, juices, and her water in take was nil. As for Heather’s mind, the only feeding of that she gave was constantly seeing her husband in the negative and her words were ‘male chauvinistic man’. Each time her husband Doug entered her area she did not welcome him and expected him to treat her like a princess. The last part that Heather did not nourish herself was her soul. She continually surrounded herself with unpleasant experiences and unpleasant people.

It was time Heather changed her life. If she really wanted to heal her cancer and not recreate it in another part of her body, she needed to see what she was doing to herself. Heather chose to integrate both conventional medicine with the metaphysical techniques of healing. I asked Heather to visualise her husband as a loving and caring man who was there for her and nurtured her every need. She then was to surround herself with people that inspired her, and that included going to seminars, reading books and websites about people that gave her inspiration. This was to nurture her soul. She eventually agreed to go on a specific diet that I channelled for her body which included no tea, no cigarettes and no lollies. We gave her tools and techniques. It was such a gift for me to watch her change from a bitter and resentful person to blossom to a healthy person whom adored her husband, lost weight and appeared to glow in her very core being. She was attending many seminars and reading inspirational information. Six months later, Heather was about to embark on a public speaking tour to share her own story. She had changed her perception and nourished her mind, body and soul and completely changed her life.


No matter what our up bringing has been and how our parents have been towards us, when it comes to life and especially breast cancer, we need to nurture our selves. Ask yourself now how you feed yourself, educate yourself and bring yourself up. How do you develop yourself? Do you feed your mind, body, spirit loving concepts or unloving concepts? What do you say about yourself? How do you speak about yourself in front of others?

This subject is very similar to nourishment when relating it to the metaphysical creation of breast cancer. The difference is that there is no blame on anyone else for how you are as we are responsible for our thoughts, actions, beliefs and results. There are no failures, only results. Your body will show you if you are not nurturing yourself by having pain, discomfort or disease. If you were a child to yourself, how would you raise and nurture you to have you grow in to a loving being? Why rely on someone else – do for you what you wish was done by others.

The mistake in healing breast cancer is when you rely on others to nurture – develop, educate, grow you as you have the power and choice to create your life. Surround yourself with loving people and inspirational people that will support your growth and enhance your core being which is love. Melanie stated she had a great childhood which was loving and nurturing. Her life was easy and she loved school. If this was the case why did Melanie have breast cancer? Something must have been blocking to create this disease.

As I sat with Melanie during her first session, I watched her body language and listened between the lines of her words. Melanie was full of praise for everyone except herself. She was so cruel on herself and such high expectations. Melanie was an ‘A’ grade student who did not recognize her own abilities. She saw herself as too fat even though she had an amazing body for a 55 year old woman. She chose not to eat too much in case she got fat and therefore she was starving herself of food. She also starved herself of nurturing as she was constantly expecting herself to be better in and all everything she did. Although extremely educated with several Masters degrees, Melanie educated her mind with ‘she was dumb’. She was made aware in the first session that she is always the parents – both Mother and Father to herself and was educating her ‘daughter’ or self as not good enough. These thoughts kept being pumped in to her left breast and 2 lymph nodes under her left arm. Melanie was quite devastated in what she had been doing to her self. Melanie was given a programme for 6 weeks to complete which included journaling, walks along the beach where she lived and to utilise the knowledge she had. She also imagined and visualised herself with herself as parent & child relationship to make her aware how she was treating the inner child within. Melanie was able to successfully overcome her learning lessons and live a life of freedom.


As souls having a human experience we are constantly striving to feel accepted and loved. The Mayan calendar talks about a consciousness we will reach in the new Millennium (taught in Medical Intuitive Courses) where we shall reach awakened states of emotions such as unconditional love, detachment, acceptance and more. (Taught in Module II) So what acceptance are we requiring when relating this to the breast and breast cancer?

Acceptance means many things including as mentioned in Nurturing (above), to take or agree to responsibility. Overall it means being able to be one with all and integrating that concept. It is also about receiving something especially approval. This is where it can be tricky as a women and the role of a women, what is now acceptable or approved of? The main concept is can you accept yourself for what you have or have not done, said, thought, etc?’ The less you accept yourself, the more chances you have of creating breast cancer. It will not matter what others think of you as ultimately if what you think of yourself. When you have complete and total acceptance of yourself as souls having a human journey then you cease the disease of breast cancer.

I was very surprised when Karen came for a session with breast cancer as the results of why she had created it related to no acceptance of self at all. Her thymus gland metaphysically was about Christ consciousness and acceptance of self in all ways. Her confidence was non existent at all. This had occurred due to the continual ‘verbal abuse’ from her x partner. She truly was unable to see herself with anyone else, could not see what was acceptable about her and this also created her eye sight to deteriorate where she could not see long distances. (Medical Intuitive, Module I, I teach that loss of eye sight is what we have heard). As Karen stayed with this partner and he continued the verbal abuse, her self esteem was crushed. Her body kept telling me that to heal the cancer she required 2 months (4 doses) of Oral Confid essence. She needed to nurture herself with confidence. The changes were incredible and the essence was integrated with other techniques. I am happy to say Karen is with a loving man who idolises her and she has made a huge healing where she nurtures herself in all levels. Her eye sight has returned and she recently got married.


In this new generation, sensuality is often mixed up with the giving of yourself as a an object and in the context of your body and sex, many young girls are confusing sensuality with having sex rather than a close intimate relationship with themselves as a woman and then with a partner depending on age, development etc. The dictionary meaning is the gratification of the senses, leading on to sexual sensations. As women, sometimes in the desperation to feel loved and accepted, a woman may use her body as an object and therefore may not feel sensual. Some woman never see themselves as a sensual being, or that their body parts are attractive in a sexual way, especially to others.

Relating this to breast cancer, some women that have I have consulted with have explained that they were ‘tom boys’ when they were children. As they grew up as women they never could understand the womanly growths such as breasts growing, menstrual cycles and more. Some of these women did not want to see themselves as it brought up that they felt like a sexual toy for someone else which closed their own personal door to sensuality.

Jo was a ‘tom boy’ as a child. Her name was Josephine but she never liked this name as preferred Jo. She never related to being a girl and loved playing with the boys. As a teenager Jo tried to have relationships with boys but it always a ‘one night stand’ or just sex as she could not relate to the sensuality within herself. Jo could never connect with her body especially when her breast grew or when she commenced menstrual cycle. Jo was angry she had breast cancer and had decided to have a radical mastectomy. Her Specialist had suggested she have both breasts removed ‘just in case’ to which she was happy. Yet she only had cancer in her right breast and it was not in her lymph nodes either. It was an awareness that she did not know how to allow herself to enjoy the sensuality of sex and the senses of sex. Jo had a fear of emotional and physical intimacy with anyone and that included herself. This resulted in creating breast cancer.

Jo was given strategies to overcome these concepts and also put on to Sensuality Oral essence. Jo chose to have a partial mastectomy rather than bilateral and was able to share with me that she had a loving and very intimate relationship. She was able to feel passion and receive sensual fulfilment. Two years later, she had a follow up appointment to which she stated her breast cancer was non existent and she was pregnant.


Sexuality can be defined as the quality or state of being sexual. Quite often it is the aspect of one’s need for closeness, caring and touch. It is the condition of being characterized and distinguished by sex.

On a subconscious level, some women deny their own desires and belief systems that they desire to be close to someone, usually their partner. This desire is to be close and feel cared for. A human behaviour of expressing this act is through sex.

However if the woman has no conscious idea that she wants to be close, she will create breast cancer. Unknown to her she has created a disease which will make the partner close and care for her ….. maybe. This is not always the case.

Another reason for creating breast cancer subconsciously is that the woman disrespect herself for sexual acts she has done in the past all in the name of wanting desperately to feel close, loved and cared for. This trait has been seen in the prostitute occupation, especially.

Kathy presented to me with breast cancer. She explained that she had used her body as an object and totally disrespected it. She had always wanted love and thought she could get it from having sex with men. She also had learnt that this was love as her Father used to sexually abuse her from 5 years old to 11 years old. She had deep shame for what she had done as an adult and definitely did not accept herself and also was shameful for what her Father had asked her to do. She knew it was not her fault but the emotions of the shame were locked into her breast and that had created breast cancer. Kathy after many sessions and also attending the Opening Door Course, was able to perceive life differently. She integrated herbal medicine and the life tools and techniques taught to her from Millennium Education to come to a place of health in regards to her breast cancer. There was still emotional attachment which was not clearing. That is when Kathy decided to take the Sexuality essence to clear these blocks. She stated she had no more shameful feelings and was able to fully accept her body as a temple.


As mentioned earlier, the body is a storage unit for the internal vibration. Each body part is programmed to hold particular emotions. The consciousness of the general brain is expectation and sickness as identity. In other words, we subconsciously can create a disease as an identity as well as the body is manifesting the internal vibration so as we know what the ‘story’ is inside. Unconsciously we have certain beliefs and these come to manifestation or awareness at certain times during disease or ill health. NEEDINESS is one of these diseases and is locked in to the brain consciousness, breast and the knee. (Taught Module I)

Quite often women that develop and create breast cancer have a neediness of their partner and can be quite clingy or demanding, even to the extreme of being ‘the damsel in distress’. Yet to look at these women they look like they are independent. The neediness comes from feeling alone and isolated. They do not realise their own potential and what they can achieve as an interdependent person. Also they create breast cancer as a way of feeling loved and their partner not leaving them. It is an attention seeking concept. Yet again the duality will happen with the women appearing as though they are totally fine and do not want any attention focused on them.

Helen continually created some sort of ailment or drama to have people around her and help her. She hated being alone and felt isolated all the time. When Helen explained she had breast cancer there was almost a sense of relief and happiness as she made this comment. This rang alarm bells for me. She stated “Now Gary will stay with me and I won’t be alone.” She also explained she went to many practitioners for many reasons. I could hear a co-dependency theme running as she shared her story. As we discussed the treatment of her breast cancer she had chosen to have chemotherapy and radiation, again as her husband would have to drive her and her Mother could cook her meals and be there for her. During this process Helen still came for sessions as we addressed her neediness situation and where it had come from and why was it so important to her. She explained her Father had left the house when she was 9 years old and she never felt safe with both her and her Mother. She wanted a man to protect her. She had married Gary straight away as she felt she was never going to get another man love and accept her. Helen was able to come to many self realisations on what she had created in her life especially after having an Oral essence of MONGA WARATAH for her codependancy. Helen was able to start a new life where she went back to TAFE and is now working in a Childcare centre. She has no breast cancer and states she rarely sees other partitioners for help since doing Module I, Medical Intuition. Professionally I have found that when this neediness occurs, an Oral essence of Monga Waratah helps immensely helping to shift this consciousness and allowing the person to become interdependent and be aware of their full potential.


Resentment is an unawakened emotion (taught Module II & Module IV) which prevents us from ascending and living a life of abundance. There are two emotions, LOVE and FEAR which then branch to many. Resentment comes under the umbrella of FEAR. The body locks resentment in to the nipple chakra and the breast.

Resentment is grievance and anger at someone or something. It is when we blame someone or something and refuse to release that blame. In the ancient writings, resentment was to give ‘pardon for a fault’, which is the same as forgiveness. So how does this relate to breast cancer …….

As mentioned previously we are as a human race totally unaware of what the internal vibration is saying as we have never been educated to the effect of emotional care. We lock these fear based emotions within our body parts where they are stored. As soon as there is overload of that particular emotion, the body communicates with us by creating disease. With this in mind, any resentment will be locked in to the breast (and gall bladder – Module I) where it will manifest as breast cancer. There could be resentment at anyone or anything depending on the how the person perceived the situation. Also, if the women is fearful or reluctant to share their grievances, this will be locked in to the breast and eventually manifest as cancer. This could be due to she is needy (as mentioned earlier) and does not want to upset the person/people and feels as though she needs to be ‘quiet’ so as to be accepted, as previously mentioned.

Lauren had presented to me with breast cancer stating it was all her Mothers fault for not loving her. She resented that her Mother left her Father and in doing so her Mother then had to work full time to support Lauren. Lauren was unable to see why her Mother did this and held on to the resentment and refused to forgive her Mother for actions which were now 21 years ago. This was absolutely destroying Lauren and creating breast cancer. This bitterness and resentment was weaving itself not only in the left breast but also in to the lymph glands and in to the bones. Even talking to Lauren was challenging as she stated she wanted her Mother to die. Before we could even look at the breast cancer healing, the body wanted to heal the resentment held within the breast. Lauren agreed to have 2 x oral Resentment essences. After this duration, her whole attitude changed towards her Mother and life. Lauren was also shown a forgiveness technique and forgiveness scared geometry crystal grid (Taught Module IV). Her cancer in the mean time appeared to be shrinking and her relationship with her Mother was evolving. Lauren’s breast cancer took 6 months to heal completely integrating both western medicine and naturopathy. The emotional and spiritual aspect also were addressed to give a holistic approach to healing the breast cancer.

The holistic approach to healing any disease includes mind, body and spirit. It involves physical, chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our body is the manifestation of the internal vibration and shows our hidden secrets.

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