From Chronic Illness to Empowerment

From Chronic Illness to Empowerment

From Chronic Illness to


It is with sheer delight I introduce you to Allison McKenzie who is a qualified Millennium Modality® – Medical Intuition Practitioner, Modules I, II, III, IV, VI. She has shared her wisdom through the following article. My intention of having certified Practitioners share their insights is so we have a holistic approach to Medical Intuition, health and happiness.
Enjoy and thank you Allison


There are many things I can tell you about why and how I got glandular fever, tonsillitis and cytomegalovirus followed by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But at the heart of it all I was ‘playing small.’ I was ‘too nice,’ apologetic and accommodating and I didn’t put myself first. As a result, I became extremely ill and couldn’t recover for 18 months.

Jean Sheehan has since taught me through her Medical Intuition Courses, that playing small is not an option for staying well and succeeding in life.

I was keen to do well in my course in Biological Sciences and I had high expectations of myself but I wasn’t looking after myself. I studied long hours with little rest and ultimately, became very stressed. Add to that, the fact that I was constantly trying to please everyone else and the stress led to me contracting glandular fever. I deferred my degree and 18 months later, still with jaundice, my condition was classified as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I was finding it harder and harder to pull myself out of bed every morning. I would lie in bed feeling like a heavy weight was pushing down on me. ‘What is wrong with me?’ was my daily question to myself. ‘Why can’t I just be like everyone else? Where is all my energy and how will I make it through today?’

I saw a doctor who was also a naturopath. I tried cleansing diets, vitamins and various other methods but none of it helped.

I recovered after I met a hypnotherapist who was able to help me pinpoint why I was sick.

I became well through hypnotherapy. I learnt how to meditate and visualise all of my cells being healthy, while kinesiology assisted me with gaining balance, motivation and purpose in my life. I kept up the ‘coaching’ provided and I meditated every morning and every night for between 1-2 hours each time.

Within a month I was well!

It is only through Jean’s work that I now realise that this was one of my first discoveries into realising that I can empower myself and that I am a conscious co-creator. That is, that I can create my life the way I want to.

I still didn’t know who I was

I have now been well for 20 years but after attending Jean’s Medical Intuition courses I learnt that the real reason I went through the experience of being ill was that I didn’t know who I was. Even after recovering from this devastating illness, becoming a teacher, a kinesiologist and a writer for Oxford University Press, I still didn’t really fully understand who I was until I attended the Medical Intuition courses.

My Experience on Medical Intuition II- How I Discovered ‘Who I Am’

I can still remember it as vividly as if it was yesterday. I was talking and laughing with my friend when Jean motioned for me to come and lie down on the massage table. There was music playing and crystals under the table. People stopped talking and stood around watching as I lay down, snuggled under the blanket and closed my eyes. Jean stood next to the table and began her work. I don’t know how it happened but I felt like I was being transported into another time.

I saw myself up on top of a cliff at night, standing in a circle of women, all with long blonde hair and white robes. We were performing some kind of ritual with singing and making commands of the full moon above the centre of the circle. It seemed that the intensity of the commands and singing increased and increased, like a tension was building, until I stepped into the circle and raised my staff up high towards the moon. A bolt of light shot down from the moon and hit the top of my staff and as it did, I was lifted upwards.

Then there was bliss…… Pure bliss, love and contentment….’it just is.’ I had tears streaming down my face and even after Jean said it was time to come back, it was quite a while before I was able to speak properly. People asked what happened and it was hard to explain. I felt taller, prouder, more confident. I knew I had been some type of powerful healer in another time. Jean asked how I was feeling and I said, ‘I know who I am now.’

Since the medical intuition courses there have been some challenging times. Some times when I didn’t know what to do, when I fell into fear, when I slipped back into my people pleasing ways and playing small.

Following the courses I now have this resource to draw on. When I feel I am ‘slipping’ I see myself on the cliff either commanding the elements or communing with the moon and connecting with bliss and pure love and I know who I am. I am empowered now.

I am love, I am at one with all and my name is ALLISON. That is… ALL IS ON(E).

Now I am back at home, I know there is no more playing small. There is no more revoking responsibility. The being in me that is this Goddess like self is powerful and will not take no for an answer. Every opportunity is taken, every mountain will be climbed and every day I can feel my soul driving me towards fulfilling the reason I was put here on Earth. To understand that I am more powerful than even I can imagine and help others do the same.

Since attending the courses, I have been able to help numerous people access similar experiences and discover who they are. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling empowered and enabling others to empower themselves.

If you are thinking of attending the Medical Intuition Courses, I would highly recommend them!

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