Fulfillment is in the Stomach

Fulfillment is in the Stomach

Who would have thought that real fulfillment is stored in the stomach?


It is integral to understand the stomach body consciousness first. From a Medical Intuitive point of view the stomach is all about digestion of life, intolerance, rejection, and the conscious mind. For the stomach, life is food and all that we are conscious of and all our learning lessons needs to be digested.


It is best to give an example of one of my USA clients. John, a 44 year old man (name changed for confidentiality) was experiencing intolerance to wheat and vomited if he had any. He had been checked for celiac but he was all clear and all other medical tests could not find what was wrong. He was desperate to know what was happening as it was affecting his personal and professional life. During the Medical Intuitive session he shared that he always felt rejected when he had to give a presentation at work. He thought he was being judged and his perception of what others thought of him was ‘small minded’ or not conscious. John was well respected and admired but John could not see it. The story he kept digesting was that he was a failure when it came to teaching. His conscious mind (stomach) needed to be empty (rejection and vomiting) so that John could self realize he was actually admired. The rejection he felt was of him self.



Rejection Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.

As we went deeper this story originated from 9 years old when he had to speak in a school play and was laughed at by the other children of the class. Just prior to speaking he had eaten a donut (wheat). His stomach digested the donut but also digested the thought that “when I public speak I will be rejected and not tolerated.” This story was digested and reabsorb in his digestive tract for the rest of his life. He continually digested FEAR … false evidence appearing real. The whole body consciousness was fearful of stepping out and sharing his knowledge for fear of being ridiculed. The only way for his body to be very conscious of this belief system was to John to vomit the food so the stomach was empty.


In the next session we needed to address the body consciousness located in several other areas besides the stomach. What showed was the solar plexus. The stomach is linked to the solar plexus chakra. The issues that were affecting John were related to personal power, authority and self control. John could not grasp that he was the authority when he was public speaking and that many wanted to hear what he had to say. His personal power was disempowered rather than tapping in to his brilliance. He tried to control his fear by holding ‘down’ his emotions and that triggered the stomach to make him vomit. The wheat aspect triggered this feeling as it was produced to become a refined sugar which linked to the pancreas. The other body parts affected were the stomach points based around reflexology in the hand, ear and foot. These points had gentle touch applied to them using clear quartz crystal.



Once John came to this awareness, had crystal healing applied, sacred geometry and a MerKaBa he noticed a massive change where he did not fear public speaking and most of all he did not vomit at all. It was very important to healing process that John reflected on what people were saying after his presentations and digesting the new story. He now consciously digested that he was fully accepted and acknowledged their compliments. The old feelings of rejection and not being tolerated left his body. Oh, and by the way he was able to eat wheat again as the old story was gone.

John’s journey continued and he became an award winning Public Speaker, teaching all around the world. He was totally fulfilled in life on all levels. Remember your thoughts, your perception, how you interpret life and your experiences are all FOOD for your mind, body, spirit to digest and be really conscious of. The more you see the love and beauty in everything the more fulfilled you will be. And if not, review how you are digesting the ‘story/action’. Are you tolerant/broadminded/flexible? Are you rejecting yourself and interpreting it is others? Your stomach will always talk to you.

And most of all, bless and thank all life/food for what you are about to receive.

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