Mermaid energy in Mexico and Mayan healing

Mermaid energy in Mexico and Mayan healing

Mermaid energy in Mexico and Mayan healing

Heart to Heart


Wow I just came back from Mexico where I took gorgeous clients to learn the Mayan Mystery School wisdom. This has been in my plans for years and I have always wanted to share the ancient rituals and ceremonies of the Mayans which I remember from my awakening.

I have to tell you about my mermaid experience and how I felt the energies sucking me down the vortex through the water. (see photo below).

I was performing ancient ceremonial cleansing on clients and doing toning with them in the underground cenote (see image below). The energy was high and I could feel the ancient spirits and ancestors of the land with us. I could see the vortexes connected to Atlantis under water and also the mermaid portals.

I decided I needed to float and cleanse myself as all the clients had had their ritual. I lay on my back and instantly I felt my head being drawn backwards and feeling the pull to go underwater backwards. I was being ‘rushed through the water’ and something was pulling at me. I had the memory of how we entered the underground vortexes. My client took my photo and she said it was like something was dragging me across the water and yet there was no current or movement in this water. When you look at my head in the photo you can see me entering the portal.

Mermaid energy is the teaching of transition to both worlds of air on land and submerged in water and being able to live the life under water. I had no fear, but I did have the awareness that I could not continue as I had to be there for the clients. I had to come back. However, I will return in 2025 to access the mermaid energy again like I did in a past life.

So what did we do in Mexico? There were past life clearings at Chichen Itza pyramid, tapping in to your inner Sharman at the underground cave cenote and connecting with your own personal serpent energy. The transformation of everyone was incredible with each attendee saying how powerful the healing processes were. The experiences included:

❤︎ Ceremonies I did in the water related to Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mayan.
❤︎ Water rebirthing related to the mermaid energy
❤︎ Sweat lodge in the temascal
❤︎ Visiting a traditional Mayan Sharman for a blessing and cleansing

I was blessed to have done this with my client and super soul connection friend, Niikee Schoendorfer, who taught the Mystic wisdom and elements combined with what I taught.  And yes, we are doing this again in April 2025. Details coming soon.


Please click image below to find out more details.

The Mystery School events to Mexico and Egypt, will direct you to connecting with me for a zoom CHIT CHAT.

Egypt October 2024 (dates TBA)

Mexico April 2025 (dates TBA)

Ok super soul. I have to go as I have heaps of interviews to do for the next October Egypt trip 2024. I am thinking of you and sending so much love.

Absolute Love

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