Millennium Modality – 10 Point Merkaba

It is time to shine your brilliance.

2017 Energies are all about creating your hearts desires. And that is the 10 point Merkaba

Many life times have known the next Millennium was time to awaken to your hearts desires. The ancient wisdom included sacred geometry and soul evolution. High Priestess of Atlantis, Avatars of Lemuria and Shamans of Ancient Egypt knew the hidden secrets to empower and awaken all. It was the new form of the 10 point Merkaba – the vehicle to potentiality and the absolute.

In this presentation, internationally recognized and award winning Medical Intuitive, Jean Sheehan will share about the 10 Point Merkaba like you have never seen before. She will share the ancient wisdom as she recalls her many past lives that had the wisdom of awakening and evolutionary process to empower others. From birth Jean, has always been able to access and remember the ABSOLUTE, all life times, ancient wisdom and the alchemy of potentiality and absolute love. A fascinating and extraordinary talk for all.


Venue: Aminya Natural Therapies
922 David Low Way, Marcoola QLD – View Map
Upstairs above the bakery and opposite Marino Resort
Date: Tuesday 21st February 2017
Time: 6:45pm to 8:30pm
Cost: AU$15.00 – Cash only on the evening.
Contact: Kathryn Stewart
0417 619 147

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