B.W. from LA USA

Hi Jean,

I am in LA. I am at peace, neutral, joyous, new. It feels as if I’ve never been here before, nothing within me feels the same. What used to motivate & inspire me no longer does. Joy, Love & heart seems to be all that matters. My mind is still, so much has dropped away. I’ve arrived & it feels like the reason that I came no longer exists, or more… that whatever has transpired within me, a ‘story’, a chapter of existence has ended… The B.W. that existed before had a reason to come here, she is gone now.. I don’t know what this new being will do. I feel there are no questions, no need to search or heal, or figure out, or complete, transform… I am… the I Am is overflowing with joyous celebration & the only movement is the movement towards what does that expression look like, now that I am not moving due to a feeling of lack, of self esteem/worth, programming, what does my joy move me to express, share, create. It is beautiful, intimidating & confusing for those around me I feel so whole & complete, new.

Much love

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