Retrograde Effect 2018

The Universe is giving you a message

Energetically there is lots happening at the moment and the universe is telling you what to do to create your hearts desires. I share about the New Moon, autumn equinox and our 2 retrogrades so you know what is happening.


At this time you feel more emotional and your sensitivity heightened. This is a time where it is difficult to discern what is you and what is someone else’s – that is the sign of the times to bring us closer as a one unit and community.

This new moon allows your creativity to be heightened so a divine time to plan and create your hearts desires. New pathways will open for you and this means NOT playing small any more. This new moon asks you to play your authentic self of BIG and EXPANSIVE.

As we leave the masculine of no full moons in February 2018 the feminine energy will allow you to feel your intuitive side so you can be lead by that. Enjoy these new beginnings and new pathways. Trust all will be well.


As we make the journey from the Summer Solstice into the Winter Solstice, it is a time of inner reflection.  A time to gain strength from within, and get ready to embark on the new journey  and we are being energised from within.

Overall, where ever you are on Earth, the Summer/Winter Solstice represents an opportunity to celebrate your LIGHT.

As we move into the threshold of a new cycle, it is a time to come together with all humanity through the LOVE of our LIGHT and send a wave of unifying peace through the heart of all.

MERCURY RETROGRADE 22/4/18 – 15/4/18

As the Mercury retrograde commences communication may be misunderstood. This is NOT a time for new projects.  Allow yourself to finish current projects and get ready to plan for the new. Ensure to research and prepare for after this time manifestation will come easier and your energies will rise.

For more information on Mercury retrogrades CLICK HERE

Retrograde Effect 2018

JUPITER RETROGRADE 8/3/18 – 10/7/18

Aligned with the above, this Jupiter retrograde asks you to review your visions, ideas and belief systems. This is definitely a time to slow down. Your energies probably have been depleted and so your mind and body may have been feeling not only tired but also foggy.

Autumn is a time of slowing down in preparation for the evolution process of your soul.

According to Sacred Geometry and the Millennium Calendar®. Just like nature and animals who tune in to the natural flows of the universe, you are asked at this time to rest and recuperate. In this time you will need to pay attention to detail.

Slowing down will give this opportunity. Review if you need to cancel appointments, events or engagements as pushing through these will deplete your energy but also give resistance to your manifesting your hearts desires.

Whilst this occurs the energies gift you the opportunity to heal old hurts. As you are about to blossom and shine your brilliance to all things new, the old hurts must be given a chance to heal and melt in to absolute love.

Lastly, Jupiter retrograde asks you to OBSERVE – REVIEW – RELEASE. The way I love doing this is with a scared geometry grid and crystal charged water. Give yourself time to walk through nature, walk along the beach, play with your pet, have fun with your children. Do something to give joy to your heart and love to the cells in your body.

May your journey in to Autumn and the rest of this year be in absolute love and remember to shine your brilliance. I hope to see you at my next event … maybe even at Noosa where I live.

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